Sprint Arrive May 7392 update being pushed out now

We mentioned a few days ago that Sprint would be pushing the May 7392 OS update on May 24th and sure enough, we just got the notification.

The update addresses fraudulent security certificates and doesn't seem to offer any new functionality, though we'll update if we find any on the HTC ROM side. To update, just plug your Arrive into your computer and sync and/or hop into Settings --> Phone --> Update and make it check for an update.

Say what you want, but at least with T-Mobile and Sprint here in the U.S., there's no drama.

Update: Looking at the "About" info before/after and we can confirm that only the OS is updated, there is no firmware revision, no new radio software nor new bootloader.

Thanks, @tiggscolo, for the heads up



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steve70 says:

Smooth painless install, once I realized my one month old Arrive cable was causing error codes.

i5lav says:

was it causing 8018119C errors?

jfa1 says:

great I am glad they are doing that but I wonder why the heck that the arrive and sprint can get the security cert update out presto pronto and sammie/att/ms cant get the cert update out for the focus which is att's biggest wp seller What is taking so long? It doesnt seem to me that it should be that big of a deal. Samsung's taken care of the omnia7 whats so different with the focus?

Baka says:

smooth update for me, as well.Now get on that 160 character texting limit Sprint/HTC! =)

Los says:

I thought you guys forgot about this. I installed the update early yesterday when y'all were more worried about mango. lol

Priorities, baby. Plus, you can alway use the "Tip us on News" option to flag our attention on these things ;-)

erasure25 says:

Smooth update.. got the notification when I plugged my phone in at around 12:30 am as I was about to go to bed. Don't know whats up with AT&T and their problems...

i5lav says:

Anyone got an error 8018119C while installing? :(

PhilR8 says:

Initially I received an error: but that was only because I was low on disk space on my laptop. Apparently the update needs like 10GB free on your HDD to perform the update. I don't know the error code, so I'm not sure if it was the same as the one you mentioned.I will say that the update was slow-w-w-w (took an hour on my XP SP3 machine) but otherwise went off without a hitch (after I made room). Hopefully all the bugs in the updating system have been ironed out and it'll be smooth sailing from here on out!