Surface Pro landing in China on April 2, the first retail market outside North America

Microsoft China posted an update on popular social network Sina weibo earlier today that Surface Pro, the Surface tablet/ultrabook that's built on Intel's desktop processor, will be available on 9:00pm, April 2nd (Beijing time). Microsoft announced on its official blog that Surface computers will be available in more markets in 2013, and China will be the first new market for Surface Pro.

The Chinese version of Surface Pro will be sold through Suning, the partner who was partly responsible for the lackluster sales of Surface RT in that region. But this time Microsoft isn't giving anyone "exclusive dealership" any more, for it has established its own Microsoft Store (online only) in China, and built an official store on Tmall.com, China's largest B2C e-commerce platform ever.

Microsoft China hasn't revealed anything about pricing on its Surface Pro pre-sale page. However, Chinese site WPDang has dug something out of their undisclosed sources, and found the pricing of Chinese Surface Pros quite impressive:

  • 64GB units: 6,588 Chinese Yuan (CNY), translates into roughly 1,061 US$, after tax, without Touch or Type Cover
  • 128GB units:  7,388 CNY (1,189 US$), after tax, without Touch or Type Cover

The retail price is about on par with the US price plus tax. Chinese consumers will get two years of warranty instead of just one, for the Chinese laws require all computers and their key parts be covered by at least two years of warranty.

Source: Sina weibo, WPDang



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WinFan1 says:

That is good news

Sarang68 says:

And again Microsoft has ignored India at least as far as Surface RT/ PRO is concerned.

I have given up hope on the RT ever coming to India. I don't know what other people think, but for an MS office heavy user like me, it is the perfect companion for my main workstation. Just release the RT in India already.

Import it!  That's what I've done with the Pro to the UK.  

Sarang68 says:

But won't that be illegal since its not officially launched

Sparxy19 says:

Hopefully Australia follows closely behind, I want one of these so bad!

dkshao says:

Me too, i've considered using one of the AU based importers with warrenty, but the price adds up way too much, plus if something goes wrong it'd be a pain to return to be fixed. cant wait for JB Hifi to start selling them (shame we cant even pre order one)

myrandex says:

Same company responsible for lackluster sales in the area for the surface pro in an article stating it is just coming out now?

Kane Gao says:

Oops, meant to say "Surface RT". Fixed the silly typo. Thanks for the reminder! :)

John20212 says:

Curious how they decided that China is the best option for launch after US. I wonder if it is tied to RT sales or something.

pbroy says:

China is a big country. There's a better chance to sell them with the billions of people that live there. Also Windows Mobile was very popular in China back in the day. They were the heaviest users of Live Messenger and the service is being kept around for them exclusively to use, while everyone else gets pushed to Skype, last I heard.

ogracia says:

Well in Europe Surface has 2 years of warranty too, it's mandatory in all the EU countries

UltimateKGB says:

We don't get 2 years as standard in the UK

adrian1338 says:

Well - thats why he said EU countries :P UK does not have much in Common with Eu as far as i can see it - except of that tunnel over to france

Cam2A says:

As a matter of fact in the UK if you can prove manufacturer defect during the expected lifetime of a product you can claim at least a partial refund from the retailer for up to 6 years from the date of purchase (I think it's 5 in Scotland). Of course, proving said defect isn't easy and may not be worth it unless you have paid a fortune for something.

adrian1338 says:

In germany you can claim for 2 years and after the first 6 month it changes the position from the one that has to prove anything. so first 6 month the seller needs to prove the defect appeared after selling and after that you have to proof that the defect was there when you bought it. this of course just counts for b2c

kevgallacher says:

The UK is and has been part of the EU for 40 years.
So no idea what you are talking about.

ogracia says:

Of course it Is! I think he's joking, as UK has keep some kind of love/hate approach to the EU

adrian1338 says:

yes - but just kind of part.. it was more like forced due to the region sitting next to europe.. but the general feeling is - its not part.
not just since camaron wants a public vote for the membership but also because the citizens dont feel like being EU - they just feel like paying for europe

John20212 says:

2 years should be standard everywhere; the fact is if a company is confident in the quality of their product then that company should not have a problem with giving even a 4 year warranty, the longer the warranty the more confidence a consumer has that they are buying a quality product.
That is why some HDD manufacturer have up to 5 year warranties, not to mention lifetime warranties on high end flash cards.

UltimateKGB says:

Just ordered a Acer W510 (UK) as sick of waiting. Would rather of had a Surface Pro

inteller says:

well you have no one but yourself to blame when you hate that experience.  That Acer is garbage compared to the Surface Pro.

adrian1338 says:

Acer is garbage no matter what you compare it with - lets say ... a stone

John20212 says:

That all depends on personal experience with a particular brand, I can't say much about Acer, but after my nightmare experience with Sony support and my VAIO AR41S I have not bought another product from Sony since then and never ever plan to buy one again.

adrian1338 says:

well its more common experience mixed with several personal ones :P

UltimateKGB says:

So just so everyone knows,it is my fault that the surface pro is not available in the UK. The Acer will be fine, don't need it for anything power intensive

@Ultimate - I am considering a W510 as well. They may not make awesome computers but at least they make a product available for purchase quickly after announcing instead of pulling an MS where even after six months still no way to buy something. Sometimes MS can be so uncool

UltimateKGB says:

We just want iTunes and to be able to run office (including projects) which I hope it can, we will see on Saturday when I get it

How come you didn't just simply grab one from ebay? (Like I Did)

TofuDelight says:

Canada is also outside the US!

kevgallacher says:

Yes but is part of North America and it ain't exactly difficult fir you to get a hold of one.

TofuDelight says:

The headline said first retail market outside the US, not outside North America... Which would be Canada.

gwydionjhr says:

Seriously, fix the headline.  Canada is NOT part of the US, and I'm fairly sure the Surface Pro I'm using to type this was not purchased in the US.

Skelnik says:

Agreed. You can buy the Surface Pro in retail stores here like Future Shop and Best Buy, not just the couple Microsoft stores that we've got.

Kane Gao says:

Headline fixed. Sorry for the faulty wording. :)

JLPILS says:

What about UK? I want one NOW 

ogracia says:

Oh yes! you have 2 years, the EU law it's mandatory in all the countries, as Apple has discovered recently... Don't let companys convince you of the contrary

PeterFnet says:

I quickly read that as Surface Pro 2.

DarrenSproat says:

First retail market outside US??? I held a Surface Pro at a Best Buy in Regina, SK, Canada a week ago... Or, is Canada not considered a retail market outside the US?

mythos13 says:

I bought a Surface Pro at FutureShop in Canada about a month ago.

KingCrimson says:

This is why Microsoft is failing. When Apple launched the iPad, it was available in Europe, Canada, Australia within days of the US launch.

mythos13 says:

What is Microsoft failing at exactly?

Rod Hull says:

It's definitely failing at selling Surfaces, whether they be of the Pro or RT varieties. It could be argued that by doing a global release, Apple sells more products as they benefit from the momentum of the original launch.

myjota says:

In europe when?

mms-pc says:

Damn, how long do I have to wait until Surface RT/Pro officially available in Taiwan?!

it might be true that China is the first retail market outside China, but officially. Unofficially, it is freely available in other markets, and today I had somebody buying for me so, after my Surface RT, in a few days I will have my brand new Surface Pro, with two year guarantee in the basket for free.
Want to know where? Right now I will send  the news to Wpcentral: I would be happy to have my mention in a next post! :)