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SweetNRoll for Windows Phone 8, Candy Land meets Cut the Rope


SweetNRoll is an odd sort of game for Windows Phone 8 that has you solving puzzles to feed a little creature, Pete.  Graphics have a Candy Land feel to it and Pete has a loose resemblance to Om Nom of Cut the Rope fame.

Regardless of the similarities, SweetNRoll is a decent game on its own and has over one hundred challenging puzzle levels to conquer.  Game play is not difficult, but without a help section, you will go through a trial and error period to get a handle on things.

All totaled, if you are looking for a casual, puzzle game for Windows Phone 8 SweetNRoll is worth trying.

SweetNRoll Menu

The main menu for SweetNRoll has menu options that can be pulled up by corner icons as well as the option to jump into game play.  In the left corner is a gear icon that will pull up options to mute sound effects, mute game music and view the about screen.  In the right corner is a people icon that will pull up options to share the game via email, view the developer’s Twitter page and view the developer’s Facebook page.

SweetNRoll has one hundred and five levels of play that are progressively unlocked.  However, it appears that you will need to make a donation to the developer to unlock the levels past level thirty-five.


The first few levels serve as a tutorial with illustrated instructions that appear in the upper right corner of the screen.  These directions will get you in the ballpark and the more you play SweetNRoll, the better you get the hang of game play.

SweetNRoll’s game screen layout has your gaming stats running across the top of the screen along with a pause and replay buttons.  The goal of the game is to send the various pieces of candy to Pete, who is hanging out in the upper right corner of the screen.  You accomplish this by breaking chains holding the candy that will send the candy to join another piece of candy.  Once paired, you can tap the candy and it will be tossed up to Pete.


It sounds simple but you only have a limited number of moves available that, at times, have to be completed in a specific order.  You will also need to feed Pete as fast as possible to better your score.  Each level gets a little more challenging with multiple candies to pair and only a few solutions possible to solve the puzzle and feed Pete all the goodies.

SweetNRoll is not a bad game but could stand to have a better help section to explain game play.  Graphics are nice, the puzzles challenging but it would be nice to have a better feel for game play from the onset.

Overall, SweetNRoll is an entertaining casual game for Windows Phone 8.  SweetNRoll is a free game with extended levels available through in-app purchase.  You can find your copy of SweetNRoll here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: SweetNRoll



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Ya true tat too 1gb ram only

Chief 117 PL says:

What is this case? Can I buy the same for my Lumia 920?

afnan_mc says:

Been wondering the same for a really long time. But I don't think it's there for the 920. Anyone know any other cases that's go great with the device.?

jlynnm350z says:

Is this on IOS or android I wonder.

It will be available on iOs in January and on Android in February-March.

Jazmac says:

I think I like it. It has the flavor of "whimsy" I think is important for almost any game. Its smooth graphically, offers Facebook and Twitter to share and I like the way they offer the in-app purchase. Good job on on the review.


The link is a bit funky George. Even the scan won't work.

rodneyej says:

Cut the rope 2❔

iAdrian23 says:

It is cool but it didn't get it.

Daniel, George, Sam, etc any news on Minion Rush or Cut the Rope: Time Travel?

NIST says:

Is this our answer to Candy Crush?

Jazmac says:

lol. Its our pacifier. We get a lot of those. hehe


Interesting game. Definitely takes a little time to understand how to play. It's a challenging game so far but I haven't spent much time with it yet. Seems like it's a great time waster but only during times when you want to focus on something else. If you're looking to waste time on something mindless, this one will just frustrate you. I think it's cool... Just have to be the right mood when playing. Definitely a blend of Candy Crush and Cut The Rope. Intriguing concept.