Spotify releases massive update with new design, radio and more

The Spotify team has today released an update for the official app available on Windows Phones. This update, version 3.0, brings some exciting new features to the platform as well as a brand new interface. If you're a fan of the service, be sure to head past the break to learn what's new.

Here's everything that's included in the latest Spotify release:

  • Discover fires out recommendations based on in-house technologies and social tools with curated content from music experts
  • Spotify radio comes to Windows Phone! Pick a track, artist, or album and Spotify will find similar music – it's like having your own personal radio station
  • Find and explore new music with personalised recommendations in Discover, or browse top playlists in Browse

Spotify Update

It's worth noting that there are known issues with Facebook two factor authentication. These issues will be fixed in a future update, according to the store listing. Thanks to everyone who tipped us!

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MetroUX says:

About damn time!... BUT it just sucks compared to the new iOS and Android versions! :-/
This version looks super ugly.

Gelemikke says:

I don't really know the difference to the android/ios app but it's definitely faster than the older WP app ;) and good to have the radio feature, but I agree, it's way uglier than the old version. It's a shame they dropped that design, because it was quite beautiful

mrcraggle says:

I thought the old Spotify app was butt ugly myself with dull, lifeless colours and huge text taking up room where content should be.

Gelemikke says:

Well the WP version is definitely impaired in comparison, but it will do

Gelemikke says:

I can't find how to rename or create playlists even

Wael Hasno says:

Old one was uglier. Anyone could have put that UI together.

pallentx says:

Too late. I gave up and paid for XBox Music. Hopefully their WP app is respectable by the time 8.1 goes official.

JPNorseman says:

Why pay for xbox music when you can join bing rewards and get it free every month? Lol. Go sign up man! and if you feel like helping me out I can send a referral lol

haqwin says:

Try signing up for that in non-us markets... good luck :)

JPNorseman says:

Aww man that sucks :(. Wasn't aware you were outside us. Ah well I tried.

Eljonn says:

I have to agree, very bad, bery uncomfortable design, far away from windows language. it's exactly what I was expecting from spotify. their pc update was disaster as well.

MikeSo says:

If it works, I'm happy. But when will it allow free/ad-supported accounts to be used, like in iOS and Android? This is nothing more than lipstick on a pig. We still are treated like crap by Spotify.

Agreed. It's hideous! I really can't have my own playlists on the front page?

marlasota says:

There's always a group of people who will criticize and hate no matter what you do. But this is minority not to be concerned about too much. Most people love ❤ the changes (me included) or do not have an opinion that is strong enough to motivate them to voice it on a forum. This is the majority. Great job Spotify!!!!

Yeah, idk about everyone else. But I think the update looks amazing! I actually think its nicer than the android version. The android version looks too simple, it just has a nice black. I love the "metro" style they tried to add to this version.

paulomalley says:

Still can't use the app without a premium subscription... Despite their website stating that it is now free on mobile... ¬_¬

hrsyyln says:

yeah, free on Android and iOS

Bruno H says:



Who needs their crap when we have free Nokia Musik.

Yeah indeed it's not that good, but some users (like me) don't own an nokia branded phone so it's our only solution :(

Nokia MixRadio says "You can't get apps in this region. You can check the Windows Phone Store in your home region to see if the app is available there." So that's why!

Viva la Nokia MixRadio!

Bob101910 says:

That's why I stopped using Spotify. They sent out emails to me saying that it is "now free on your phone". After my trial ran out that I only used on WP. Re-downloaded the app and it wasn't free. Misleading advertising on their end.

Mate Thurzo says:

It would have been better if they charge some money for the app itself or they would have done a kickstarter stuff where they would have asked for some money if they so need that to invest on the WP platform in general.

That would have been a straightforward act not something "this is a free service" well not for you my WP user friend.

The_Lord23 says:

Spotify said a while back that they had plans to bring Spotify free to Windows Phone - just not at the same time as this update for premium users. (They said something along the lines of "sometime in the future", although don't quote me on that)

vFlagR says:

Yeah you're right, they did say they were bringing the free version to WP at some point.

