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Supertube updated, HD and HQ playback again supported


Supertube for Windows Phone has been bumped to version 2.8, which implements support for HQ / HD streaming of YouTube videos. The functionality was disabled on all YouTube clients for the platform due to Google altering the access method for said streams. MetroTube was also affected by the change, but has since been updated to enable users to take advantage of high quality viewing.

Should you be a fan of both YouTube content as well as using Supertube to stream said media to your Windows Phone, then this announcement will be warmly welcomed indeed. Unfortunately the fix did take a long time to reach publication, but it's terrible timing on YouTube's part with the festive season well closely approaching when the changes to its system were applied.

You can download Supertube from the Windows Phone Store for $1.29 with trial available.



Reader comments

Supertube updated, HD and HQ playback again supported


Both are good as well I agree, but even on WiFi with my 8X, MetroTube still had some streaming issues for me...stopping randomly several times for many seconds on HQ vids for no apparent reason (not even HD), whereas SuperTube would stream HD with only one or two buffering events (which it at least told me about).


The best youtube app you can find. Better than official youtube app.
Microsoft, who needs official apps if we have Supertube?

Updated to latest version and it completely broke the app. An uninstall and reinstall solved the issue but I did lose all of my offline playlists. I do love the app though and glad it's working as it should. Wonder how long before Google decide it's time to change things again?