Quickly swipe away all your Windows Phone 8.1 notifications with one swipe

The Notification Center in Windows Phone 8.1 is the new central location for managing notifications missed while away form the phone. When you have numerous apps firing up notification alerts it can prove a task to go through and delete them all. Luckily, there's a "clear all" button, but Microsoft has also included a sweet little gesture which is just as convenient to mark everything as read and start fresh.

It's already possible to swipe away each individual notification using one finger, but did you know there's also a gesture to clear everything in the center? Simply swipe to the right (that's from left-to-right) with two fingers instead and everything disappears like magic. It's an easy way to quickly get in and out without messing around with a button to keep everything fluid in the new user experience.

That said, the option is always there, just in case you feel like going back to hitting visible elements. Let us know how you choose to effectively manage notifications on your Windows Phone.

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via: WMPU; thanks, FlawlessSayan, for the tip!



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irsyadhhs says:

Already known. Thanks btw!

I didn't. Nice to know

elderjlward says:

@Rich and anyone else. Can you help me out. I'm using a 1520 with the 8.1 preview. When I try to swipe away a single individual notification it "PULLs" and swipes away ALL the notifications in that particular category. Ex. If I want to swipe away one Hotmail email notification, ALL, of the Hotmail notifications get deleted not just the one I select. Any suggestions?

Same thing with me. Even if I swipe just one, all the notification related to that particular app goes along with it. I never knew there was a way to dismiss each separately.

mswindows101 says:

You can't dismiss each individually.. What you can do is dismiss each related group individually. i.e. All Facebook,all outlook,all Twitter etc. But you can't have say 3 Facebook notifications,and clear just one. All of them will go with it. It's still cool though.

If you click on an individual notification the others in that group/app remain.

gerzhwin says:

Same here on my 8X :(

RaRa85 says:

You cannot swipe away individual selections within a category say "WPCentral" or "Yahoo Mail." You can only swipe away that group of notifications so far in 8.1. You can however open an individual selection and it will not clear the entire group away but that's it.

deathdemon89 says:

That's just how it's been designed, I think. Having said that, the ability to swipe away an individual notification instead of the entire category would be sweet. They could add the ability to clear the category by swiping on the category title - all the more fine-grained control for the end user.

That's just the way it works. If you want them gone you'll have to actually read them. When you swipe them away, just remember you have some emails of interest to look at when you get the chance. Because they are still marked unread in the box......

AuroOscar11 says:

The full set of notifications only go away if you swipe the header of the set.. Try swiping a particular notification

Nik Rolls says:

Nipper, swiping one notification takes the whole group with it. It would be nice to be able to swipe a single notification, say, by going in the other direction.

QilleRz says:

I didn't. Now I know. Thanks Rich !

2tomtom says:

Ditto, and great to know as sometimes lots of notifications come in and I just need to clear them quickly.

adrian1338 says:

Great. Wondering if there are more multi touch tricks with the phone. I know I can rotate Maps now which is quite handy

Thanks for the tip. I never knew about this.

sethpogi says:

Is the Dev Preview update still available? I've updated to the mini-pre 8.1 update. But I wasn't able to update to the 8.1 DP. I heard MS stopped the Dev Preview...

sethpogi says:

Sorry for asking this irrelevant question in this article. :)

"... I heard MS stopped the Dev Preview"

Not true at all. Nothing has been halted, nor has it ever been halted.

sethpogi says:

Ok thanks Daniel, but I haven't been able to check for updates... The checking always fails :(

adrian1338 says:

I heard they would just stop the Preview for SethPogi. Maybe you have that checkbox not activated anymore in the app. Maybe it was overloaded... maybe your network wasnt connected. just out of curiosity - where did you here they stoped the preview program>

sethpogi says:

I've read that somewhere here in wpcentral. It was in a forum.

sethpogi says:

And it has been more than a month already that I've been checking... And we have fast WiFi.

if you really want 8.1 (and have a fast wifi and some patience and happen to own a lumia), i'd suggest you backup your data, reinstall the official firmware using nokia software recovery tool. and upgrade to 8.1 once again. it's working for people now i suppose. just got a friend to update his 720 two days ago.
the recovery will usually take you back to amber+gdr2. so first update to black and then install dev preview app and update to 8.1! :)
as i said, it needs patience. but a fast wifi will definitely help in downloading updates quickly, though installing them is a pain.
anyways, all the best. :D

Juan41596 says:

Bing Health & Fitness is all I need

MetaG85 says:

I've been on the 8.1DevPre for about 2 weeks now, and I just received an update last night.
So its still running. :)

stoickiwi says:

8XTs haven't been able to get past GDR3 updates on the dev preview for some time now.

