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Sprint Arrive vs Sprint Touch Pro 2 - In Pictures

This post is for you old school kids still using the near legendary Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2--a device hacked and ROM'd to death and which approached perfection (if it weren't for that under-powered CPU). Anyways, the new Sprint HTC Arrive (aka 7 Pro) is basically a Touch Pro 3--the devices feel very similar, are nearly identical in size and quality. Still, we figured we get some close up glamor shots for you people who are curious about jumping to the new guy in town (we vote: yes, do it).

More pics after the break...




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x I'm tc says:

It would be helpful to tell us which one is which.

If you don't know what a Touch Pro 2 is or the Arrive, not sure why you would be interested in the comparison :-/

mattattaxx says:

You don't need to be a fanboy to want to know about the phones.

Physboy says:

So, neither has SAMOLED technology, good camera lenses, magnetometer, full Exchange Synchronization or native RDP support. Oh, that's right, one of them is supposed to have native 'Cut & Paste'....AWESOME! =D *thumbs up*

But you knew all of that before reading this article, which means...trolling?


trololol Both of them have native C&P.

commo says:

Thanks for the pics. The size specs don't seem too different but when you actually hold them in your hand I'm sure you can tell the difference. How would you compare the feel of the devices in the hand. Would you say it's a real noticeably difference or they feel the same?

Both feel good in the hand. I really like the Arrive, well built device.

jfa1 says:

the one withphysical buuton s and more than three is the TP@ the one with the "metal" back that says windows phone is not the tp2.

cannon#WP says:

I still don't understand why HTC didn't go with a 4 inch screen. There's so much wasted space between the screen and the 3 capacitive buttons.


It's what I've been saying. Since TP2 got a screen increase from the TP, I was hoping the Arrive would get a screen increase, too. But, again, they could've made the Windows button physical or at least have a circle highlight around it to break up all the black area. The picture posted a few days ago of the supposed HTC Prime showed what I was talking about (http://www.wpcentral.com/htc-prime-slider-its-way).

frylock says:

I agree. This is the ONE thing that really could have been a nice upgrade for this phone!

rbardos says:

I wasn't looking for a phone that was heavier than my TP2. But after looking at how much thinner the Arrive is I am anxious to see it in the store. Thanks for the nice pics.

To be honest, it feels lighter than the TP2...strange, I know.

breadbooze says:

I'm inclined to believe that even numbered Touch Pros get the nice "revolutionary" upgrades, whereas the odd numbered ones are merely an evolution of the previous version. Will wait to see if the TP4 gets a larger screen (and 4G).

mtg1974 says:

How soon before we can expect to see accessories in the wpcentral store? Would I be safe buying a case made for a TP2?

Working on it. A Tp2 non-form fitting case would be perfect for it.

dtreo says:

"which approached perfection (if it weren't for that under-powered CPU)"Man, how insanely true is that?!! Unreal that we just couldn't get a fully powered TP2 without some frankenstein aftermarket treatment. Sad.One of the best features of the TP2/Tilt was the ability to swipe left/right to move between multiple email accounts and SMS (i.e. Exchange email, Gmail, Yahoo email, SMS). That was the single best software feature of it IMHO. And the original flip to activate speaker was slick too...and then died in the 6.5 update.What might have been...

dtreo says:

Oh, and Opera Mini. Loved that on TP2 too! Save page feature was sweet to continue reading after the pilot says to shut off all electronics until he gets the bird off the ground.