Sunset Overdrive gets October 28 release date for Xbox One

sunset overdrive

Microsoft first announced Sunset Overdrive as an Xbox One exclusive a year ago at E3 2013. Today, the game's developer Insomniac Games revealed more information about the colorful open world action game, including word of a new online multiplayer mode called Chaos Squad, during Microsoft's E3 2014 briefing.

Chaos Squad will support up to eight players, all working cooperatively to fight off enemies and complete challenges. The main single player campaign will feature the player fighting humans who have mutated by drinking too much of the fictional soft drink Overcharge Delirium XT in the near future world of Sunset City. The game's new trailer even shows a Windows Phone device in the game.

Microsoft also finally announced a release date for Sunsent Overdive. It will be coming out October 28, again as an Xbox One exclusive.

Source: Microsoft



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imranjazib says:

Windows phone?

Aashish13 says:

Hahahaha LOL. It wont be possible. They have to tweak graphics a lot means a lot. And u wont be able to play it smoothly. Better hai n a console best on a pc

Aashish13 says:

Hope they announce Xbox phone. Where one can play games inserting umd can make calls. Can do Skype, can bing search etc. It should be like the size of psp. And price should be 200-250 dollars or less

In Limbo says:

Subtle, lolol.

peachy001 says:

So stoked for this one. Probably my next game, as Games With Gold can keep me going until then.

As well as mine, and bill gates's

c41 says:

the guy has a WP device in the trailer.

JoeDizzle33 says:

This game looks promising. Has a Dead Rising type of Vibe.

el-ojo says:

The most interesting "big" game announced at E3 for me. Definitely looks like a lot of fun.