Survivalcraft goes to version 1.1 and gets major new features


All right you Minecraft addicts, it's time for it to start: your presumably regular updates to your favorite clone, Survivalcraft. The Minecraft-inspired game came out about two weeks ago and the developer is already bringing out a significant update which features many user-requested changes and additions aka the best kind of fixes!

In v1.1 you can now get the following:

  • Torches, lamps and improved lighting system
  • Configurable controls sensitivities and autojump
  • Configurable brightness
  • Recipaedia, an encyclopaedia of all crafting recipes
  • Many more new tools
  • Many more crafting recipes
  • More minerals to find and mine
  • Tools now wear out and break
  • Craftable chest to store your items
  • Sleeping and changing respawn point
  • You can now save a screenshot to pictures library

We admit: we haven't jumped on the Minecraft wagon yet, but we may just have to with Survivalcraft. The game fetches for $1.99 with a free trial and you grab it here in the Marketplace. Thanks, Daniel J., for the tip!


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Survivalcraft goes to version 1.1 and gets major new features

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I just don't understand Minecraft-esque games...what is the purpose?  At least with The Sims, you have bars to fill up.  On these games you just build stuff?

Play Minecraft and decide. Same thing I tell people about Windows Phone. It's a lego-type game. The newer releases do have some challenges placed before the player, but building is essentially the focus.
That being said, I'm boycotting this. Total copyright infringement.

As i said when this was first out, i LOVE minecraft, its just so strangley adictive haha
Loving the update, the dark night were anoying and the crafting was a bit strange but all gdgd now!

I was skeptical getting this game when it first came out, the lack of info on crafting was one of the reasons....as well as the 2 minute free trial lol.
Might grab it now though, these updates seem to make it more complete.