Surface shipments up in the UK, tower over year-old Nexus tablets

The UK is a hotspot for Microsoft products and when it comes to tablets, it appears to only be getting hotter. According to data from Canalys, shipments of tablets have grown 20.4 percent, year on year, to 2.15 million units during the opening quarter of 2014 and while Apple and Samsung still lead the pack with 34.4 percent going to Apple for a total of 742,000 tablets sent into channel and 653,000 Galaxy tabs offered up by Samsung, Microsoft has now made its way into fourth spot with their Surface line.

Microsoft pushed 71,540 units into the market in the quarter, up 27.1 percent on a year earlier, to grab a 3.3 percent market share. Of those tablets, 58 percent were RT versions while the Intel Surface Pro took up the rest. Channel partners have been attributed to the push says Canalys senior analyst Tim Coulling, as they helped Microsoft shift more devices but noted weakness in consumer spending was hitting the Surface less dramatically than others.

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pr0phecy says:

Wow! Good to see the Surface is doing well!!

adrian1338 says:

They sold 70K devices. It is not doing well :O

Shipment it's different from sell.

70k as a proporition of the UKs population is pretty good though

adrian1338 says:

How do you explain the other 1.4M shipments from apple and Android than :O

hwangeruk says:

Oh, I can explain that:

* Stupidity

* Marketing

* Brand stupid UK consumers (who don't mind buying a Korean gadget, but don't think Korean cars are good)

* MS's stupid idea of restricing channel sales early on. Even now some disties cannot sell the surface or get the RT version in decent amount. Stupid

So basically, stupidness all round


It's not that Samsung tablets sell well in the UK but the fact every person who buys a Samsung galaxy s android phone on contract gets a free Samsung galaxy tab with it. In reality though, the Samsung tablets are a flop.

Diecky123 says:

Microsoft could do so much better if they took a good look at their retail strategy in the UK. In my home town there is beautiful Apple store. If you want anything else its the big out of town Currys or is it Dixon (I get the brands mixed up). Its an amazing shrine to all things tech. There are huge isles of row upon row of PC form factors from multiple suppliers including MS Surface. But they are dark and poorly lit and manned by useless white socked Currys employees who really don't seem to care.

However when you enter the computer section your eye is drawn to two specialised kiosks that are bright and inviting, one is Apple and the other is Google. They seem to be manned by much more knowledgeable specialists who know their stuff. I know who I would be drawn to if I was an average Joe just looking for a replacement computer.

MS have got to try harder at retail now that they are back in the race, it seems to be a big gap.

MS it's just started ... 10 years from now we'll be laughing on Google's and Samesung's face!

ArisKarneris says:

I don't see that happening anytime soon. Ten years is too soon. MS must come up with many an update to address Windows 8.1 bugs and fast!

dhaoracle says:

What? They are moving fast and with s passion. Just seeing the Surface Pro 3 we can see that they are going in the right direction. 2 years from now Microsoft will be in a different position than they are now, higher even.

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mpt15 says:

Numbers are still small... 70-something thousand isn't too much, but al least there's an increase.

ZuneEtunes says:

One is small too, but that's where everything starts. We must be mindful that Surface was late to the dance, and it may take some time before it takes hold. I've been using Surface RT for close to a year and I've gotten more use out of it than Android and Playbook tablets.

Jack Janik says:

*Insert scathing remark about Microsoft being US centric*

Good article Chris! :D I'm glad to see it's doing better. I've actually shown mine to a few friends and they've bought some.

webnoi says:

English centric?

nicfromwales says:

The UK is more than just the English.

lippidp says:

Not really. Hahaha, just kidding of course!

titoyees says:

Deleting user....... 1% complete

elitelibra says:

Bwahaha. Love it

You're welcome for the tip :( btw shipments doesn't means sells though.

Jack Janik says:

Hey, thanks for the tip, Zapella! :D

immyperez says:

I was speaking to the manager at currys (I do a lot of commercial business there) and I asked about the tablets and which ones sold well...would you believe...he said SURFACE!!! Couldn't believe it! He said since the price cuts the surface one pro and the surface rt 2 were doing pretty well and pretty much sought after with people wanting to replace laptops. That was a few months ago mind you, but with the surface 3 pro being so good...I think the tide may very well be starting to turn!

charlesvtiu says:

We need to figure out a system to objctively quantify hybrids - should they be considered tablets to compare against the Nexus series? Should they be considered laptops to be compared against Macbook Airs? Or should they just be their own category - hybrids? 

Tense says:

Tablets, they're tablets that function as/replace laptops.

SmoothDog says:

No, they should be in their own category IMO

Molat says:

<p>One device to rule them all..nuff said</p>

rgc6789 says:

Should be a separate category.

Stores where empty for months, so this does not say much.

Ticomfreak says:

Percent. Not per cent

fobarina says:

Good stuff. Slowly but surely

rocketboy says:

So apple shipped 10x units. I own a Surface Pro 2, but we have a ways to go.

Mr_Mop says:

Title says Surface beats Nexus, but no mention of Nexus numbers? It would be nice to see them.

Asus made the Nexus.

Surface pro 3 rules. In terms of specs advantage's over others . Size wise, of course, the PEN. And the mirror casting up to 8 monitors all at the same time. Windows is a powerful device.

Darren Walsh says:

Off key here , but does anyone get 2 notifications in 8.1 if you don't read the first one for a while??

Daniel Curry says:

UK prices though are ridiculous.

Surface pro should stick @ 12", 8-10" are all rt variables, and they're tablets, not hybrid to confuse people. Just lighter, thinner, long battery, faster e-ink, cortana enabled in writting like essays.., more enterprise integration. Then they can sell.

dhaoracle says:

Us Microsoft would be smart to roll out Cortana (when it's ready) along with their small invective tiles.

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Well if they would just go to other markets like South Africa, they can shift even more!!! I want one, but can't even get a 1st gen rt

Yugiro says:

UK has lots of smart buyers of tablets!

Rem97 says:

Yup, me being on of them. Happy SP2 owner.

These numbers aren't anything to get excited about. What they REALLY show is that Microsoft is getting stomped by their competitors. Fell free to spin it any way you want to though.

drharshgupta says:

How can I get a surface in India.... What about after sales service here..

I don't see it happening. Microsoft should be focusing on the markets that actually buy their products but they don't. Microsofts services are especially poor outside of North America.

SomeGuy11 says:

If they lower the crazy UK price it will only get better

psychotron says:

Windows tablet shipments in general should be killing everyone else in the market. My Win 8.1 tablet is probably the best device I've ever owned. IPad and Nexus don't hold a candle to my DV8P.

TimTim Wong says:

when will it be available in Hong Kong?

sHAYM4N says:

I think the tide may be about to turn. Noticed a lot of my girlfriends family buying iPads a couple of years ago. Her auntie needed a laptop replacement though so recommended the surface and she got one. Now the rest of the family are starting to realise how limited an iPad is, and that they sometimes need real software and hardware. Scanners, sat navs, printers etc...

phatboy66 says:

I think Surface will be really popular soon because as the price declined, ppl will buy them instead of 299$-599$ traditional laptops because the build quality is so amazing and ppl like premium stuff

dhaoracle says:

With the new CEO I see big changes ahead. I hope he understands that pricing will make our break you idc how you're trying to leaf your OEMs. How can you sell a Xbox One for $500 but start your Pro 3 at $800? Just like how the Xbox came with the Kinect(or was forced) I believe that the Surface Pro 3 should come with the Keyboard. Think Satya.

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