Swedish retailer Elgiganten offering free Xbox 360 console with LG Optimus purchases

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Elgiganten, a Swedish electronics retailer, currently has an intriguing offer for those who are looking to move to Windows Phone. Should you pick up your own first generation LG Optimus 7 for 2390kr (approx. $360), you'll also walk away with a brand new Xbox 360 console to make use of that Gold subscription while on the go as well as on the big screen.

The website states that there's over 100 in stock so it would be unwise not to take advantage should you still be on the fence of making a purchase. 

Source: Elgiganten, via: WinGadget.se; thanks Peter for the heads up!



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XboxOmac says:

I wish these type of offers would come to the U.S.

invertme says:

I know >< I would love a free xbox!

rodneyej says:

Yes! Just imagine the thousands of people who would switch to WP if they saw a commercial with an offer like this here in the US! The stores would be sold out immediately! It would make national news.

Dethzilla says:

Sometimes I wish I lived in other countries... ***looks at the options***  Nevermind.
This would be great in the US though...

stevethenerd says:

Rogers in Canada is giving one away with two new smartphone activations... unfortunately they can be any smarphone.

Hey rich, what benefits are there for having Xbox live gold on your phone?

lycosman says:

Of course, the Optimus 7 (which I'm currently using) is no 2nd gen phone, but it a hell of a good phone on a budget even today with Titans and Lumias. Great deal.

JellymanEN says:

Same offer in Norway too, El-giganten in Norway is named El-kjøp and has the same offer only a little cheaper only 347USD or 1999NOK