Spotify hits version 3.1 with bug fixes in tow for Windows Phone 8.1


Back in May, popular music streaming service Spotify finally released its massive 3.0 update, bringing a new UI redesign, Spotify radio and Discover. However, like all big updates this one brought with it some unforeseen stability issues and problems, especially with those running Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers. Spotify 3.1 is now in the Store ready to be downloaded and with it a nice changelog of fixes and improvements.

Spotify 3.1

  • Fix for Facebook two-factor authentication login.
  • Stability issues with Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Playing Spotify from a Storage card in Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Minor UI issues with Search and radio UI.
  • Issues with offline playback.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Windows Phone 8.1 users should see the most improvements with today's update though there are presumably fixes all around for Windows Phone 8 users as well.

Let us know in comments if the update fixed your problems and what, if anything, Spotify can bring to their next Windows Phone update.

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DennisvdG says:

Yess, this was needed :D

kingraven says:

Has there been any word on when the update will come that adds free mobile playback using the Spotify app?  It's basically playlist allowance without being able to just pick any song you want (which you'd get with Premium).  I use Unlimited but wouldn't mind the radio-playlist feature on my phone.  I know iOS and Android picked up this feature from what I've read.  WP8 was confirmed to pick it up but no word on when it will go live, unless someone has heard?

DennisvdG says:

I think they said summer, so that's soon :)

MatchAttax08 says:

Xbox Music is better

SpiDe1500 says:

Unh, again... Premium only. So I don't care.

theroyboy44 says:

It's not a troll it makes perfect sense if iOS and android have it what is the reason we don't have..... convince me that there is a good reason

neo158 says:

How is that trolling when it's the truth, it still doesn't support free streaming like iOS, Android, Windows and OS X. Don't get me wrong Spotify is a great service but on WP it's not on par with other platforms yet.

SpiDe1500 says:

No, I just don't see any reason to give spotify money when they penalize WP.

Montpbm says:

No I don't care either if there's not a version for non premium users..

mrcraggle says:

So it's trolling to expect a service that has a free option on all major platforms yet we still have to pay for an app that despite the updates, isn't on par.

They promised the free capabilities would launch shortly after version 3 hit. Hopefully someday soon!

appscraze says:

Yup, when they will offer free playing online like what in iOS and Android? If this update just for the premium users, i don't really care at all.

Blacklac says:

Still no free services, I assume?

MMissionary says:

Can't wait for free service

unknownguns says:

Haha I would love to see the day the free version comes out... But I doubt its gunna be anytime soon... That problem people have been filling the the reviews section on the store since around the first time they put the app up... And they have never acted on them reviews... I gotta feeling that they don't care about making a free version for WP users...

MobileVortex says:

Also you cant sync to your desktop version like you can with Android and iOS.



xankazo says:

Still no free streaming? WTF?!!

Yes yes. Very frustrating. 

aXross says:

Sadly yes... Spotify seems trolling us. I love their service but it feels like they have a cold shoulder to Windows platform. WP app needs premium while iOS and Android doesn't, and it's not Universal App so no Windows 8.X. Another thing, their new design is quite bland. :(

juwagn says:

I don't like how this App looks. I hope they will work on that!

mkmarine says:

What an insightful comment.

MatchAttax08 says:

So you prefer the old version. This design is only on windows phone

shaggydave says:

Wtf! Still premium only! Spotify doesn't give a shit apparently! this is sad! all this time for an update that doesn't do squat! this is irritating cause I love Spotify on my iPad smdh

cybermoose89 says:

Nokia radios better and cheaper none of this premium bullshit

neo158 says:

+Surface RT :P

theroyboy44 says:

But its it free yet, .....not to disregard the article

theroyboy44 says:

I'm starting to really dislike Spotify for this blatant lack of parity! I'm getting to the point were I'm gonna delete everything to do with Spotify and never use it again!

Fooper says:

Spotify is great and cheap!

theroyboy44 says:

But that's not the point the lack of party to iOS and android I'd an insult and spot to the face

MatchAttax08 says:

Xbox Music has a greater library and is for the same price.

CJ Thunder says:

Kind of off topic, but how come this service (and like three others) can be launched via nfc on the jbl speaker but I can't add others? Or Xbox Music? NFC is still gimped...
Anyway, I used to use their service, but rarely now since I got the Xbox pass, how does this compare as a WP user? We need service comparisons!

