Stay on top of the tube with London Travel Live for Windows 8

London Travel Live

Need to check the status of the London Underground? London Travel Live is available for Windows RT / 8, which enables users to keep track of the London Underground public transport system. The app is also available on Windows Phone, enabling consumers to check out the current Oyster balance and more while on the move.

This is what's highlighted on the store listing for the Windows app:

  • Tube status updates
  • Tube status live tile
  • Oyster balance and season ticket details
  • Oyster card live tile
  • Pin tube stations to the start
  • Live tube departure boards
  • Tube Station facilities
  • Tube map and line maps
  • Most information available offline
  • Set a reminder for your oyster card season ticket
  • Switch to Google street view for each station.
  • Pin maps to the start
  • Search and Share
  • Lock screen notifications

It's a handy app, especially when used alongside the Windows Phone version. You can download London Travel Live for $0.99 from the Windows Store and you can pick up the Windows Phone version for $0.99 from the respective store.

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RyanAMG says:

Sweet I'll try this on my next trip to the U.K.

Piro.Garay says:

Yeah, me too... Lol.

If you live in London (as opposed to elsewhere in the UK), I think London Travel is a much better app. It does all of this and in addition also bus statuses and in a much nicer interface.

Jojogill says:

It would make more sense for this to be on WP8. The majority of new windows 8/P8 people are walking around with windows phones. Its more portable than w8 devices.

mwright53 says:

Be sure to "Mind the Gap"

L2nak says:

This IS THE Picadilly line, terminating in Cockfoster's!

Narr says:

I love this app, the live tile is perfect and has saved me so much time when the tubes are working properly.

fishfingers says:

Great app, there's a wp8 companion app to this called London Travel Live with equally awesome live tiles!

pepsijosh says:

I would prefer it if TfL would just make an offical app; but I have yet to see them make an app for any platform I don't understand why they havn't =/

LimeSoda says:

Maybe the API is a better route to follow (if you parden the pun). That way you get unique interfaces and the best of the development minds creating something. With a company app, its all at the whim of the company as and when to update/fix.

Eljonn says:

unortunatelly its brilliant idea and crap app. The most amazing thing Live Tile doesn't work at all. So U can use it only as a shortcut to go and check your status, but it will not show u current oyster card status. Both windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 either :/ I have moved to other apps.