And as proof I just installed the Dev preview in my friends's Lumia 720. Sweet!

pankaj981 says:

I updated it 2 days ago on my 521

Maybe you just need to reinstall/install the "Preview for Developers" app and Sign in. After that check for update again and it should work. Good luck

sethpogi says:

I'll try that. Thanks!!!

Warbler says:

Incredible how there's still things to discover on WP8.1

Suhasa Su says:

Wmpoweruser said that 4 days back ...

blessthejon says:

You should stay over there then.

aafa says:

Good riddance

Read the last line,
'via WMPU; thanks, FlawlessSayan, for the tip'

Suhasa Su says:

Oops. Didn't even look at that line. Sorry, I'm WPC fan too.

adrian1338 says:

 hence the source...but hey ..cool story bro.. 

Novron says:

Not bad, now need inline response to texts from the notification window instead of having to jump to the app.

adrian1338 says:

why is that?:O do you want to have inline actions for every notification?

spinzeroWL says:

To match iOS...

adrian1338 says:

They should put a flashlight in the action bar too than :O

Dexterrino says:

ya. a flashlight app that does not open up my 1020's camera module - just LED

Novron says:

Android actually, iOS is copying them

Novron says:

We call it "convenience."

Aashish13 says:

Need marque notifications for apps that y waana jeep in marquee in notifications centre

txDrum says:

That's actually a pretty clever feature in my opinion. Would be nice if people would be happy that apple created something that I believe other mobile OS's don't have and that everyone will eventually benefit from.

PBLNS says:

I really dont like android but... Android has that feature already 

sd173 says:

I thought I already knew this but then I read about the two finger gesture. Kewl.

danmorrissey says:

Oooh, GOOD tip! Nice. :)

AskaLangly says:

Not for me? Then again, only Mail and nothing else.

nmercy says:

Still going to use the button because most of the time just holding and using the phone with one hand... But it is good to know.

IzaacJ says:

Same thing here. But its always fun to learn new stuff :D

jjag520 says:

2 fingers 1 swipe. Lol!

cuwe says:

I hope WP gets the quick reply like IOS does . When I switched to another app in multitasking , it's always show 'resuming' kinda annoying . My sister's Xperia E , although it's lags like hell , but it's multitasking is very good . I don't get it . Although my Lumia 620 had a dual core , but the tiles always takes time to load/show .

ScubaDog says:

Ilustrates why the whole Notification Center was stupid to begin with.  I use live tiles exclusively.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Oh, now i get it. You don´t use therefore it´s stupid.

So you mean you'll waste 5 min just to find out, from which app you got notification from?

ScubaDog says:

Are you that ignorant of how live tiles work?  I waste NO time seeing which app gave me a notification.  That's the POINT of live tiles.  Good grief.  You people ruin WP.

amolbaikar says:

Lol its old post.

Lol its lame comment

No it's not. I didn't know it!



Thanks Daniel! 

Schikitar says:

Oh snap, you just got Rubino'd! I actually had no idea about this, thanks for the post Dan, keep 'dem tips coming!

:) No problem. There's lots of stuff we don't know out there so we're always glad to share it.

sHAYM4N says:

Aha, good find - didn't notice that!  Anyone else experience any lag when pulling down the action centre shade?  If I've got one or two it's fine but if there's a few apps on there it can stutter - and spoils it a little on my 1020 :(

shuklashwin says:

Same thing happens with me

I did have the same problem with my L1020 but latest update seems to have fixed it, as well as some of the other lag problems.

Darkstar159 says:

Is there a way to dismiss just part of notification. Like if i get two messages and want one to stay in the notification Center as a reminder but remove the motivation for the other message

adrian1338 says:

Just ask cortana to remind you

txaggie2016 says:

I haven't found a way without actually tapping the notification you want to clear. If you tap one in a section with multiple, the one you've tended to will disappear but the others stay.

Aashish13 says:

Do u guys face lag while swyping down notification centre when there are to many notifications

cuwe says:

Me too . It's annoying .