For what I remember Spotify promised two updates for the WP app in the summer. Hope this is not the second because I remember they promised the free service as well.

scdkad says:

Why are some many apps now going with the buttons in the upper corners to bring a menu from the side? Isn't this an Android and IOS thing?

nizzon says:

WHERE THE FUCK IS FREE PLAY?! Should it really take them two years to deliver that to WP?

neo158 says:

Why not, it took them god knows how long to get it where it is today so it's only another millennia to wait for free play!!!

Swiping is so much better, everyone's moving to that now. Buttons are getting old :P

PaulosV says:

Guys, I don't know if anyone noticed, but I have Spotify Free and I can listen in the app! Just a food for thought. (Lumia 925, Windows Phone 8.1 dev)

neo158 says:

You must have a premium account as I have a free account and it refuses to log in.

trwrt says:

Just you just sign up?  You might be on a free trial period.

PaulosV says:

I know I certainly wasn't on a free trial period, I double-checked it after I signed in on the mobile. I could play songs just like nothing, and on the desktop I still had my "Spotify Free". Unfortunately they probably picked that up really quickly (or I found a bug after update :)), because after closing the app (in the app switcher), the "premium account required" message started to show up. What a lucker I am.

MikeSo says:

I signed up last week to try it out as an alternative to Xbox Music... But they don't have "Collections" in the WP client, which is how I store all my Spotify music now... So it's not very convenient to use for me. Hope they add this.

dxtr says:

Yes! Well needes updated. Seems like they've fixes all the bugs. No chrashes, freezes and the shullfe option sticks.

WP-Swag says:

Yes, the fixed the offline playback!

hanerlend says:

Still needs Spotify premium. Waiting for it to catch up with iOS.

neo158 says:

Surely you mean free, it requires premium to log in?

The app still needs Spotify premium, nothing wrong what hanerlend meant and said

77mibo says:

CONNECT feature, please!

pbjr92 says:

Why should I pay for a service I don't even know if is gonna work well on my phone?
MixRadio >>>>

mattcald says:

No free service, no interest..  Hey Spotify, how about you get the app up to par with Android and iOS??

KKRLessey says:

Deezer is great as well!

pdplatypus says:

They think that most WP users are "rich" people since their target market are from the enterprise sector.
Spotify is just a scumbag.

Tomazon says:

All fixes are welcome, but there's still no support for "your music" (saved songs, artists and albums).

Thank you Spotify!!!

De-Brain says:

I get Deezer free with my contract... At least they show us WP lot a bit of love :)

JanZee says:

trying it again if offline mode now works... and if not.. i'll not renew the premium and continue with rdio... the latter does just fine but some of my preferred artist seems not available for my country. PHL.

bc3tech says:

And still no radio? What a joke

Alphageek_UK says:

Radio is there.

Tell me when they support free streaming...

kimlo91 says:

Is it possible to move just Spotify to my SD card, anyone know?

Alphageek_UK says:

Yes, it's working on my 520 and 1520 both with WP8.1 Dev Preview.

I had to uninstall/reinstall on the 520, but not on the 1520!

vlribeiro says:

Last.fm scrobling still missing. :(

jomarr says:

This. I don't get it.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App for Android!

vlribeiro says:

Neither do I. It can't be that hard to implement it.

Phoney Bone says:

If offline playlists work fine now then it is a worthy update. It was a bit useless for 8gb devices. Thanks MSFT/Spotify!

Alphageek_UK says:

Working ok for me.

johnblair7 says:

Why are so many complaining about free streaming, I became a premium subscriber years ago so I could play my starred tracks offline on my Nokia N8. I think it's worth it for 33 pence a day. I get my playlists on my computer, N8, 920, 800, 2 Roku LT's and a Now TV box. I think it's great, mind you so is Nokia Mix Radio, I'm a premium subscriber to that as well. I don't buy music anymore though, i.e. CD's or Vinyl.

IzaacJ says:

Well, I was a premium subscriber back in 2010 when I switched to WP. When they released the first app it was unusable so I canceled the shit. And i will never ever start using it again until I can test the app thoroughly. And as far as I'm concerned, Xbox Music is a better replacement.

brunogdb says:

Now I can install the Spotify app on the SD (WP 8.1 feature) or is there a secret option to move offline files to SD keeping the app on the internal storage? I remember when I tried to install the 3.0 version on the SD and when I closed the app, everything has disappeared in seconds.

olirehacek says:

C'mon guys. Premium is so cheap and so worth it.

PeterFnet says:

Does it work for nonpremium users yet?

Is it available in India?