Swedish government switches to Microsoft and Windows 8

Windows 8

Microsoft has scored a big deal in Sweden with the Riksdag Aministration buying into Windows 8.1, Office 2013, Skype and Lync. The new environment will be rolled out across departments in March, with a pilot scheme initially taking on 100 participants. Post elections in the fall, all 1,650 positions at the Reichstag will be updated with Microsoft tech. This move should also look to include tablets and Windows Phones.

A bonus with Microsoft's environment is the ability for employees to utilise Windows and Windows Phone, with integration from the cloud and Office suites to create a feature-rich enterprise solution. The Swedish government also takes into account taxpayers funding and how to more efficiently spend available cash flow. It's a positive score for Microsoft, who is looking to beef up its business offering.

Source: Computer Sweden; thanks, David, for the tip!



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immortalmatt says:

Good move! Windows 8 is the future!

rockstarzzz says:

You wish. I am not clicking that link.


Your sir are stupid your precious google was in on it to and Apple.

Google IS the NSA.

kurotsuki says:

No. You're wrong!! Google is ... SkyNet :3

Lies and propaganda. There is no backdoor. The NSA wouldn't need a backdoor anyways.

yocktan says:

Typical scroogled search minded.

Completely unsubstantiated, besides the problem is clearly the chip, not Windows 8, according to that article.

Zaki Smile says:

Yes, but Sweden is co-operating, so maybe the already get this information and what is the option Google or Apple.

MameTozhio says:

almost OSs have backdoors that the NSA knows about... even linux...


ones that don't are fairly insignifigant and obscure.

hahaha. all os contain backdoor including Linux. backdoor can be in anything including budled software.  if they dont comply they might end up in some gutter somewhere or may be implicated in some rape case


toraji says:

And more will follow soon :-)

Jas00555 says:

What was it before?

samy_a says:

iPads and iPhones.

They will still be supported, but now Windows 8.1 and WP devices will also be supported.

Viipottaja says:


I would imagine they used older versions of Windows also before. Hard to imagine that even Swedes (just kid you Swedes, just kid you) would have been stupid enough to use only Apple before.

roxpace says:

Sweden is more mostly a Windows country if we are talking about workstations and LAN servers. Apple doesn't have much market share, even Linux at workstations are pretty uncommon in government. You have right about what they was using before, that was Windows also but they might been using Novell for LDAP directories.

IzaacJ says:

Yeah, there was mostly Novell. Also some Citrix systems is used by companies. Happy though that our government has finally taken a small step towards the future. Now some heavy WP usage is needed too. Btw, saw the first commercial here in Sweden showing an app with WP support.

Zaki Smile says:

Don't know where you have got the information that Apple has a small marketshare of workstations in Sweden, but if you compare Sweden against the rest of Europe, you will see that Apple products are more common in Sweden than in other countries.

mpt15 says:

Yay for Sweden and Microsoft!

spinzeroWL says:

Good news...entrenching the Windows 8 interface in the business environment is a great way to gain traction in the consumer arena. 'One Microsoft' definitely has the legs to take the lead in multiple sectors...simplifies things so much!

OMG55 says:

Most Swisher sweeter's don't work, they sleep,eat, play games, and smoke all day. It all they think about.

Giddora says:

We're Swedes... Not Swiss. :P


It was funny when Sweden and Switzerland met during Hockey WC of 2012 I believe it was. The American narrators constantly confused us with them. :)

shady2all says:

Sweden and M$ u guys rock!!!!!

Lobbie1978 says:

Seriously...? If you were sincere, you wouldn't write 'M$', you childish fool.

ajaxas says:



Nakazul says:

Hihi. "Riksdag" is the word he would be looking for.

Aashish13 says:

The devices in the pic when ar you coming to India??????

dda_k says:

When humans grow wings.

Lobbie1978 says:

When you stop abusing women

trincowski says:

It was a typical troll.

samy_a says:

Small correction: this concerns the Swedish parliament, not the Swedish government as written in the title. ;)

Viipottaja says:

Haha, yes, if the whole government would switch the figure would be more like 165,000 or even 1,650,000 positions! :D

Funny the article says MS is looking to beef up its business offering when most of the world uses some form of Windows. I thin you meant to write "beef up its Windows 8 business offerings"

Nakazul says:

Yeah, some "kommuner" have just finished upgraded to W7. And there all in on every MSFT product except phones and tablets.