"This new update will be available for Spotify Premium subscribers at the beginning. But the recently announced Spotify Free for mobile will also be arriving on Windows Phone – follow us on twitter to keep yourself up to date."


MikeSo says:

That was 3 months ago. Wish they'd stop feeding us bullshit.

MikeSo says:

Free on mobile they care about. They clearly don't care much about WP (or Windows RT), when they release this app which is ALREADY OUT OF DATE ON RELEASE functionality wise compared to iOS and Android. It's a middle finger to WP, wrapped in a neat little bow.

explosive0 says:

Not so massive if they're still requiring a premium account 

PeterFnet says:

Agreed. They burned me before. I'm not jumping back on until they toss in free radio for mobile.

...and not available for WP 7.8. Damn hell. I think it's time to change Phone. I'm speechless

diplomat696 says:

WP 7.8 is technically a dead OS with very minimal install base, I don't know why you are so surprised by this....

The right time to change the phone arrived way back earlier! Where were you!??

Just get a WP8 device. Why would you want to use a 7.8 when there is 8.1?

link5a says:

Maybe 'cause it's cheaper not to have to buy a new phone, just saying...

abdhoms says:

It's only for premium subscribers :(

NHUK says:

I cant decide what to go with these days, spotify, nokia mix radio and windows music ('radio' option) all claim to produce mixes of "the music you like", but all want cash for anything more than very basic functionality, what to choose......

neo158 says:

Actually Spotify is the only one that wants cash to even log into their mobile app!!!!

MikeSo says:

Nokia Mixradio is great for radio and doesn't require payments. Xbox Music is great on the phone for downloading and streaming albums.
Spotify sucks for both on WP, maybe less so with this update which I haven't tried yet.

Jacob Heston says:

FINALLY!!!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!!! Telling you what. There is not a lot left for me to be a fully fledged happy windows boy right now. Give me a fully functional instagram and we are there!

mondokjm says:

6tag is more than fully functional. I prefer it to the official Instagram apps on IOS and Android.


adrian1338 says:

Maybe he doesnt like routing his data through a third party

Scott Brooks says:

It's about time! I'm a premium subscriber and think it's a great value! Worked after a couple tried on WP 8.1. Looks so much better than the old version. 

luis300782 says:

Without support for non-premium accounts the app is worthless for me!!

The_Lord23 says:

That shall come in time, Spotify have said it will

mazami says:

facebook also updated

Montpbm says:

I don't see a Facebook update...

fdruid says:

Is this the version where it's free?

neo158 says:

No, that's in another update that will presumably take another couple of years. Overall a rather disappointing update from Spotify, nothing more than a UI overhaul!!!!

vFlagR says:

A UI overhaul was long overdue, this update brings the app that much closer to being on par with IOS and Android, yes it still requires premium but to be honest it always has so if you've never used it before then i don't know why you would start complaining now. This update is great and is anything apart from dissapointing. 

neo158 says:

If it was on par then we would have free streaming right now, but we don't. FYI, I have used the Android version and the only thing the WP version is "on par" with is the UI!!!!

vFlagR says:

I said it brings it much closer to being on par, I didn't say it brings it on par. This update is fantastic and Spotify have already said they are bringing it free to WP, I don't see why people have decided to do all their complaining today - that's all I'm saying.

neo158 says:

Because it's taken Spotify a millennia just to get this update out, do you really think that the update to make it free will appear any sooner because I seriously doubt it!!!!

vFlagR says:

Do I really think it will come sooner? Yes. Because Spotify has clearly worked hard on this update, I don't see why they wouldn't continue that hard work.

neo158 says:

Going on their track record with updates I doubt it.

Bruno H says:

Nice update... but not an Universal app!!!