Aashish13 says:

They need to work on it

keifwoki says:

Nope... Just "resuming" pain in the ass rubbish occasionally... 925 ;)

Jason94 says:

"Form" the phone

hopmedic says:

Or tap the clear all link?

nitsuk says:

Couple indirectly related questions which hopefully someone can shine some light on the matter based on 8.1 on Nokia Lumia 630 in our case as we're testing the unit and 8.1 currently in house:

  1. Is anyone else having Bluetooth issue when playing music (e.g. Nokia MixRadio in our case) where it freezes and unless device is restarted the Bluetooth settings are not usable/switchable
  2. From notifications/quick access area when Bluetooth is tapped it only switches the Bluetooth ON/OFF however wireless is taken to options screen to choose desired wireless AP, now is this because there is only one Bluetooth device locally or it is as it for everyone? Rather frustrating that is not consistent if is how it is for everyone even with other Bluetooth devices available locally

keifwoki says:

Think it has something to do with security.. accessing it from lock screen... But I do agree that double tap or something should take you to settings of Bluetooth... Would be handy.. Also would be nice to have option to send music to one device and calls to another in Bluetooth, as when I'm listening to music I'd rather talk to people with my headset than my stereo...

getalex says:

because, why press a button when you can do an awkward gesture instead. Notifications are mainly driven by a thumb, so the two finger swipe is neat but.. impractical.

erzhik says:

In certain situations, its more practical than pressing X. Driving, skiing, running, jumping, feeding llama, and so on.

keifwoki says:

When it is in a cradle it would be easier than aiming for the small clear all area I suppose... Similar to the new music app where they implemented swipe to change song instead of aiming for small icons.... (off topic but I have to let out frustration... I wish they would just go back to the old music hub still)

2tomtom says:

Exactly, the gesture is great when driving. Very good idea, thanks.

WDavis4692 says:

you people should not be using your phones while driving.  It still shocks me that some states haven't made that nonsense illegal.

big_slim750 says:

I'm a bit confused. I am unable to swipe away a single notification of multiples for one specific app. It always swipes away every notification for the specific app. Am I doing something wrong?

Unfortunately you can't :(

sayonical says:

WHY WHY WHY THE CUT OFF TEXT? its so irritating and no that's not a good design choice!!!

adrian1338 says:

Did you realise this 4 years after WP release :O

2tomtom says:

Why have an apple logo on the back of the phone, and with a bite out of it, omg it just ruins the whole design :/s

sarim_xyz says:

And if you want to swipe away all the notifications from just one app, simply swipe over the app title in the Action Center (or is it Notification Center?) with one finger.

Didn't know about this two-finger swipe though. Thanks :)

pattayo_ib says:

Does not really need to swipe on the app name, anywhere will do even on the notification, they are tied while you swiping...

SQLvariant says:

You can also clear all the notifications from a single app by just swiping away the app icon in the Notifications Center (with one finger).

I find this *extremely* useful with WhatsApp notifications! :)

pattayo_ib says:

I tot you may do so on the notifications too, not necessarily on the app name...

joe_s says:

This feature would be even better if it was an option to swipe away individual notification.  This functionality was supported in the old webOS.  You could still support current functionality be allowing the user to swipe away the application title to clear all notifications under that application.  If you could swipe individual notifications under each application title, you could keep important notifications in the list and discard those that are unimportant as a way to triage messages and notifications.

xankazo says:

I didn't know this. O_O

Thanks for sharing. :)

Jason94 says:

Notice that notification center now doesn't show all notifications from same app. When there is too many notifications for same app, it will show "more notifications"

Yeah found that out 2 days ago. A dev from black tusk, gears of war was spamming my twitter. Why can't i.......Oh wait, u can swipe everything away.

kc77 says:

Still think the notification center needs to group together the texts and what not. Seeing 5 notifications in a row about texts from the same person gets old. Lol.

keifwoki says:

Maybe you should get rid of your stalker lol

2tomtom says:

Actually, 5 texts in a row from the same person is ideal as you can see if any need a quick response or can be read later etc.

I knew this before I updated my phone to WP8.1. Thanks for the words though.


Do we have a change log for the latest update yet? I'm curious to know what was updated as I didn't get the changed boot screen and even quiet hours didn't change.

keifwoki says:

Same here.....

txDrum says:

That's actually a pretty clever feature in my opinion. Would be nice if people would be happy that apple created something that I believe other mobile OS's don't have and that everyone will eventually benefit from.
(Sadly I think people will just dislike apple for being apple)

Edit: Weird. This was a reply to a comment about apple's inline text reply)

Oh cool!

