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Standalone screen capture utility comes to Windows Phone [Homebrew] -- Updated

Here's a useful utility for those of you who have a phone that is (a) developer unlocked and (b) interop-unlocked. There's a new little toy out there that willl allow you to take screen caps right on your device without being tethered to the desktop.

The app comes out of the WPXAP forums and is just called 'Screen Capturer' version 2 as it now works on Mango devices. To get it to work you:

  1. Launch app
  2. Set a time via the slider at top (1-60s)
  3. Click ”开始截屏“
  4. Begin screen capture/Hit the Windows Key
  5. Wait for time (set a time(1-60s)) to verify capture
  6. Open Picture --> Albums --> Saved picture

We've been using for a bunch of apps without a hitch. Doesn't seem to work with Xbox games though. Other than that, this is a super useful app for many. And since we're swell folks, we're hosting the file for a quick easy download. Just get the XAP here.

Update: Scratch the inter-op requirment, now just regular developer unlocked devices can use it too. Thanks to Windows Phone Hacker for the update XAP which can be found here.

Update 2: See new version 3 with camera button and English language support

Source: WPXAP Forums; Big thanks to talan1314 for tip and the file!



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BellPego says:

Cool.. Works well.. :)

CrisRowlands says:

Thanks guys :D This will come in quite handy.I wish there was a way to temporarily bind it to a hardware button, but I know thats not exactly easy :(

addicusbrown says:

I've been waiting for a good application like this. Thanks to the developer and WPCentral for hosting it. Yeehaw.

theman60099 says:

for those who are wondering 开始截屏 is start screenshots.

noelito says:

awesome!!! this is so great! it works fantastically! I have been waiting for months since we left nodo for this utility to reappear, let the floodgates open to all bloggers and developers and power to regular users, many thanks to the hacker community!! (jumping up and down)

foosball says:

This is awesome.WTF is wrong with MS that they make the Homebrew community do this for us? This is the type of old school, user unfriendly limitation that they have to leave behind with Windows Mobile.

noelito says:

yes yes yes! i dont know if my previous commented posted, but yes thank you so much! many thanks! this is great news for bloggers power and regular users everywhere! works perfectly

dalydose says:

I'm getting a 0x81030120 error when trying to deploy this .xap file to my Samsung Focus with Mango.

@dalydose @astroXP Neither of you are interop-unlocked. There's a reason why it was mentioned as being a requirement for this app ;-)

astroXP says:

Oh I see! I guess I totally ignored the "and" part since it was listed as a), b) options instead of 1., 2,. Anyways, how could I interop-unlock my HD7? :-( (XDA only provides guides for LG and Samsung only)

lumic says:

If anyone wants to try a version I edited, here's the link. I think it should work with interop-locked devices, though it's just a guess.

gerrymad says:

Worked on my HD7.

dtboos says:

Excellent. Here's a guide to interop unlock for those who need. READ CAREFULLY (Samsung & LG only).

diego3336 says:

Is there any way to disable this App after used? I am asking this because it keeps taking random screenshots when my phone is locked and sending me toast notifications even after I restarted the phone.

Nudua says:

Btw this doesn't require u to be interop-unlocked, only the heavy dudy interop stuff does. Just open up the WMAppManifest.xml inside the xap and remove the line that says "ID_CAP_INTEROPSERVICES" then it should work on phones that are interop-locked.

yunchikan says:

Thank you! This worked for me, on the HTC Surround. :]

dtboos says:


gandalfliang says:

this app has been updated from WPXAP forum and you can capture screen with a slightly click on the camera button

gerrymad says:

So with the version posted above which does not need the interop unlock is there any reason this could not be made a proper marketplace app? I understand this is homebrew, but I am curious if Microsoft would block this app if submitted to the marketplace.

onysi says:

we actually need this app so we can start showing off screencaps online just like IOS and yea.

kim thran says:

"WTF is wrong with MS that they make the Homebrew community do this for us? This is the type of old school, user unfriendly limitation that they have to leave behind with Windows Mobile. "I totally agree. It's a shame that MS is unable to provide this.And later they wonder why they fail, with such basic feature like this missing.

dtboos says:

Personally I'm very happy about how much Microsoft did in just 1 year. I can wait for them to implement an official one on the next update if need be. Even android didn't have an official way of doing it after a year, and the ways that came soon after the 1 year mark were dependent on device, root access ect.