As Windows 8.1 is missing an official Spotify app this would have been a great opportunity to make a Universal app and give Windows 8.1 some love to. Big fail on not making Universal apps at this point in time!

leadpx says:

You have the desktop version. Better than nothing.

kingv84 says:

Not useful if you are using an ARM based Windows tablet, which do not run desktop software. A touch optimized app would be better for tablets.

nasellok says:

just use the webplayer, and quit complaining.  That being said - if you have a Windows RT tablet, XBOX music is on par, and free to stream.

Erving Velez says:

We need to complain, so Spotify knows people want a version for Metro. So telling us to be happy with the current situation, is not helping.

steppyhen says:

All well and good telling someone to use the web player, but what if you want to download music for offline use instead of streaming (if you're in a poor/no wifi area)? That's why people want an actual app for use on their RT devices/Modern UI environment...

Eljonn says:

I totally agree. I have full windows 8 tablet and spotify is impossible to use with touch, completely stupid UI, irresponsvie and far too small elements. Plus web player doesn't support offline and it works only when u have IE open. idiotic player.


Bruno H says:

Yes there is a desktop but to no use as we have a Surface 2!

At least Spotlite works...

raul_junior says:

Use spotlite for now

b4rtw says:

This. Is. Nice.



PS: sorry for my excitement

oneiros says:

Awesome! Finally they noticed WP users do exist! The app rocks!

arkhale says:

I'm with you, too! I'm not bothered if it requires a premium subscription. Loving my playlists and ad-free experience! But I hope the free and ad based experience comes soon enough for the folks who want it!  

DennisvdG says:


That was my respons to reading the headline of this article :D I'm so happy right now!

I think this new design is almost completely similar to GoMusic app.
Still far behind ios and android apps.

jsteelio says:

Looks like there is going to be another update after this that will give us free service.

neo158 says:

Supposedly it won't be an update but a separate app, at least that's what I've heard.

roomybonce says:

At last. Extreme streaming & download. Finally I can hear music at the quality I last heard on my iPhone 4.

gravage says:

But no shuffle, so you have to listen to your downloaded songs in the same order over and over.

Markus Moser says:

Bullshit, tap on the playing song, and on the left is the shuffle Button...

Tafsern says:

Wow, mine turned from Norwegian to Dutch after update. LOL, can't they do anything right?

Voxxie says:

Mine the other way around, from Dutch to Norwegian.

Tafsern says:

You are joking right? 

Mine too. I can't understand a squat!

devlam says:

Here to suddenly a foreign language. From Dutch to Swedish or something like that.
See lots of users having the same problem complaing at dutch tech site.
Anyone solved this already?

Toby Wain says:

Same here :P but it's not that different anyway :)

spampy2 says:

Ive been using Spotify on Windows 8 (horrible desktop version),Windows Phone, IOS iPad and iPhone and this update makes it on par with the others. For those of you who think this doesnt compare you are completely wrong and it is actuall runs better than my ios version which I just compared to each other. Great update!!!!!!!!! I can finally say goodbye to XBOX Music for good :)

neo158 says:

On par? What planet are you on, this doesn't even have support for the free service like the iOS and Android versions do. You can't even log in without a premium account so hello Xbox Music!!!!

Can't agree with u more! Goodbye Xbox music :)

Still not able to share track with Spotify friends? Seriously?!

MikeSo says:

Seriously? It's the reason I wanted Spotify in the first place, to be able to share tracks.

pqvist says:

Love the update, but this is really frustrating. Sharing is a major part of my Spotify usage.

spampy2 says:

I wanst talking about Free Services and I should have clarified. For the people who have been using the premium for the past few years this is huge for us. 

nizzon says:

"A Spotify Premium subscription is required"

They can just Fuck Off until they give us the same deal as Android and Iphone-users.

neo158 says:

Free to download but requires a premium account just to login.

xankazo says:

Non premium users are again left out in the cold. Pathetic!

neo158 says:

Exactly, this is just a UI overhaul nothing more!!!

marlasota says:

It's a major update, tons of features added, nothing more.

phonohead says:

Ok, apparently I also need to sign up for Dutch language classes...