Didn't know this.

shauntipson says:

Be good if notification swipe delete the email message on email

Terry Coombs says:

Thanks for the tip, as always Daniel!!  I think the Notification Center is off to a good start, but still needs a lot of work to get to it's full potential.

navneeth24 says:

Lol u cud simply tap Clear all instead..

keifwoki says:

Bit hard while driving... When ph is in cradle, trying to hit the clear all with one finger without looking is almost impossible!

I mean just use the clear all button.... Its way quicker

Necroscope says:

We need a notebook for all these articles for those of us who won't get the update for months.

I use to lay one entire finger only on the screen and swipe them all away...

Didn't tried using two fingers since the way I use is working too.


salsahil says:

Oh please add multitouch in closing apps in the multitasking screen. That'll be a nice feature.

pavel_pau says:

Please improve back ground notification...and task

I'm confused, one finger does this as well.

Did you update the other day? It USED to work but now its one finger for everything.

neonspark says:

heh. nice tip.

Tepy Thai says:

I must use 3 fingers to swipe them all . Lumia 920

I know this from day one of 8.1

Two finger swipe?
I don't have two thumbs on my right hand.
I'm glad the clear all button is still there.
I think a left swipe might be more intuitive.

I wish they add 'swipe' function for quick actions, that way we will be able to get more than 4 shortcuts >_>

Klanz Napat says:

Thanks I love ❤ it.

Yeah, I usually swipe them, but use clear all if I have a lot, but don't care for, from multiple apps. :)

mfrissen says:

Two finger swipe won't work on my 925 (w latest wp81), but three finger swipe does...

The problem isn't swiping everything off easily; it's swiping things off one at a time... Want to swipe off that one spam mail but keep the relevant ones? No deal, it's all or none!

louisoneal says:

Did not know this.

spartegus says:

When is general release date?

Oxymoron428 says:

I've always used the clear all button, but this is still a great tip!

xrs22 says:

It does nothing on my 928. I thought that you didn't need to touch the screen, I just used my whole hand to clear it, mehh!

WPhone says:

I'd prefer to be able to swipe live tiles in order to clear count or text on them.

Hmmmm Neat trick. I still prefer glancing at my notifications like twitter and clearing them individually as soon as I've glanced through them. Would not want to miss a tweet from Daniel Rubino "BBM for Windows Phone is Finally here".... Ahhh how I long to see that tweet!

You dont need to use 2 fingers at all.. just SWIPE using THE APPLICATION name all notification will disappear


With 2 fingers you remove all the notification even if you have notification from more then one app

SemBL83 says:

Did you know you can also close apps by swiping down? (instead of using the 'x' on the top right)

Thanks for this. 2 fingers to swipe down to close apps is nice.

2tomtom says:

One fingers works too for closing apps.

I did it yesterday and I found that the numbers on the Tiles don't reset, but if you use the clear all button they reset

Jayflip says:

Haven't noticed, thanks!

nanak pahea says:

But but it in notification centre don't show downloading apps % in like Android

All you do is swipe over to your app list and it shows a progress bar on whatever app you are updating/downloading. And btw...fuck android.

Since the update the other day, a single finger seems to clear everything. Multi touch used to do a group but now one does

Robbie95 says:

It does annoy me when the notification disappears from the NCenter when you go onto the app its notified you about, should be like text message, be your accent colour until you read it then goes to normall text, least you have an option to erase you notifications...

"Clear All" is better in that you can do it with the thumb of the same hand than having to bring your other hand to use 2 fingers to swipe everything away. Good to know though.

AndyCalling says:

Personally, I would like an option for notifications to clear out after a specified period (such as one hour/day/month etc.) much like emails. The notification centre isn't often useful as the tiles have usually told me more before I get it pulled down, so on the odd occasion it proves useful I find it too clogged to be helpful. A simple time out would be an obvious solution to all these issues.

INGINE says:

Three fingers you mean cause two ain't working, three does on my 920.

Atulyextel says:

Everyone knows this tell something new

2tomtom says:

You are obviously too busy knowing to actually read the thankful comments then.

Good to know although I have to admit I almost never check the notification center. I know it's one of those things people have been fighting for, but I never use it. It is nice to have though.

Thank for the information

Dean McCrae says:

Wow its amazing, you mean I can do this instead of tapping that incredibly annoying clear all button. What a time saver!

jeffjohn37 says:

U cannot swipe away notifications individually.

TY i didn't know that

shaan sarode says:

If you really want to just get rid of one. Click it and then click back immediately and it will take it out of the list

Grizlyadams says:

Not much good for single handed use, but good to know :-)

Dosen't work on my 1520 :(