State Bank of India releases gorgeous Windows Phone app

State Bank Freedom

The State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest banking and financial services company in country, owned by the government. We've received a handful of reports that the bank has released a Windows Phone app, enabling customers to perform mobile banking while out and about on their Windows Phones. The usual features are present, including balance enquiries, the transfer of funds and paying bills.

Aptly named Freedom, this Windows Phone app is a must-have if you hold an account and desire some degree of control when not at a desktop computer.

To get started with SBI and to use their app, a registration process is available, which includes setting up MPINs and activating through an ATM and a local branch for peace of mind regarding account security - wouldn't want just anyone accessing your account, would we? It's a good looking app and we're sure many will find it useful.

State Bank Freedom App

Here's a quick list of features highlighted on the store listing:

  • Funds transfer (within SBI or other Bank's account)
  • Immediate Mobile Payment Services (IMPS) : Fund Transfer, Merchant Payments 24 x 7
  • Enquiry Services (Balance Enquiry / Mini statement)
  • Cheque Book request
  • Demat Account Enquiry
  • Bill Payments (Utility bills, Credit Cards, Insurance premium), Donations, Subscriptions
  • Mobile Top up
  • M-Commerce (DTH Recharge of Tatasky, BigTV, SunDirect, DishTV, DigitalTV and Videocon d2h connections, SBI Life insurance premium, etc.)
  • Booking of train tickets over the IRCTC portal through IMPS

You can download State Bank Freedom from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks to vikrant6 and Ayush for the tips!

QR: State Bank Freedom



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Sarang68 says:

Good news for Indian Windows phone fans. Thank you

Maria016 says:

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Sarang68 says:

Stop spamming,please.

OH REALLY? Thats wonderful for us ! There's hardly anyone here without a SBI account.

pranav rai says:

I am that odd one out :D

Wish citi would release one. Their online transactions are the best I have ever had. SBI was pretty clumsy, needing a lot of physical travel and documents and stuff. Dropped them a 'bout an year ago.

Me....still studying :p

numetheus says:

Huh? What's SBI? There are hardly any of us without a Chase account ... And we have an app. Switch your tiny bank maybe?

backlashsid says:

Cut some slack on that idiotic arrogance of urs !! As big as Chase is in the USA ! so is SBI in India which you absolutely have no idea of. So in such cases its either beest to shut up or be polite.

numetheus says:

Uhhh yeah idiot. It is called sarcasm because the first poster said that most people here are on SBI. Quit being a douche and get a life. In my first comment I neither called anyone arrogant or idiotic. But you jumped all over it. Grow up.

If the words "tiny bank" get you riled up, maybe seek some medical help.

pranav rai says:

You're quite obviously the douche here, sorry.
Oh, the irony.

numetheus says:

Because I said most people are on chase? Saying most people are on SBI doesn't make you a douche?

pranav rai says:

SBI is an Indian bank. Either you're an idiot that doesnt understand the concept of countries or a douche who put up that wisecrack of a comment to somehow feel superior to a complete stranger on the internet. Either way, you'd have looked more intelligent if you had just kept quiet.

Haha awesome retort

out0fplace says:

When he said "here", he meant "in India".

ktl88 says:

Don't have an sbi account, but was super happy when hdfc released its banking app. Love hdfc. Hope hsbc releases a wp app, though i doubt that would ever happen

LanunReviews says:

He's talking about HSBC. His first sentence already says that HDFC has an app out...

blnwp says:

I have a SBI account but ICICI is my primary bank now. Wish they would release an app soon.

Nokia_Lover says:

I know that ICICI has a Windows 8 app. Not sure whether they have one for windows phone.

rodneyej says:

I'm from Texas, but I hope you guys enjoy this app❕❕

varunx says:

Thanks! Need to get this mpin registration done first

Gawd! I didnt mean to spark a debate. And by anyone here, i meant anyone here in India. Is that really so hard to get?

vish2801 says:

That's true , SBI is the largest bank in India. Now I want Axis Bank application, that would be awesome .....

pankaj981 says:

Yeah this is great! Now if only US Bank stops being a lazy a@# and releases an app, I mean BOA and Chase have great apps and US Bank is still sleeping

Shad0wguy says:

Capital One as well.

Dreyer Smit says:

I'm practically trying to push my bank too. FNB in South Africa has apps for Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows 8 but they can't seem to figure out how to build a Windows Phone app? I mean seriously.

Super2online says:

Wells Fargo too, but at least "supposedly" they have claimed twice in the last 7 months they have one in development.

rodneyej says:

They need to hurry the f##k up❕

sri_tech says:

Wow. This is good news.
SBI is India's biggest bank and almost everyone has account in it. Good to see more apps coming to Windows phone.

vikrant6 says:

My first tip:) It's nicely designed and was one of the most desired app by Indian users.. Now waiting for ICICI Bank to release their app.

sri_tech says:

I think they might be already working on it. They already released ICICI direct app for WP.
Banking app already available on Windows 8. So its a matter of time.

vish2801 says:

Axis Bank should also release application now. It woul뢈ļwould nearly complete everyone's need.

