Sprint back-steps on Buyback program and removes the Arrive

We're not going to claim credit for this, but obviously there was quite a backlash against Sprint for using the Arrive as the poster-child for their Buyback program, at least if you go by the comments. If you recall, Sprint put the Arrive up for their Buyback program, which was prominently featured on the Sprint iPhone 4S page.

Now, perhaps due to a change of heart or perhaps a phone call from Microsoft, the Arrive has been replaced by the LG Lotus Elite. Hey, maybe they regularly rotate those phones and this is just coincidence, so we'll keep an eye on it, but at least for now the Arrive is spared the humiliation of being the iPhone 4S trade-in phone.

Source: Sprint; Thanks, Kien G., for the tip!



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HeyCori says:

My fellow WP7 ownersWE HAVE SPOKEN!!!!!

IamDefiler says:

Glad they changed it but honestly, how did the original get past the sign-off stage without it raising a red flag?

HeyCori says:

p.s.My girl has a Lotus and it is one bad-@ss feature phone. But that's more like the type of phone you'd want to trade in if you were upgrading to a smartphone.

adriel623 says:

YESSS!! I helped influence this decision by sending an email to Sprint! I posted their reply to it on wmpoweruser. So glad to see they listened!

laserfloyd says:

I helped with part of the lashing as well. At least on their facebook page. I wasn't the only one by far. Looks like they got the message. ;)

Sprint... :rolleyes:Glad to see they changed it at least.I do think the community here needs to take credit for it.

Verkunder says:

Oh man, I went off on them in my email. Glad it's down.

I posted on FB about it too http://www.facebook.com/notifications#!/sprint/posts/10150333005798511 and was in a heated debate with some Apple loyalists about it. I THINK WE ALL PLAYED A BIG PART YAYYYYY!!!!

I posted on Sprints FB page about it after seeing the posts here and was in a pretty good debate with some Apple loyalist and clowns about it lol. I think we all played are part! YAYYYY!

dan.g46 says:

Well done Sprint WP7 users! You guys made me feel all tingly inside.

Agent-P says:

Score! Looks like my email (combined with all of your guys' complaints too) helped. Either that or Microsoft called up Mr Hesse and told him to lay off the Windows Phone hate (as the article suggests).

Los says:

Uh oh. This is gonna make LG Lotus users FURIOUS!

@Los...Exactly! I mean, if you click on the program eligibility page, the Arrive is still listed, so as far as I'm concerned, it still doesn't matter - they are still giving you a credit to get rid of your Arrive, and exchange it for an iPhone. The irony, in my opinion, is I would think that Sprint would want to deplete the Arrive stock, instead of taking it back. But kinda hard to do, given that they are still selling the Arrive at $199.99.

thenet says:

who fricken cares what LG Lotus users think

onysi says:

**** SPRINT. You amaze me for not pulling an ATT.

Gungzwei says:

I just hit the sprint page link at the bottom of the story and it was the WP7, again. Or still.

luimende says:

I wish sprint pulled an AT&T, they have all the phones. lol.

languedoctor says:

@Gungzwei Is the old page still cached? I'm getting the new image.Anyway . . . I guess with this news, Sprint ranks 4th out of 4 among major U.S. carrier support for WP7. Up from a previous 4th out of 4.I really wish some company other than AT&T was waving the WP7 flag...

Kon-Aitor says:

I don't know about waving the flag. I think ATT is kind of holding it up by one corner... and sprint just has a sticker.

The moral of this story? Not even Sprint wants to buy WP7's.

supercain says:

I have an arrive. And I love it. But I played with an iphone4s and its damb good. Ms needs to put more effort Into there phone to catch up. I mean you can talk to the damb thing. Its tight.

Ticomfreak says:

On WP7, hold the Windows key and talkdumbass

machina says:

don't you mean dambass? ;)lolIt's funny when a smartphone is smarter than its user!

starblade876 says:

Can we get some user campaigning for more WPs now and hope they listen like they seemingly did here?

WinFan1 says:

Do you guys think apple paid sprint to bash ms phone specifically? if so thats really low sprint but thats okay because your service is terrible.

thenet says:

Iphone sucks is why i am happy with my wp 7.5 mango phone