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Star Wars: Assault Team blasting its way to Windows and Windows Phone this spring

Star Wars Lede

The official Star Wars Twitter profile has announced that a new game will be launching on not only Android and iOS, but Windows 8 and Windows Phone too – Star Wars: Assault Team. Prepare those blasters as Disney will be releasing a brand new experience for you to travel to a galaxy far, far away.

So just what is Star Wars: Assault Team? We're not entirely sure, but according to the screenshot teased by the social team on Twitter, we could well be looking at a strategic card game. It's interesting to note that we're likely to see a simultaneous cross-platform launch, something previously unheard of when it came to Windows Phone.

Star Wars: Assault Team

We'll hopefully have more details in the coming weeks as to exactly what Star Wars fans can expect to see in this latest mobile title. For now, consider yourself teased with the above and stay tuned for updates on our part should we learn anything else.

Source: Twitter (@starwars)



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Can not wait for this!!

VidJuhEffex says:

best Flashlight app I have ever found. Thanks Marius.

irvin792 says:

Wish you could disable the motion sounds tho ;)

Thanks for the flashlight!

pookiewood says:

Your Jedi Mind tricks wont work on me!!! *starts downloading app*

Sachinmeet says:

So #win8 means WP8 right ?

raul_junior says: says right after "windows 8", windows phone

Sachinmeet says:

I know that but on the tweet it just says #win8

It says #win8 "devices"

amol071 says:

I guess no -512 MB ram

I think its 125 ram not 512ram...lolz

Marco Gomes1 says:

I wouldn't hold my breath.

ebin5 says:

First thought it to be something like COD:strike team.Anyway good for wp but 8.1 should have sd card installation to make use of it.

Aashish13 says:

2 months to go then

wapoz says:

Will it be delayed by a month or more, and then come stripped of features found on iOS and Android?

hahaha....but seriously....that has now become a very legitimate question.

MilkyTee says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But yes, you make a valid point :(

walter1832 says:

HeHeHeHeHeHe...but really, your avatar looks funny!

wapoz says:

Yeah, I could deal with no Xbox live integration, but games lately lacking cloud saves and moga support like on other platforms is seriously bumming me out :(  I refuse to purchase any large games like San Andreas until they have those featues implemented.  So annoying having to restart from scratch when moving to a new device/replacing a broken device.

rahulrambhat says:

Looks interesting

Great news. Thanks for the heads up. I hope Windows 8.1 comes with SD card installation. It would make our lives much more easier rather than uninstalling and reinstalling things over and over again. Looking forward to this game. I'm 100% sure its gonna be available for 1GB ram phones. Now on all the good games will roll out that way only.

pepcok says:

can't wait..
are there any good "strategic card" games for the Windows Phone platform anyway?

RetroMan71 says:

Shame.. Love star wars, but wont have a windows phone by then... Thank god!

TheJoester09 says:

Well, this game will be going to all platforms, so the only conclusion that could be drawn here is that you posted this comment just to rile people up. Congrats.

walter1832 says: you are! ?

nizzon says:

He's not allowed anymore?

I guess no 512 Mb ram support on launch???

Disney is officially the best producer for Windows Phone and Windows 8...

Craig Barnes says:

Agreed. Hope they continue to bring their older apps on over.

Yes, actually that's why I bought a couple of apps from them, just to support their efforts, and my kid enjoying.

anandv427 says:

Once there was an article saying Disney won't be making apps for 512 mbs right?

The Courier says:

Oh dam... This is great news, I am excited for this. Still playing Star Wars Tiny Death Star at the minute.

I played that quite a bit. And that was also a simultaneous launch across platforms (including W8 and WP8).

nokiauser911 says:

Set phasers to 'Fun'.Oh wait! Wrong Franchise. ;)

walter1832 says:

May this game boldly go where no man....wait...may the force be with this game.

nokiauser911 says:

Howdy, Fellow Trekie!

walter1832 says:

Oh, hhheeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll NO!  I'm anything but!  I bleed SW blue milk!  ;)

nokiauser911 says:

Atleast star trek has more space anamolies and exploration than some sorcerry crap! 'Force'

Marco Gomes1 says:

I'll believe that simultaneous release when it's downloaded and running in my phone and not a minute before.

walter1832 says:

So, if you see it in the store, but you can't download it until you get on wifi, which will be hours later (when your done work), you won't beleive it?

Marco Gomes1 says:

Like it would be the first time an app showed up on the store only to go MIA after a while, or like a wrong version of an app was never submitted.

rodneyej says:

Will Rudy please make us a cool, SiFi, Cortana app to play with while we patiently wait... I want to see Cortana talking on my device with cool animation's... Because I know MS isn't "cool" enough to do this for us..

KelvBlue says:

I see that the Front Facing Camera is full of dust! :p

Jf.Vigor says:

Yup like every other 920 :p

nizzon says:

Yeah, mine is unusable, although its been at repair once.

laynardi says:

Hope like knight of the old republic^^

Judging by the look, I dont think its going to be a card game exactly. Have you guys played Avengers Alliance on Facebook? (idk any other example), but I believe its going to be like that. Instead of those being "cards" in the pic, I think they are just the icons of your character line up to attack and assault.... But I could be very
wrong. **sorry for grammar errors if any.

Any news on Terraria for WP? It's been a while.

Mike Mathias says:


SargeT says:

How do you hold your 920 like there on the shot? :-)

pookiewood says:

Mass support for Windows Phone. Disney I Love you! Clone Wars ending with a comic. Disney I Hate You!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disney releasing more Windows Phone Games. Disney I love you again!!!! Now lets talk about the Clone Wars......

kvsanal78 says:

Huh 512ram supported ?

crooza says:

Card game i love on wp is hearthstone