Sarang68 says:

Lets hope Canara bank follows suit

Really Canara Bank, you must be in your dreams....

Yeah..!! Great to see the largest bank of India recognizing WP..!!
WP is growing rapidly in India.. Thanks to Nokia ofcourse.!!

I need Citi Bank India App :(

Good to see banks creating WP apps. Can't wait for scotiabank to follow suit. There is a scotiabank app but it is only for Peru.

MadSci2 says:

Still waiting for most American Banks to get their heads out of their assets and do this!

BigGlade says:

"Freedom" is not an apt name for a state owned bank.

Etios says:

Have you used their services or have any idea about Indian banking scenario? Even though they are state owned bank they are right up there with any private bank in India with respect to services and efficiency.

TheJoester09 says:

Every time I see an article about a financial institution releasing a WP app, my frustration and angst towards USAA grows...

Why? I saw somebody else complain about USAA not having an app, so I fired up my USAA app on my Nokia 920 and reviewed and paid my credit card bill. Thanks for reminding me it was due in two days and if I hadn't seen this posting I would have been late.

TheJoester09 says:

haha, no problem! :P
USAA pulled the app from the store even though it's completely functional, so if you never had it or lost it after they pulled it, you're out of luck.

Well that just sucks! Did they give a reason why?

TheJoester09 says:

Just the usual "low marketshare/usage" line. I would really like for them to release something because I have savings, checking, and brokerage accounts, plus a credit card through them.

WOW!!!! So glad I read this post! I have the USAA app on my wife's 900 and on my 920. Both work GREAT ,if I uninstalled to try to fix something and couldn't get it back I would be tempted to switch banks. I love USAA but I love my WP more:)

Hope everything keeps working. Sorry you are missing out, it is insane that they pull a great fully functional app for no reason.

dineshr1988 says:

ICICI . U there??

rakeshrai says:

Wished Singapore banks would release a WP app. Not a single bank app for us is available.

sunnybyday says:

This is BIG news! State Bank of India (SBI) is what Bank of America is to USA - it is by far the largest bank in India. Couldn't be happier :). Suck that ICICI

cybermoose89 says:

Still need one for hsbc all in due time i suppose

R42 says:

Citibank still nowhere to be seen.
I swear I may move to Bank of America =/

foxibs says:

Damn HSBC.....

RedSamurai says:

Not saying it's a bad app or anything... but gorgeous? Really? o.O

vish94 says:

Never expected it,but this shows how important windows phone ecosystem is in Indian market,btw app is really great !!!

mwright53 says:

This is good news no matter where you live. It continues to show the steady traction that WP has for us all

vkelkar says:

Waiting for axis bank app

L0gic Bom8 says:

Navy Federal...? Hello...?

out0fplace says:

Wow! This was unexpected! No more Paytm for me :)

prashant154 says:

Its great news to have SBI app for windows phone.

im expecting axis bank app soon :)

mukulvdhiman says:

Its not a surprise at all.. After hdfc released their app and the fact that Lumia 520 & 620 are escalating so fast..

Vinc1992 says:

Nokia will surely succeed.Keep moving>>>>

v4nandu says:

ICICI..... where are you?

yey an SBI app. I recently opened an account with this bank and was using te wap services from my IE on my WP. Now there is an app that does the job so thumbs up. And btw WP Central thanks for covering things like this.. I am really surprised. So a thumbs up to WP Central for the time taken to write this article. If not for them I would still be using mobile banking from the IE on my WP :P

physics_ssi says:

there is also a very nice official app of HDFC Bank in India for Windows Phone. JUst want to mention that since SBI app is mentioned here

sahil1990 says:

hummm good for SBI users ;)

Hope other banks will follow SBI..

prashant45 says:

Ohooooooooooo thank you very much tried hard for this.
I did many complains to SBI for not releasing app for windows phone

amohhan says:

Windows Phone 8 is the next big thing...
SBI Freedom rocks...!!!

bawajose says:

Yes... we should be happy that we have an official app from SBI... I already had my userids on the SBI freedom app on my old symbian.. so used it to login.. and to be truthful, it is really not gorgeous.... it works the same way it does on the symbian.. neither special nor feature rich... it doesn't have the metro UI either.
The ICICI imobile and the Citi mobile apps on symbian were more feature rich than the SBI freedom. I hope ICICI is already on the way to wp8.. not sure on Citi.

this is running on Samsung ATIV-S, which has not yet been launched in India

viru k says:

New Update launched, MPin chnaging issue solved.