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Staples Trade Up to Touch Program, trade in your old computer for VISA cash

Staples Trade Up to Touch Program

Staples has an interesting Windows 8 Trade up to Touch program running where you can earn you a little cash back and have the opportunity to recycle your old computer in the process.

When you buy a qualifying touch screen laptop or tablet at Staples, just fill in the online claim form within fourteen days and you'll receive a prepaid shipping label to turn in your older, qualifying device. Just pack up the old computer, drop it off at UPS and within thirty days you'll receive a pre-paid VISA card for up to $400.

Staples Trade in values

Qualifying touch screen Windows 8 devices include the Surface RT and Pro, the Acer V5 laptop, Lenovo YOGA Ultrabook, and HP ENVY TouchSmart desktop. The trade in values range from $100 for any notebook or netbook computer up to $400 for any notebook powered by an Intel i7 or AMD FX processor.  Trade in devices must be fully operational, include the main battery and power supply, must not be permanently marked or defaced, and must be complete and undamaged.  Reasonable wear and tear is accepted.

You can find all the details and fine print here at Staple's Trade up to Touch web pages.

Thanks, ninjaap, for the tip!



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LawnPaul says:

I'm running out of reasons not to buy a surface.

erzhik says:

Sorry, but this a horrible, horrible program. The trade in they give you for a MacBook pro is pathetic. I can sell a 4 year old MacBook Pro on CL for $700-800. I don't know why people bother with trade ins. Trade ins usually suck.

Aaron M says:

Well it might not be good for MBP.  But I'm interested in the $100 for "any" notebook.  I have an incredibly old Dell laptop that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.  It can still run, but I can't imagine anyone would buy it.  Heck, shipping the 10 pounder would probably eat up any profit I could make from selling it on Ebay.  Thing is the battery, and CMOS, stopped working a long time ago and one of the keys is missing.

spaulagain says:

I'm in the same boat. I have an 8+ year old Dell Inspiron running Windows 7 currently. It still works, and was top of the line when it was new. But its worthless for any modern day computing. This is an interesting opportunity...

dkp23 says:

id take my chances on craigslist. 

kushki says:

Not in Canada...

Gonna sale my hp dv6. 300 isn't bad at all.

mondokjm says:

I can't part with my dv6 for $300. I'm not so sure having it for a year is worth the $800 depreciation.

bbennett40 says:

You'll have better luck if you sell it. ;)

Just checked Staples on-line ( my only purchase option). The 64 and 128 are both listed as sold out. Early this a.m they were both available? Ugh. Would love to ditch my hp tablet that I don't use.

ninjaap says:

Would be great if I could trade in multiple laptops, which there doesn't seem to be an option for. I have an old HP netbook and a 5+ yr old Compaq 15" I'd be happy to trade in for a Surface.

CJ Thunder says:

Ditto. I'm going on the hunt for this info.

mikecel79 says:

I emailed them about it this morning.  Only 1 trade-in allowed per purchase.  You can trade in up to 5 devices but you have to purchase 5 touch screen laptops then. 

MobileVortex says:

thats for posting!