Star Trek Almanac, giving it all she's got Captain!

Star Trek Almanac

The latest Star Trek movie, Into Darkness,  is about to hit theaters and while we have the official Star Trek app, we also have the Star Trek Almanac. The Star Trek Almanac is from the same developers of the Star Wars Almanac and contains enough Star Trek knowledge to satisfy a horde of tribbles in heat.

The Star Trek Almanac is spread out just like it's Star Wars counterpart. You have pages covering a featured subject, videos, a sections page with links to people, vehicles, races and planets, as well as pages highlighting updated, popular and seldom seen Star Trek subjects.

Star Trek Almanac

Diving into a specific Star Trek items pulls up bio, attributes, photos, videos and sounds for that particular person, planet, ship and what not. The amount of information varies but overall, the Star Trek Almanac has a healthy amount of Star Trek data.

So if you want to brush up on your Trekkie Trivia before the release of the new Star Trek movie, check out the Star Trek Almanac. It's a free, ad-supported app for your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x device and you can find the Star Trek Almanac here in the Windows Phone Store.

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theefman says:

For anyone wondering, thats Klingon for nice, courtesy of the WP Translator app. :)

xFalk says:

That's awesome! I didn't know it had that. Off to have some fun...

Onerunjunior says:

The Klignons have a word for nice? That's unlike them!

MarkAllett says:

same problem again with a ridiculously sized panorama title. Shrink it, change to be the Star Trek logo from the other picture and then allow more space for the content.

Thanks for the feedback mark. We will correct this in our next release!

cybermoose89 says:

About to ? It already has not a treky fan tbh

zikifer says:

You had me at "... satisfy a horde of tribbles in heat".

Rico says:

Literally laughed out loud at "horde of tribbles in heat".

Ronald Janse says:

Pretty useless for a Trekkie. The obvious stuff is there, but the real interesting things are not present.

PhilR8 says:

yeah, there isn't actually much content here.  If you go to vehicles, for example, there are a grand total of eight ships, all of them federation.  The original Enterprise, the Ent B, and the Ent C are also nowhere to be found.  What we need is a sweet Memory Alpha app, but the mobile site works fine for now.

Vehicles are a new section, we will continue to grow that area. If you see something missing we will be happy to prioritize it!

WPUser111 says:

Anybody on xbox game of the week?

soumitro316 says:

Klingon not for the wp7 Bing translate app?

Tim Sell says:

Just got an update for my brilliant wpcentral!! Sorry not on topic

WPUser111 says:

Shits man..!! Angry birds rio is todays game...

Oops, answered your earlier post before I saw this one...lol