Sprint ATIV S Neo all but confirmed for Friday release

ATIV S Neo for Sprint

What started as a trickle has turned into a flood as more and more evidence is confirming a Friday, August 16th release for the much anticipated Sprint Samsung ATIV S Neo with Windows Phone 8. Earlier we had accessories begin to arrive in stores and then Samsung listed the device with full specs on their website. Now, Sprint store and Samsung reps are starting to talk about the flagship Sprint Windows Phone.

Reader of the site Michael V. went to his local Sprint store this evening and while the store employee did not know the release date, she did have an information packet on the device, as seen below. However, what is more revealing was that a Samsung representative was there (they often stop by for training and device support, like Nokia) and he was able to look up the date and confirm a Friday launch.

The 4.8-inch device also shows up on the Sprint store’s computers and may even be able to be ordered (the store was going to try, but our tipster is heading out of town when it ships). That’s good news if you were planning to get this phone, as it means you should be able to place your order very soon and it may not hurt to cozy up to your friendly neighborhood Sprint specialist.

Thanks, Michael, for the photo



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iknowsingh says:

*cue Rebecca Black's 'Friday'*
FRIDAY! Here we come, daddy! This has been a long time coming...


clappenings says:

Do we know how much?

$150 after $50 MIR.

clappenings says:

Oooh bit steep. $99 I could live with, even $79. Wait a month it will be $29

skillit0 says:

any idea on the off contract price?

theefman says:

Lets hope this finally shuts up Mr Sprint/CDMA complainer.....

mrmdj31675 says:

Not happening dude, and as you see, I am not alone.

eric12341 says:

That wasn't very nice.

mrmdj31675 says:

It could be worse, eric.  We could be reading another post with profanities from a member who has an obssession...(Daniel, you are safe).

stoickiwi says:

I know, it seems like every article that mentions Sprint is "SO LONG SPRINT! I left my 4 lines to AT&T for 920s!!! So happy!!!" And no one in the world cared.

iknowsingh says:

Really? He's just been stating facts and trying to educate people. Way to be a douche.. I for one find his posts informative. It's unfortunate the topics he mentions (Nokia CDMA lack-of-compliance issues, Sprint and other CDMA carriers except Verizon mandating proper CDMA coding standards, etc.) aren't more widely known. The information would answer many people's questions, such as why there are no Nokia phones on Sprint or any other CDMA carrier that isn't Verizon.
People on this site and others have been asking 'WHY' to that... and he gives the actual answer. Too bad no one cares to listen and they keep screaming their heads off.
People seem to love to live in ignorance despite having clear and honest answers right in front of them. It's a shame and an example of society today.

skillit0 says:

Me personally I like all the information but when I try to find something that confirms what he says I come up empty. Its great but until I can confirm its unsubstantiated information, not to say it isnt true I just cant confirm. I need more than just because I said so.

Jazmac says:

Not a chance theefman. Not a chance.  Funny thing is, he won't even get a Windows phone. Not even interested in a Windows phone. The complainer is only interested in one thing, complaining.  lol.

mrmdj31675 says:

And you always complain about Sprint, yet you are in pro-Sprint groups?  Sounds like you are an HYPOCRITE (and yes, M****** from USN told me that).

iknowsingh says:

Seriously, Jizmac is such a flip-flopper... I sometimes see him talking nice but mostly he loves to talk garbage in Sprint phone threads/forums.
Jizmac, get your head out of your backside because he's not complaining (unlike you) but actually contributing information to explain why things are they way they are. I have yet to come across useful info from you. I'm not saying I contribute much but I don't cry for a waaaaaaahmbulance at every turn.
I'll say it like I did above, I'm appreciative of his information. It sheds light on things I've been curious about and it answers quite a bit. If only people cared to listen.

cdbstl76 says:

Good for the sprint WP folks out there. Looks like their best option.

eric12341 says:

I'm not with sprint anymore but if I were I would've went with this.

teaMJPx says:

+1, I'm still with them on 3 of my other lines due to contract but I'm not renewing them. This would have been the phone to replace my Arrive... But, I guess I can live with my L925... jejeje

clappenings says:

I'm no Sprint fan or particularly fond of Samsung. However, I really want this phone to sell like hotcakes

pierrerv says:

Yeah but I went to a sprint store last week it was nothing but iPhone on display. When I asked to demo a WP, one of the associates didn't even know if they carry them.

mrmdj31675 says:

That I find very hard to believe.

skillit0 says:

Had same experience when I went to look at 8xt

Detfan100 says:

I played with the 8XT two weeks ago at the Sprint store.  Had someone there showing me the features. She even knew it only had 8G memory.  I guess I have a good Sprint store in Tallahassee.

muderko says:

The best aspect of the device is the screen size. But I think the design of the original Ativ S especially the back is more premium.

