Streaming Zune music to two devices: we have a small problem

Here's an interesting conundrum: when you stream music to your Windows Phone 7 device using the Zune Pass (a great feature, by the way), you can't really stop the music--you can pause it, skip or rewind it, but not stop it. While pausing and stopping seem the same, they're not. Here's why:

Example: You want to stream music via your Xbox or Zune desktop software, after you streamed via your phone for awhile. Say, after you got home from a long day at work.

What happens is you get the message you see in the image above. Fair enough. We understand about DRM and why you can't have multiple devices sharing at the same time. But here's the thing, even if you "paused" the stream on your phone (remember, you can't "stop" it), you still get that message above. The phone, evidently, keeps the ping alive to Microsoft's serves for "X" time. The only way out of this Catch-22 is to power-cycle/soft reset the phone. Restarting the desktop software sure doesn't work.

Odd, eh? We can't too hard on Microsoft, after all they did pull together quite a crazy system here. But still, we hope for the sake of you streamers out there, they find a way to fix this. Now pardon me, I have to go power cycle my phone after this post :-/

Thanks, anonymous, for the tip!



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federaly says:

But what if you play a song that doesn't require streaming hence cutting the need to connect to servers. Or just or you turn data off for 2 sec in the options.

Right no, problem there. But streaming is nice if you want to sample music before you download/buy it. So just streaming 1 song, for 10 seconds just to sample it would be enough to throw your streaming off on your PC or Xbox. Sure, you just power-cycle the phone and your back, but that's far from ideal. Not to mention, how many people are going to *make the connection* that this is the problem as opposed to something else? WPC readers will know the issue, your average person will be "what the heck is causing this?".

GP07 says:

There should be another way to do this, or MS should fix this somehow, add a stop button! I always wondered why the Zune PC software itself doesn't have a stop button, just play and pause, seems weird, I'd like one.

vector4 says:

I am also puzzled. When I want to stop listening to music I close the zune app, but when I hit the volume rocker it still gives me the zune pulldown with the song available to unpause. When in fact I'd actually like to STOP listening to it and for it to go away and leave me alone.