SuperTube streams YouTube in HD, allows downloading [Video]

While those with HTC devices enjoy the benefit of HTC's own YouTube client which streams in HD, the rest need to use the "official" method, which is...err..lacking.

SuperTube actually outdoes the HTC app by going one-step further and allowing you download the video to your phone (in regular or HD format, to boot). The app fetches for $1.29 and there is a free trial, with ads. Our thoughts? It's slick, fast and it works, so it's a winner.  Grab it here in the Marketplace

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1jaxstate1 says:

I grabbed it yesterday. It's pretty neat. Does exactly what it says it does. Worth the 1.29. IMO.

GP07 says:

If only I could actually buy apps, haha. Still waiting for MS to expand the marketplace to my country, they brought Xbox Live her last year, so that's half of it.

nrfitchett4 says:

Does it allow access to your acct the way the htc one does on the latest update? I hate having to search for my subscribed vids.

Nope. Though perhaps they'll add it v1.x.

MaulerX says:

I got it yesterday and love it. Was I little surprised Microsoft approved it but then again, why not?

Tahiti Bob says:

If only you could link to your account, I hope it's coming.

I hope they can improve the UI and the icon, because at the moment they are really ugly.Why the developers can't respect the Metro style. I am bit fed up with all these ugly design applications.Otherwise the program itself is really good.