Star Wars: Tiny Death Star updated, new assignments, characters and more added

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

If you are looking for a painfully addicting Windows Phone game, you need to take a look at Star Wars: Tiny Death Star. The Windows Phone 8 title is a time management styled game set on the decks of the Death Star. Your mission, build up the Death Star and make the Emperor happy.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a staff favorite and was updated today to version The update addresses the demand for more assignments and better returns for your service to the Empire such as VIPs, Imperial Bux, Costumes and Characters.

The update also delivers special, limited time events to protect your battle stations where you can earn additional rewards for your efforts. Additionally, all non-currency rewards are now shipped to your Death Star by way of the Cargo Bay. It is a one-stop shop to pick up your Tiny Death Star earnings from all your Imperial assignments and special events.

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is a free game for Windows Phone 8 that you can pick up here in the Windows Phone Store. The update has also pushed out to the Windows 8 version of Star Wars: Tiny Death Star delivering the same new features. The Windows 8 version of Tiny Death is also a free app and you can find it here in the Windows Store.

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Ixolite says:

I don't get it, it's one of the most pointless 'games' I've ever seen...

Agreed. I played it for 5 minutes and quickly uninstalled it. Horrible little game it is.

buggyglint says:

I wouldn't go as far as saying its "pointless". After all, what's the point to any video game? They're just time-wasters. This isn't my style of game (Although I do like the 8-bit artstyle) but I'm sure it appeals to the star wars fans.

Games are, by nature, pointless. The "point" is to create an artificial objective which the user finds joy accomplishing.

I get that this one may not be your cup of tea, but there's no need to disparage it.

JudgeHolden says:

There's plenty of reason to disparage it. It's less of a game than Simon was.

In order to be a game, to me, there needs to be some kind of learning curve, some kind of difficulty, and some kind of strategy.

Tiny Death Tower lacks all of that.

All you do is click where it wants you to click. The way to success is simply to put in time. Give the game to two people and they'll have the same results because there is absolutely no room for strategy in this game. No room to put in any thought. Nothing to adjust. You just do what it tells you to do.

It's not a game, it's a skinner box. Games require strategy.

Mr Potter says:

I acctually love the game. I'm sure its a matter of opinion, but lots of my friends have the game aswell, and some are doing better, some worse. And they aren't the same, you can do whatever you want to your death star. I'm sure its a matter of opinion though. I'm not a star wars fan, I just the tiny towers series :)

irvin792 says:

I love this game, but I love star wars so......

morbility says:

Was the update pulled? Can't get it...

LaNiQuE says:

I love this game but I don't want to start over now that I have the 1520 game saves please

oscarbum says:

I updated on my 1520. The only thing I "lost" was the Imperial levels mission reward that I couldn't collect because it would crash the game. So...no big loss really.

Nik Rolls says:

Ah, you had the same crash? Good to know it wasn't just me, and that this update fixes it (or at least skips it).

Nik Rolls says:

Actually the challenge is still there for me, and still crashes the game when I try to redeem it. So annoying.

Nik Rolls says:

False alarm, the app wasn't actually updating. Had to reboot the phone to get the update to start downloading. All working fine now!

Khensu says:

Ahh yeah, good timing.  I'm almost maxed out on this game.  115 bitizens and 79 (80th being built) levels.

Bnlf says:

after having my bux going to -150 two times in a row even after spending a small cash on it i don´t really give a damn about this game anymore. there´s no point on investing time and money in a broken game. 

walter1832 says:

So on the android version they added signing into Facebook to sync your progress on diff phones. I guess it didn't make it into the wp version.

XeroJC2000 says:

The same goes for IOS I would love to sync my game across all of my devices but I guess we will have to wait for another's update

Kurt8807 says:

I can't download the update. Shows it is available, but does not download.

ruddevil says:

Same here. Let's try again after some time.

Kurt8807 says:

Well just tried again with a group of 5 updates of various apps. It immediately disappeared and the other apps proceeded to download.

I also have this problem.  Had it with the last update as well and I've tried many times spread out over a few days time period.  Still can't download.

ruddevil says:

Does the update give more levels? I'm stuck at 81 levels and getting 'No new levels of this type for your amount of progress' when trying to add new levels.

It just crashes after few seconds on my 520 with Lumia Black. It seems that they fix one thing, and break two.

blackprince says:

The real question is does this update finally fix the save bug that rendered this game utterly useless to me.

-8- says:

On my Surface RT it crashes during the loading screen since the Xmas update so I didn't play it anymore. Now it does load again but it seems I've lost all progress...

navidee says:

Im torn on this game. I kinda hate it, but everytime I boot it up (maybe once a month) im glued to it for the day. Evil timewasting game. .