Municipalities is the word you're looking for.

vietgamedev says:

Nice!!! W8.1 is growing up ^^

rodneyej says:



Off topic but what type of servers do Apple use? It'll be funny if they use windows servers.

MadMatt25 says:

I guess Apple would use its own Apple servers, based on OS X. Yes, they do exist...

OluSegs says:

I stand to be corrected if I'm wrong, but I believe that yes, Apple do use Microsoft's Azure cloud solution...and Bing for Siri.

Giddora says:

There are older Apple hardware for servers, but most of their "cloud" is run on Azure (Microsoft) servers and Bing is the backend in most of their information services.

Studio384 says:

Apple had OS X Server... HAD. Now they are, indeed, using Windows Azure and Microsoft Bing for a lot of their platforms.

Wael Hasno says:

Yeah!! Maybe now the population and other major services in Sweden will follow! More Windows Phones on the streets and more apps from Swedish services and companies!

Zaki Smile says:

Hopefully this will speed up the development of official Windows apps for swedish agencies.

taymur says:

What were they using before? Apple?

Viipottaja says:


I would imagine they used older versions of Windows also before. Hard to imagine that even Swedes (just kid you Swedes, just kid you) would have been stupid enough to use only Apple before.

mswindows101 says:

Yaasss! Hopefully more and more adoption by business and consumers spreads and happens quickly and soon! Windows4Life!!

I'm moving to Sweden.

Lobbie1978 says:

If you don't mind the cold climate, you'll love Sweden. I mean, they have free education, beautiful women and awesome foods!

IzaacJ says:

Please don't xD I wanna leave xD All tech is really late here. The 920 hasn't even been available for a year yet, and 1020 was released in November.

MameTozhio says:

Learn swedish too XD


Jag prata lite grann Svenska och Engelska!

AliSiirappi says:

Reichstag...ahhaha. Swedes are going to love that one.

Nakazul says:

He he, yeah. All German on that one. But hey, I'm happy to get some news from Sweden so I take it. Thumbs up for Rich.

Giddora says:

Reichstag... Pff...

Nakazul says:

Thanx for the news Rich.
I hope this can grow something in this iPhone Galaxy land.

lonbraj says:

I think you meant Riksdag or Riksdagen (Swedish parliament) instead of Reichstag (German parliament).

filfat says:

Nice, i live in Sweden :D

Xaphoon148 says:

Gratulerer til broderfolket, dere har tydeligvis smartere politikere enn oss... ;)

Giddora says:

Förhoppningsvis kan ju bytet visa på styrkan bakom Windows 8 så att fler hänger efter oss. :) Heja Norden!

booog89 says:

To me, all 3 Windows, iOS and Android are the key to the future lifestyle. Working together and sharing of ideas is all you need for a successful future.

What makes technology evolves? Is when you have a competitor and creativity.

I think it's time for Microsoft to take back its throne. My company is updating their software's and web to test on Windows 8.1. Currently the intranet only support IE 8 & 9. Company will sooon migrate to Windows 8.1 :D

Swedenguy-83 says:

Kan bara hålla med, goda nyheter :)
Can only agree, good news :)...

Hope that this is the "turning Stone" so WP finally becomes more spread than Before herr in Sweden...

Sarang68 says:

Wasn't there a report that the U.K. Govt is thinking of moving away from Microsoft. Maybe they should take a leaf out of this

cknorthpole says:

reichstag? Didn't know Sweden spoke German ;). Should be Riksdag as you wrote at first.

mattixx says:

At our VW workshop in Sweden we recently switched to Win 7. Some diagnostic tool are still to be upgraded from Win XP.

thzman says:

Yep, car manufacturers are not early adopters when it comes to software. I guess they don't find the urge to change their programs from the model of direct control of the hardware that was possible in WXP, to use the abstraction layer that is used in Vista and above.

madmoondog says:

Bjork bjork bjork!

endacrowley says:

Is Rich Edmonds not from the UK? Is he not allowed to say autumn?!

Kram Devil says:

When Microsoft pitched the sale they sang ABBA

If you change your mind, I'm the first in line
Honey I'm still free
Take a chance on me
If you need me, let me know, gonna be around
If you've got no place to go, if you're feeling down.


birgs says:

Bright future for clever people