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Surface 2 64 GB with LTE goes on sale for $679

Surface 2 LTE

Microsoft's Surface 2 with LTE has just gone on sale, as previously reported. The asking price is $679 and is locked to AT&T's 4G network, enabling owners to utilize the internet while out and about – there's nothing worse than enjoying the sun on a Wi-Fi-only tablet with no way to connect online.

You can pick one up from the Microsoft Store right now.

Surface 2 LTE

People who buy the Surface 2 with LTE will also get 200 GB of added storage on OneDrive in addition to Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013 RT and Outlook 2013 RT. As well as AT&T in the US, Microsoft is also looking to launch the product on Vodafone in the UK though no information has been revealed for pricing and availability.

Will you be picking one up?

Source: Microsoft




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teaMJPx says:

I thi nk you get 200gb onedrive with any surface 2 (even pro) as when I bought mine it had the 200gb also. I bought the pro. But its for 2yrs.

SwimSwim says:

Yes, you are correct.

abel920 says:

MS did you smoke week. $700 for this. SMH

aitt says:

Weed. Smoke weed.

hyperthermia says:

Please bring it here in the philippines.

aitt says:

No I won't be picking up one. Not in my price range. Lumia 2520 form factor better for mobile

Ed Boland says:

No, since I already won a Surface 2 in the Vine/Twitter #remix project contest. That, and I just share my 1020's LTE connection while out and about..

$179 more than the Nokia Lumia 2520 with LTE. That's a lot of coin for the kickstand even though I love it on my Surface 2. They won't sell many of these. I'm more surprised this didn't appear on the Surface 2 Pro first. It seems like business and power users would be a better target audience and it would be easier to hide the cost in the higher price points.

thomasdtran says:

There's 32 GB in the Nokia. Still, in general I don't think tablets with data sell that much compared to WiFi.

aitt says:

And I have 0 issues with that amount of memory. None of that will matter when they open app save to SD cards. Win win. And still cheaper with better hardware.

SwimSwim says:

I don't think Microsoft intends to sell these en massé: just another option for those who want it.

Besides, people are more than willing to dish out an extra $130 for data capabilities on iPads. While I know Apple is in a rather unique market position... Nonetheless.

As for me: I'm more than fine just tethering my SP2 to my Lumia 1020.

nuclax says:

IPad is useless

tallgeese says:

It can't stand up to the Surface...

atommax says:

Would anybody buy it for me and sell it to me on ebay ?

Nobody is that naive

atommax says:

Thanks for the kind answer

Surface Pro 2 with LTE, then we'll talk.

felickz says:

For this price

SwimSwim says:

I just tether my SP2 to my 1020. Easy peasy (especially since I just select it on my Surface, it sends a BT signal to my phone and automatically sets up tethering. Don't even have to touch my phone).

Ed Boland says:

Hey, how do you do that exactly?

SwimSwim says:

Make sure you have the latest software on both your Windows Phone device and your Windows 8.1 device (works on any Windows Phone 8 device running Update 3 or higher, and any Windows 8.1 device with Bluetooth and WiFi).

Anyways, once you've met those requirements: go to the Bluetooth menu on both devices and pair them. You'll likely get an error after a few moments, but ignore it. If successful: when you go into the WiFi menu on your Windows 8.1 device, you'll see your phone listed there.

If that's the case: congrats! Now whenever you need to tether to your phone, just select it from the WiFi me u and it'll automatically set up tethering, easy peasy. Please do note that you must keep BlueTooth on at all times for this to work. If you turn off Bluetooth, then you'll either have to turn Bluetooth back on, or manually turn on tethering.

2tomtom says:

Hey SwimSwim.

Thanks for this, tried on 920, tethering is included and didn't work!

But, didn't have Bluetooth on. Will be really useful at the moment.


Ed Boland says:

Thanks for the reply! I'll try this today.. I've just been in the habit of manually turning on "internet sharing" on my 1020, then my S2 connects automatically to the saved WiFi.

do you have to always turn on Bluetooth on both devices?

SwimSwim says:

Yes, Bluetooth must be on for this to work.

palandri says:

It's the right idea, but the price is too high for what you get. You'd be better off with a 2520.

tallgeese says:

No kickstand, no deal.

Selfie13 says:

Haha, title of article says "on sale," needed a good laugh this morning! :-P

Alrigght....still too expensive....for me. =(

Microsoft? O Yes, thats a small company in Redmond USA. A local player. New CEO, no changes. O well......perhaps a few iPad owners (MS Office) know Microsoft.

WilsonBlaze says:

Sure soon as I can sell my Surface RT

Haha still waaaaay to expensive :(

whatup12 says:

Why would I buy locked to Att without discount for contract?? I love my surface 2, but don't see how many times will buy this.

aitt says:

Who said it was locked?

Ed Boland says:

Well, Rich Edmonds did in the article you just commented on for one. ;)

aitt says:

The article says works on AT&T it doesn't say locked. There is no contract as this is not AT&T branded device. This is no different than Google selling the Nexus One. There is a difference you know


I'm going to travel to a different country; do I need to change any settings on my device?

Check with your mobile broadband operator to learn about international data plan options. You may also be able to purchase a prepaid SIM or mobile broadband data plan from a local operator upon arrival in the country you’re travelling to.

Ed Boland says:

The second sentence in the article does indeed read "The asking price is $679 and is locked to AT&T's 4G network". Of course when traveling abroad with this device, you can always just use the WiFi option by either tethering your phone or finding a WiFi hot spot.

aitt says:

That information is misleading cause it clearly states on MS store that other Sims cards can be used as the FAQ states what I copied. You do know editors on here can be wrong.

Any news on the rest of the EU?

2tomtom says:

Well if it's Vodafone only NO.

I'm on Orange, in the UK so Vodafone only is useless.

Why on only one network???

aitt says:

You should read the FAQ

Brick and Mortar Microsoft Stores are selling them AT&T subsidized for $579 which is $30 more than 64gb w/o LTE.

BryanLM says:

Please send a link or store names pleeeease!

HoosierDaddy says:

"there's nothing worse than enjoying the sun on a Wi-Fi-only tablet with no way to connect online"

I don't think that's even in the top 100 of worse things.

vietgamedev says:

not enough money to buy it >.<

showergel says:

After buying one of these today, let me tell you my expeirence.

IF YOU ARE NO CONTRACT with AT&T, it couldn't be easier.  Go to Best Buy, pay for it outright, decline activation.  When you get home, just log into and add a device.  It's ten dollars a month.  Done.  The prerequisite is you need a mobile share plan.

IF YOU ARE CONTRACT with AT&T, the Surface 2 LTE is FREE with a 24-month commitment.  That commitment requires a ten dollar tablet fee per month + upgrade to mobile share plan if you don't have one already. 

For those complaining about cost, if you like contracts (and or Free things), just go pick one up with the 2 year service commitment.

For me, I paid for it, no contract- I don't do contracts any more after my last experiences with mobile providers.  This is an "unlocked" device and will accept SIMs on other providers - but as I don't have another provider to choose from at the moment, I cannot confirm whether or not (or how well) it works outside of AT&T.

Dinky89484 says:

I haven't read any comments on the added GPS on the surface 2 lte. Is it not that big of a deal to mention?

showergel says:

They did.  It's GNSS.  Go to Settings -> Change PC Settings -> Network -> Airplane Mode to see the enable/disable option for it.

BrownxGoblin says:

Will they release a pro 2 lte?