Bye Steve

Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft Board of Directors

Ballmer gets wet!

Ballmer takes on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ballmer and basketball

Steve Ballmer owns the L.A. Clippers

General News

Ballmer cleared to buy Clippers

General News

Ballmer's dreams of the Los Angeles Clippys on hold as Sterling prepares NBA lawsuit

General News

Steve Ballmer officially lays down $2 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers

General News

Steve Ballmer reported to be bidding $1.8 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers [Updated]

General News

Steve Ballmer is looking into buying Los Angeles Clippers

Windows Phone News

Nokia X family of Android hardware to launch in India this coming Monday

Microsoft News

Report: Ballmer had board pushback on Nokia deal, originally included HERE Maps division


Complete Nokia MWC developer keynote posted

General News

Samsung dominates the conversation at Mobile World Congress, but Nokia was second


MWC 2014: Mobile Nations Podcast!

Windows Phone News

Nokia grabs multiple awards at MWC, including 'Best Low-cost Smartphone'


Microsoft: ‘no surprises’ regarding Nokia X, knew about Android work, okay with it


Nokia Developer Day Live Blog!


CEO of BlackBerry hints at BBM going ‘beyond handsets’, maybe going to desktop

WPCentral News

Poll: Which new Android device do you wish had Windows Phone?


Attacking from the bottom: why Nokia's Android-powered phones make sense

Windows Phone News

Panasonic announces the FZ-E1, a new Windows Embedded 8 Handheld device


Steve Ballmer Mobile World Congress Keynote Liveblog

We are live at Mobile World Congress, but you knew that. Steve Ballmer is set to give his keynote at 4pm local time, which equates to 10am Eastern in the US. We hope we're going to hear details on the next version of Windows Phone, but with Steve, anything is possible. We're at the Keynote viewing party at Microsoft's digs at the Catalonia hotel, where we will not only watch the Keynote stream but also hit up Microsoft folk for questions after the event. Join us after the break!



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GP07 says:

w00t, I'm ready and waiting. Come on MS, give is something good to look for.

joecatskill says:

Damn I have a meeting at 10 ET so guess I'll miss all the tasty stuff. Hoping for a CMDA announcement and maybe those phone shots from yesterday will be release soon!Love the colors!

frylock says:

Ehhh, I was hoping for more. It seemed a good half of it was a refresher from what WP7 is, which has already been done. And no CDMA talk :(

cannon#WP says:

Yea, the new stuff they showed was pretty cool, but there still doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency or fight or even some excitement coming from Steve.And why can't they just give us a solid date? "First 2 weeks of March" is such an odd time span.

1jaxstate1 says:

CDMA firt half of 2011.

fkiehner says:

any date given yet?

mvierling says:

Just as I suspected, no mention of any updates at all.

frankied101 says:

is this the only day MS will be up there? or do they do a little but everyday?