77mibo says:

No CONNECT, no fun. At least with my Pioneer home audio...still need to use Androin device...

KKRLessey says:

I think Deezer has a better design tbh but this Spotify update was sorely needed.

Sascha Hoppe says:

It's a great update. I think the UI is really nice. Radio functionality is cool. Thank you spotify. I need an premium account anyway, because I want to skip as much as I want, download stuff offline in Extreme quality etc.

douglasbaiao says:

And I still don't know how to download music to device. Does it download? Because I don't see this option.

WTF?! I can not use spotify!? and I pay for it! it is not my language so do not understand what is!

planty says:

I think is a good update, much slicker. Disappointing that scrobbling not included, but does everything else fine. Lets hope now a big update done we see a steady stream of incremental updates

Fludlyt says:

Yep, I hope they work on the social aspects of the app. scrobbling is all I'm waiting for before I jump fully on board.

henry.gray says:

Why the f**k are we still needing a premium account for Spotify on WP? This is pathetic.

FletchyT says:

Rdio needs to step it up!

Warren Dance says:

It came, it finally came!

SEKKDS says:

I think you need to stay on topic.

patrickg25 says:

Good thing the Philippines has one month FREE premium subscription. I have to unsubscribe June 10 though, I don't need it I just want the free thing lol

arkhale says:

For P129 (roughly $2.99) a month. Come on. It's a steal!

TheRem says:

Yup. Cheap lang pare. Hassle lang, kailangan na namang i-sync lahat. :(

simmomelb says:

Still no free version? No thanks.

andre_felix says:

Finally, jesus christ

- But can it download local files from your computer?

Pacs_R_Us says:

Exactly. One of the annoying things of the mobile version

PanWorks says:

This is a great update for premium subscribers. Thanks.

andynew89 says:

I did expect a little bit more but I'm happy with this update ;)

gravage says:

Still no shuffle?! Are you effing kidding me?

Well, we should only have to wait another year until they add that feature.

Pacs_R_Us says:

What do you mean no shuffle? There was playlist shuffle in the previous version and there is in this one as well.

gravage says:

If that's the case, then it must be invisible because when I go into my offline albums, there is no shuffle option anywhere. And when I tap play, it just starts from the beginning of my list every time.

Pacs_R_Us says:

I'll be honest, it took me a while to find it. You shuffle your play order on the Now Playing screen (which took me a bit to find too - When you click play, click on the track name at the bar on the bottom and it will make the now playing full screen and you will see the shuffle button then. It then seems to stay that way until you turn it off)

gravage says:

Wow, thanks, bro. I was so used to the way it worked on iOS and Android, I just thought the feature was missing. And it drove me crazy that I couldn't shuffle because I have way too many tracks not to.

Pacs_R_Us says:

No problem, man. When i had problems finding the shuffle button, i knew i couldn't be the only one with issues locating it.

ortizang says:

Guys you must be nuts. The new design is just awesome. I use Spotify on a daily basis on android and windows phone and I can say windows phone has nothing to envy after this update. If you can't pay 6 bucks a month which is nothing then uninstall it.

neo158 says:

The problem with that logic is that there are free services like Nokia Music that don't require a premium account just to login.

ortizang says:

Then go and use those ones. I personally also use Nokia mix radio and songza too. I just think many people here complain just about anything!!!

TheRem says:

This new UI sucks.

ortizang says:

Apparently you know nothing about it.

panda_mode says:

+1 this is miles better than the old UI

TheRem says:

Apparently you haven't tested its functionality.

garyrday says:

Oops don't seem to be able to create playlists. The DONE button doesn't work! Anyone else have this issue?

And you can still star songs! The star feature doesn't even exist on other platforms! And on top of that they made it harder to star songs.... Still greatful about discover and radio feature though. Hate the design, after using both web app, desktop app and ipad app all the time, it just doesn't look good or consistent.