$200 on contract? Gahdamn. I was gonna buy one flat out but scratch that. Better off with a SGH-T899M.


the question is how much for the phone off contract.

Either way you locked to Sprint. GSM version you can use anywhere plus I guarantee its cheaper.

mrmdj31675 says:

It may be, but this is an official release for the US market.

Micah Dawson says:

I actually usually dislike Samsung products and I am a Lumia fanboy(and occasional HTC) but this is good for sprint customers and I hope it sells well

Skippy07 says:

Looks like I'm finally pulling the plug on WebOS and moving to Windows Phone on Friday!

AlexanderJJJ says:

Aww I miss webOS :( But my Lumia 925 is alright :)

Detfan100 says:

Me too. Still using my Touchpad, ehn my Surface is streaming to the TV.  Moving from Samsung Epic 4(my Pre Replcaement) to the ATIV.  Can't wait.  Windows phone outdoes Android, at least in what is important to me, that is for sure.

CyclingNut says:

You still have a functioning webOS device? That's awesome. I really miss my Pre. Just imagine a mature, optimized webOS on a Lumia 925. Drool worthy!

Skippy07 says:

Yeah, still rocking my frankenpre (Pre2 with the radio from my original Sprint Pre). I love WebOS, but the world has moved on and I'm ready to catch up. There are a lot of things I'll miss from WebOS though. 

madthoughts says:

I bounced from WebOS a year ago and even justsold off my Touchpad-- the things you'll miss, they never go away, but it gets easier with time. Also, since everyone is snatching up their own favorite bits of WebOS UI to stick in thier phones, it's easy to find what you might miss.
Although no one has nailed contacts, text, and chat like webos did.

BigGlade says:

I like my L920 a lot, but it's hard to not occasionally reminisce about my good ol' Pre. PreWare was simply the best. It seems even today on Android, Googling and following guides is necessary for customization compared to a brilliant app store of tweaks and hacks. Konami code to root, so awesome. I digress.

LaNiQuE says:

Still have my pre but had to move on to something else wish you could experience a Nokia on sprint but enjoy Samsung though the HTC looks better

Skippy07 says:

Yeah, I'd like to check out a Nokia , but not happening on Sprint. The Samsung will work for me since I actually think it looks better than the HTC option.

OMG55 says:

Welcome aboard, glad to have you!

12Danny123 says:

It looks pretty nice for a Samsung phone. I do like Samsung hardware cause I like functionality. ;)

lippidp says:

I'm glad Sprint is getting back into WP with this and the 8XT. Sprint has more phones with keyboards than any other US carrier, so maybe they'll have one of the OEMs make one with WP. That would take me back to Sprint. Screw ATT.

Laura Knotek says:

That's great Sprint is finally getting some new Windows Phones. There definitely is a demand, based on what people have posted on the forums.

mrmdj31675 says:

Laura, there is a demand for the ativ S line in the US, however some are shocked it was Sprint who actually got it.  Many are happy, and some are just upset because they claim it should had been on AT&T or Verizon.
Looks to me Samsung is going CDMA on their Windows Phone 8 line in the US  for the time being (since they resoext Qualcomm CDMA based technology, and they bring up their best).

AriesDog says:

After my experience with the HTC Arrive I would have no faith that Sprint would support the phone after I bought it. Switched to T-Mobile.

Honestly, I've been with TMO for like... 10 years now? First with an unlocked iPhone. And then every other iPhone until 4. And then gave WP7 a test drive. Will proudly say I never gave GayDroid a chance. The system is ugly and clunky. But anyways, TMO is great when it comes to pricing. U can tell they try to make customers happy. Every year they seem to get cheaper. They may be slow in some things like updates but everyone has there ups and downs. We just like to point fingers and criticize.

mrmdj31675 says:

If you buy at full retail price, then your claim may be believable.

Get the Verizon L925 free.
Just seen the TV ad

OMG55 says:

When did Verizon get the 925? Last knew, it's a T-Mobile device?

Just checked. As of today or yesterday the Lumia 928 on Verizon has gone FREE. Go get em android owners! Enjoy the bliss that is WP8+Lumia

houdini13 says:

I've been waiting forever for this phone and now we find it is a TFT screen.... pfff!  :(

mrmdj31675 says:

It's not as bad as some are making it to seem. Try it and make a decision based on your experience rather than what some say.

As Daniel said, the TFT vs SuperAmoled Screen debate is a matter of the consumer deciding what is best after testing it.

houdini13 says:

I'll certainly give it a try but i've compared superamoled and tft screens in front of my face before and superamoled was the clear choice for me.

qhendricks says:

My understandign is that TFT at least eats less battery power than an AMOLED.

sie282 says:

Screw Samsung. They don't make good windows phones. Lumia for life.