Steve Ballmer: I'm bringing Windows back... yeah! [Updated]

I don't know why people don't like Steve Ballmer, I think the guy is entertaining during presentations and has brought Windows a long way since the Vista flop. We now have Windows Phone, Windows 8 and Xbox set to perform increasingly well and integration has finally come around. One thing we have known for a while (since Microsoft announced they would introduce Metro UI to the Xbox and Windows 8) is that the Windows Phone platform should gain some momentum through a unified experience.

As Ballmer replied to a post-PC era question at a recent company shareholders' meeting:

"We've got broad Windows initiatives driving Windows down to the phone. With Windows 8, you'll see incredible new form factors powered by Windows from tablets, small, large, pens, smaller, bigger, room-sized displays."

The reception of the new look of not only Windows 8, but the upcoming Xbox dashboard refresh too, has been generally positive. Sure there is some skepticism as there would be with any radical alteration, but the combined eco-system will eventually prove to be the best chance for Windows Phone to pick up some speed. Metro UI will be the backbone of the Windows interface and will differentiate Microsoft's product line from competitors.

Update: Fixed the quote, which was misinterpreted.

Via: Liveside, BusinessInsider



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1jaxstate1 says:

I like him a lot. He's very intelligent and entertaining at the same time.

rich4A1 says:

Is the title referring to Howard Dean?

xpxp2002 says:

That's who I think of every time I see a strange picture of Ballmer, like the one above.

Coolaaron88 says:

Ballmer like a boss :p

xpxp2002 says:

So...how many hours until we see a parody of "I'm Bringing **** Back" with the lyrics changed to say Windows?Edit: Seriously...that's censored? Oh well, it's the Justin Timberlake song as if anybody doesn't know what I'm talking about anyway.

Rich Edmonds says:

I was thinking on editing one myself, but nah :P

index1366 says:

Ballmer seems to be so relaxed and confident in his words when he performs a speech, that's the true personality of a successful man.

Ballmer Rocks!! I don't know why Wall Street hates him so much.

lippidp says:

He's unbelievable. With Gates, we had a guy that knew software inside and out. Ballmer doesn't know software. Therefore, he just seems out of place leading a software company. Jobs didn't know software, either, but he knew simplicity and asthetics, arguably the two things that define Apple. Similarly, Tim Cook seems out of place leading Apple.

jcagga says:

Withouth Ballmer, we wouldn't have Metro UI!

Eas195 says:

+620 for jcagga

I think he is a great man :) Funny and someone you would want at such a position :)

Lucky7Phone says:

i'm in the minority hereget rid of Ballmer and bring back Gates now!

Menzlo says:

Yeah, **** Africa!

Mooncow27 says:

I agree that Bill Gates might do a better job. I am getting the Jeff Bridges version of Obadiah Stane here. Kinda creepy. But I eagerly await his shenanigans.

WinFan1 says:

i do miss bill gates....