RaphaelChaia says:

Is it just me, or I cant just find anywhere my musics, albuns and artists, like the Android vr? All I can see its the playlists.

Spotify sucks because you have to pay for it... Nokia MixRadio is the best!

SEKKDS says:

(aside from the app itself needing some refinements...) I see no reason to think about any other streaming music service if you have Xbox Music on a Windows Phone with a subscription. I am really enjoying its features and the tracks on demand feeling on my Windows Phone. Then there is the radio station creator if you want to mix it up a bit. I find Xbox Music to just make sense to have if you have a Windows Phone and want to subscribe to music.

IzaacJ says:

The sad thing is that my favorite band releases their music to iTunes and Spotify. And months after that, they show up on Xbox Music. Purchased almost every single or album through iTunes since it takes too long to get them otherwise. If this works, then I'm at least able to listen to them until they show up on Xbox Music.

SEKKDS says:

Curiosity kills the cat. What band is this?

MikeSo says:

I agree. Xbox Music service is great for WP users. Though as pointed out, they don't have some artists (Metallica, for example). But other than that, it is great.

Alex Sawczuk says:

just deleted all my saved offline music from the old version, all 14gb of it. Wonderful.

roomybonce says:

Yeah, that was a bit of a git move. I lost 8gb+

Also note that premium subscribers will have to re-enable high quality streaming. Or extreme as it is called now (lol). A bit sneaky that they promise higher audio quality for the paying versions, yet it is disabled by default and disabled again when you update the app.

IzaacJ says:

Time to create a new facebook account just so I can try it out to see if its actually worth starting to pay for it again. I wont pay them a dime until the app actually works as it should. Had Spotify since the start basically, until I switched to WP. Canceled it right away due to no app, payed when they released the app, just to regret it right away. Not doing that mistake again.

kleider1 says:

I updated and all the tracks I had saved for offline aren't downloaded anymore.

Then redownload them again!? What's the problem?

TheRem says:

Yup. Bummer. With thousands of tracks downloaded, we have to redo them all again. Time is truly wasted.

Stupid ppl who complains all the time, this is an awesome update with tons of new features. I love it ❤ . And it's not only a grafic update! At least 15-20 new features. And you ppl who don't pay and complains.... pay for it then!

neo158 says:

As I've said before, Spotify on WP REQUIRES a premium subscription to even login, when you can login for free on other platforms it's just a shitty move on the part of Spotify.

TheRem says:

I pay. I complain. It's not always about the money rich kid.

Premium subscriptions sucks ;/

Pacs_R_Us says:

Nice update. But it still does that really annoying thing of picking the first track of a playlist as the first song played when in shuffle. Was hoping that would be fixed wih this update.

Antistatic says:

Impressive update...
I live in Norway but after the update Spotify is in Dutch language... Reinstall doesn't help...

MikeSo says:

Det er svensker som har laget programmet, sannsynligvis ... :p

JellymanEN says:

It is a new update now that fixes language ;-) Er nå en ny oppdatering som fixer språk ;-)

Jonny702 says:

Up here in the small third world country you've probably never heard of called "Canada", we don't get spotify. Apparently the idea of 35 million potential customers doesn't appeal to the folks at Spotify

jomarr says:


cybermoose89 says:

Still requires you to pay to use it I'll stick to my vast collection

TheRem says:

What the????? With this update, I have to sync again everything!!!! Bummer!

TheRem says:

The UI kinda sucks, it looks like an app with ads in the buttom. :(

What about India??? There's no Spotify, nor Pandora, beat music, Vodafone music. Neither x box music and video's. Nothing! Give at least any of this.

drg says:

NokiaMixRadio trumps all of these in my opinion so if you got that, you aint missing much.


morete908 says:

Slacker Radio, here I come!

