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Sprint continues with LTE rollout, launches enhanced 4G speeds in 6 new cities

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Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan


Sprint further expands Spark coverage, introduces new FramilySM Plan


Sprint has taken the opportunity to announce at this year's CES that six new locations have been added to the Spark support list. Not only that, but the US mobile operator is also set to launch the new Sprint FamilySM Plan. Head past the break for all the details.

The new markets included in Spark are Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio., Texas, as well as Fort Lauderdale. This now brings the total of markets who experience mobile peak speeds up to 60Mbps to 11. Sprint Spark is also coming to those who are subscribed with Virgin Mobile USA's Broadband2Go with the Netgear Mingle mobile hotspot.

Keep an eye out later this quarter for the device and upgrade on compatible no-contract plans, which will include daily access via Sprint's 3G and 4G LTE network where available for $5 a day. Broadband2Go also offers monthly data plans for $25 with 1.5GB or $55 with 6GB.


Sprint FramilySM Plan

The mobile operator will be launching this new Sprint Framily Plan (not a typo) on January 10th, which will be available to both new and existing customers. The general idea is the more people added to the group (up to 10 phone lines), the more everyone will save on the plan.  

Customers who take out a new line of service can pay $55 per month per line for unlimited call time, SMS and 1GB of data to get your through each month. For every person who joins that group, the cost per person is slashed by $5 (to a minimum of $25 per month), which isn't a bad deal.

Since everyone within a group is billed separately, it's pretty easy and seamless to enjoy up to unlimited data, plus a new phone every year for $20 per line. As noted above, the Sprint Framily Plan will be available beginning Friday January 10th.



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Pete Almanza says:

I'm laughing more than I should be.

Too bad they have the bottom.barrel in Windows phones available. Not to mention, I could eat 1g a week.

RyanAMG says:

Before we jump ship and onto Verizon I was using average of 13GB a month. I now share 6GB with my wife but I now turn on WiFi for Netflix. She now complains I make her lag on Call of Duty as I am using the WiFi. The only thing I miss about sprint

James8561 says:

upgrade your home internet connection? :)

RyanAMG says:

I've got the fastest plan TWC offers. You know how gamers are always complaining they need more speed.

RyanAMG says:

Ya they do but its that are slow DSL. I actually picked my house because Verizon said Fios was available. After escrow I call Verizon and they set me up and when the tech comes out he informed me they stopped three houses down and stopped the bold out. I've offered to pay for the line and the labor but Verizon said now. So I'm stuck on TWC or I've looked at getting a T1 but its way to much.

wpn00b says:

Your wife is awesome btw. I'm finally getting my girlfriend to watch The IT Crowd and Cowboy stop...gaming!

enzom09 says:

does the IT crowd get better? I watched the first episode and couldn't get past the laugh track (it's horrible the first few minutes in). Although the episode got better as it went along i haven't decided whether or not to give it another chance.

Wyn6 says:

Yes. The IT Crowd is genius. Keep watching. You won't be displeased.

JerqFase says:

Wait, she lags playing call of duty or watching Netflix?

RyanAMG says:

When I'm on Netflix she complains I'm making her lag on COD.

Jazmac says:

Go Sprint! Still bites in Vegas.

Not what s4gru and especially sensorly's website is showing in terms of 4G LTE and improved 3G speeds on your area in Vegas.

DallasXanadu says:

If they had a W8 phone I wanted I wouldn't have jumped ship last year. I'm kind of remorseful that I did, actually.

My framily is going to love this!

rodneyej says:

This is off subject, and keep your comments to yourself, but this dude at work just got one of those Galaxy Gear watches and I think it's the coolest thing I've ever seen in my life❕❕❕❕❕
If Microkia isn't going to release something similar, or better, than this watch, this year, then they have got to be loosing their freekin minds❕.. After seeing what he can do with his phone, and that damn watch, I agree now that Android, and Samsung are light years ahead of Microkia... I hate to say it but WP is empty in comparison of what I've seen today.. This has really opened my eyes❕... This coming from the biggest WP fan in the world, and it's true.... I WANT MY LUMIA WATCH RIGHT GOOD GOD DARN NOW❕

wpn00b says:

I find that watch (I'm sorry, it isn't a watch...but a Gear) rather "meh". I've used it on several occasions at work, and its cool and all, but its a very neutered version of Android. What did he show you that was so awesome? (and yes this is me keeping my comments to myself...hehe sorry)

I'm more curious as to what he showed you...not bashing it. Android has it's merits, so does wearable tech (I'm wearing a fit bit Flex right now). I am completely opposed to a comment war, just wondering what you saw it do. I only saw pics, notifications, and really neat NFC pairing, but that's about it.

rodneyej says:

No, your comment is perfectly welcome.. I was just talking about it being off subject..
Anyways, its how it handled calls, text messages, and notifications. I didn't know it had a camera on it that shoots pictures, and video that can be viewed from the device. And the fact that there are a bunch of different apps for it, and more to come, is pretty cool... The coolest part is the app that's used to connect, configure, and run the damn thing from the phone.. It was pretty extensive from what I saw, it had a lot of options, and settings.. The app is used to send apps to the watch. I'm not sure of what all it can do, but it seems like the possibilities are endless with something like this,, especially if developers are free to use their imagination with developing apps for it.. Not to mention safety.. Changing audio tracks in your car is safer than fooling around with your phone, and you can keep your phone in your pocket while driving, and make calls, and text more safely.. Not that this can't be done with BT systems already, but this is that experience taken with you everywhere.. Trust me.. If there was a Lumia watch similar in function to this we couldn't live without it.. For Samsung I was also impressed with the design.. It seemed very high quality.. This is no gimmick. I really want this for my WP device.

Seriously?  Don't post if you don't want comments.  I played around with it, and it reminded me of an overpriced and blinged out Timex.  In this case... this product is hardly revolutionary or all that impressive.  The commerical they ran for it really was just pathetic.  I have higher hopes for Pebble... at least that isn't overpriced to hell and back.


As for Sprint?  I remain unimpressed, and I really do hope that their aspirations to buying T-Mobile is just a crappy rumor.  I'd probably be more impressive if they offered something what TMO and ATT are fighting over right now.  

rodneyej says:

I meant comments about it being off subject, gravy neck... Now, I could care less about your opinion..

So I post a comment that is in essence the same as previous poster, and I get insulted for it.  Bravo "gravy neck."  

rodneyej says:

It's how you came off in the beginning.. I'm a serial gangster, a hard ass hustler, a trill ass p.i.m.p.❕ You don't want to mess with a real crazy, hustla, boss like your boy right here.. You besa break yoself homieboys...❕❕❕ Don't mess wit dis cizop killa because I'm not scigady scared to bust a cigaty cizzap in yo booty.. .. It's 187 on a murferkin cizzop,, BOIIIIEEEEE... ;-)

CopaCC says:

Sprint is still around???

Detfan100 says:

With Tallahasse in the midst of a total makeover, I now get 3 bars and 4g inside my house, when I used to be on an Airwave with Sprint to even have a signal.  I get 4G in several areas in Tallahasssee now.  When the Nextal bandwith is finished, signal is supposed to be much bettter inside commercial buildings.  Plus Sprints customer service is second to none, so I am really happy, and very happy with my Samsung ATIV S Neo, too.  Far superior to the Android I was on.  Five phones on my plan, so we may become a framily.

myrandex says:

How is 1GB data unlimited?