Stunningly beautiful Contre Jour comes to Xbox on Windows Phone this week [Updated]

Contre Jour

Update: Game is now available. See link below.

If you’re like me, you’re still plugging away on last week’s Xbox Windows Phone release, the awesome Crimson Dragon Side Story. But shooters aren’t for everybody, and some people might crave a more casual or thoughtful experience. This week’s release should catch their attention then: Contre Jour from Chillingo.

Contre Jour logo

While tipster and leading Achievement earner Zebrasqual would already know what the words 'Contre Jour' mean (being French), I’ll translate for the rest of our readers. The title means ‘against light,’ referring to the game’s stark and Limbo-esque art style. It makes strong use of contrasting colors, a stylistic element we don’t see much on Windows Phone. On top of that, a haunting soundtrack from David Ari Leon makes the game even more beautiful.

Contre Jour mangoThe object of the game is to direct the Tentacles-looking protagonist Petit to the safety of each level’s exit. The catch is players don’t control the creature directly. To help the little guy avoid la petit morte, you’ll tap to drag and reshape the landscape, rolling him around. Use pulleys and other environmental gadgets (slingshots, tentacles, portals, blows, and more) to move Petit past a variety of environmental puzzles.

Being a physics puzzle game of sorts, beating the levels isn’t the only goal. Nope, each stage also has three lights for Petit to collect. Whether or not you want to grab them all for the Achievements, you’ll still need to acquire certain numbers in order to unlock more levels. It’s pretty much the same as Spider Jack in that regard.

In addition to the 100 levels available on other platforms, the Windows Phone version of Contre Jour features an all set of levels: the Mango World (pictured at top). Hey, everyone knows that Windows Phone users just love mangos... Especially Mango smoothies, in my case.

Contre Jour debuts Wednesday, September 19 (if not later tonight) and will cost $2.99.

Update: The game is now available here on the Windows Phone Store. Thanks to Mansum at We Love Windows Phone.HK for the tip!

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K3NCentral says:

Trailer looks awesome! I would love to see this on a Windows 8 tablet. :)

jdelroyc says:

Love this game on the iPad.  Absolutely beautiful game that must be played with headphones on to truly appreciate the music and sound.  A must-buy at $3.

tbonenga says:

Kinda looks like a sex ed pic on how the sperm enters the egg.

Jay Bennett says:

Wow... You had a messed up sex ed class... ;)

hyperova says:

My thoughts exactly!! Haha it was either the most disturbing thing ever or the beat thing ever haha! :P

Tahiti Bob says:

Great! I've been meaning to buy this on iPad for ages but was waiting for a price drop. Definite purchase.

NaterBater says:

Pretty sweet. Can't wait to see cheapos complain about price lol

jedijaxpavan says:

Yeah this game should be .99c!!! Wake up people!

GearDoGi says:

MS and Chillingo(EA) are playing with WP consumers.
One week we see games like Roll in  the Hole for 0.99$.The AMAZING Crimson Dragon for 0.99$ and now one more masterpiece from Chillingo for 2.99$ when the iphone version cost 0.99$
The only good thing about MS is the DOTW tha now you can buy a game for 0.99$ (initial price 2.99$)
And after paying 3x more to buy a game MS continue to have the most outdated game titles.

Seems the dark version of Cut the rope :)

hyperova says:

Hell yeah!! 99.99% of the time of devs care enough to give there game an awesome soundtrack the game it self is awesome so ill buy just from the trailer alone but with borderlands2 out and my studies ill be hard pressed to find the time to play it

Tahiti Bob says:

Chillingo seems to be pretty hot on WP but oddly they're still not bringing their best title, Cut The Rope.

MastrMeatWad says:

yeah, cut the rope is fun. :D I noticed it on windows8 pics of the os. It will come. Chillingo games are typically quality games. Nice to see them on the market

AaronP105 says:

Agreed. Chillingo are doing well lately :D

London Welsh says:

"la petite morte" huh? I hate to break it to you but that may not mean quite what you think it means!

Thamuz says:

I was just about to say the same thing :)

Paul Acevedo says:

That's just me having fun with language. :-D

tylerh1701 says:

Had to google it, but that's pretty funny Paul.

Tahiti Bob says:

Can't download it, I get a marketplace error :/

GearDoGi says:

Congratulations to chillingo about the amazing games that they develop but i cant understand why we must pay 2.99$ and iphone users 0.99$ for the exactly same games? I love the WP OS and everything about it but our marketplace realy s#*ks!!

wpguy says:

Uh, don't you mean, "our Windows Phone Store really s#*ks!!"? ;)

wpguy says:

Looks like it could be a fun game. Hoping Cut the Rope is a launch title for WP8, considering it's already available for Windows 8.

jdelroyc says:

Completionists beware:  There have been reports of glitched achievements in this game.  I have experienced one already.

Juice#WP says:

Nothing to worry about "TNTJudbud" Completed it last night. Glitch free =) 200/200 100%