Works better than the Beats Music app. I was a longtime MOG user who went to Beats. But the apps are so bad, I've switched back to Spotify... But I'll also keep Nokia Mix Radio and Songza.

stevethenerd says:

Still not available everywhere...

terrokkinit says:

Sweetness!! Still will stick with Xbox Music (and I don't care about the app issues; I love its service!), but its good to know customers have options! I truly believe 2014 will be the year of the Windows Phone! ;)

Markus Moser says:

Great! Finally they did it :))

Baryex86 says:

For someone that uses Spotify all the time and has a premium account this is a huuuuuuuuge upgrade. The app is super fast, stable, slick, can share tracks on twitter and facebook. This is a welcomed upgrade that I have been waiting for ages. Thank you spotify! 

ylap says:

Not working on Lumia 920. Just loading and loading endlessly... :(

ChanceNC says:

Excellent! Can't wait to try it out. I'm a premium subscriber and even without the added features, I liked the prior version of Spotify--easily the least buggy/temperamental of those offered by other streaming services like Rhapsody, Beats, Xbox Music, Rdio etc. This should just make it even better.

Still not available for free users... :/

adeski says:

I have premium, already so this update is a vast improvement. Lots more ways to discover new tracks. I use mix radio too, but Spotify have the edge on content. Only slight nag is it takes a little longer than expected to re-establish connection if mobile signal drops.

kimlo91 says:

Awesome update. It now doesn't lag when scrolling through my playlist, I can pin my playlist to the start screen, it looks better, changes tracks quicker and has all the radio features. Very happy with this update :)

To all the people winging about the free radio, of course Spotify it's going to look after their paid customers first.

twint7787 says:

They are free on android an iOS. We need feature parity. I love Spotify but I can't use them on windows phone which sucks and I would like to use one service across devices so Spotify loses here until they change their mind.

twint7787 says:

Not free on windows phone = who cares

titoyees says:

Wow! Superb!!!!

titoyees says:

Come on! 4 dollars is nothing for you guys!!!! Get over it.

samuch says:

I love the update. It was long overdue and now lots of great features are added in. Furthermore, the "maximum" audio quality setting provides exactly as it implies, great quality audio.

For those complaining that it's not available for free subscriptions please use logic. Would it be better to prepare it first with all the premium features and give to paying customers or make the bread and butter wait while adding in features for the non-paying customers?

Horuss says:

We are getting there guys, one step at a time.

Headfx says:

I stopped being Premium because of the previous WP8 app, the main reason was that it could not access the music already on your phone.  If the new app can access you phone's own music collection I might go back - can it do that?

mrcraggle says:

Thought I'd get a 30 day trial to check it out and... I'll be sticking with Deezer. The Deezer app used to be pretty damn terrible but it's actually pretty reliable now and actually follows WP's design language (a little less so with the newest update but it's still there). The design here just feels really cluttered and is already out of date as Spotify have been rolling out a new update since last month.

Spotify use to be great till they got greedy, £9.99 a month! I don't think so!

Tomazon says:

Waaaaaayyy better than the old one. I'm overall happy with the upgrade, been waiting for this for months.

It lacks "My Music" tab (albums, artist, etc.) btw- Let's keep fingers crossed for the next update.

azcruz says:

In the Philippines, Spotify subscription is about US$2.50/month. I still have Songza that I also enjoy.

As to the app itself, it can play downloaded songs just fine (it won't play songs in your Music library, you have Xbox Music for that).

The biggest ommission in the Windows Phone version is the "Your Music" section available in both iOS and Android. We get the Playlists only, but I can live with that.

btgusto says:

STILL need a premium account so NO for me

drg says:

No for me as well with no free account.

TheRem says:

With this update, you can't select all the albums you want to sync. You have to toggle the slide switch (which is a bummer) on each album, which is another bummer.

I'm a premium user and have had nothing but trouble with this new app so far - so many bugs/crashes, at least the last version was pretty stable!

iiN0ob says:

Does local file sync work?

TheRem says:

It doesn't. If they will not fix it within a week, I'm gonna unsub.

A second update today with no information. A small fix probably.

TheRem says:

This update is shit. I can't play my offline synced music. How I wish I didn't update.