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Stay on top with PowerTasks for Windows Phone

Stay on top of your deadlines with PowerTasks, a well-received Windows Phone application that has seen a small update for users with Windows Phone 8. If you need help keeping track of your life and haven’t committed to anyone task manager yet, it might be worthwhile to check out PowerTasks.

PowerTasks is a relatively simple and feature-light task manager that has a nice Live Tile and easy set up for entering tasks. While I think the UI as a whole could be improved, I do like the color gradients that indicate the importance of a task (even if it could be more “Metro”). Check out some of the features below:

  • (NEW) Update live tile for larger WP8 size
  • (NEW) Backup/restore tasks to your SkyDrive account in case of phone wipe/loss (full version only)
  • (NEW) Double sided Live Tile (pin app to start)
  • Set priorities, due dates, follow-up dates
  • Tasks highlighted orange n days before a date is due, and red on or after the due date
  • Sort views by date or priority
  • Create color coded categories
  • All-up task view
  • Category overview page showing ok, almost due, and due task totals in each category

Power Tasks for Windows Phone

The app can be found in the Marketplace right here for $0.99 or by using the QR code below. If you’re not sure if you want to drop a dollar on the app right away, there is a trial that limits you to 3 categories and 15 task with no ads.

QR: PowerTasks

So what app do you use for tasks, the native to-do list in calendar, OneNote or another 3rd party solution? Let us know below.



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DenniSundaY says:

It is a Little handier than onenote because of the livetile

Tasks connected to exchange (bussiness) and (private), that's just the best for me. It may not have colors and so on, but I have my tasks everywhere with me.

inteller says:

i agree with this. 

This feature is one of the most important reasons why I switched from iOS to WP. The calendar's built-in task integration with Exchange and Outlook is all I want or need.

Sam Sabri says:

I'll still stick to OneNote because I'm so used to it, but I'm going to be trying apps like this and others over the next few weeks to see what I like. What other apps do you guys really like? 

krashek says:

I am using Tastks application which is free and offers the same thing than this application, so is no go for me.

dhopz says:

what's with the showing off instagram for windows phone 8 task??

alvarezjpr says:

+1 saw that and did a double take . Sam, could you please elaborateon what are you showing about instagram on wp8?

walter1832 says:

Sam caught red-handed!

doomtuba says:

Please don't be a cruel, cruel joke.

Sam Sabri says:

They see me trolling, they hatin' ... Yeah, sorry it's just a cruel joke. I wish we had it to play with :P

manicmailman says:

Well I guess we'll see come Dec. 13th.  

moverweg says:

I use Viperal Tasks which syncs with Toodledo. It's fast robust and easy to navigate. I will concede it's not the fanciest looking app but very functional. Check it out.

Sam Sabri says:

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll give that a spin soon.

bilzkh says:

How do you pin tasks to the start screen?

Sam Sabri says:

I couldn't find anyway to pin individual tasks or catergories to the Start screen. We'll ping the dev and see if that can be implement in future updates. 

Gautam_vb says:

I use Tile Memo or Tile Checklist app.

tarzanmarzan says:

Lol love the first task on the to do list

R0bR says:

The second one is funny though, lol.

biper4x4 says:

Still prefer CleverToDo with great Live Tile.

Don't forget to water that Christmas tree.

(I wish I had a family to love me and to share things with this Christmas. But I'm all alone in this world)

Sam Sabri says:

I don't want it to die. I'll water that tree. 

ralexand56 says:

Is there any task app available that runs on win8 and wp8 and syncs in the cloud to your MS user account other than OneNote?

Mike Asfaw says:

Use Tasks by Telerik. Great free application that syncs with Outlook Exchange. Waiting for paid version to be released with more features!

mwalkerdos says:


This is an excellent app, so easy to input and use.  However, I only gave 4 stars because the only way that I can input and interface with my task information is the phone.  When on my computer, it would be ideal if there was a Web interface.  Also, google task integration would be helpful for me, but not necessary.  I'm migrating to the Powertask platform for all of my tasks because it seems very effective so far, but I would really like a full-size (PC, web, tablet) interface that could synchronize across multiple devices and the web.