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Lumia Cyan with Windows Phone 8.1 roll-out starts today!

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T-Mobile announces Windows Phone 8.1 updates for Lumia 925, Lumia 521

T-Mobile CEO John Legere

The Windows Phone 8.1 news just keeps coming today, and not to be lost in the shuffle are T-Mobile's rough upgrade plans for its Windows Phones. Both the Lumia 925 and lower-end Lumia 521 on T-Mobile will be making the jump to Windows Phone 8.1, and even 521 owners on the prepaid side with MetroPCS will be getting the update.

At this time there's no indication that the updates will be anything less than complete, with Cortana, notification center and an overall tightening of the screws throughout the OS. T-Mobile isn't giving any indication of an exact rollout date other than "this summer" (just like the Lumia 635 launch), but that's to be expected on day one.

Sprint has also announced its Windows Phone 8.1 updates to be hitting in the same time frame.

Source: T-Mobile



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cure92 says:

I'll just keep using dev preview on my 810. You suck t-mobile!

phirefly says:

It will be interesting to see the 810 play out since Elop said ALL WP8 Lumia devices will get the 8.1 upgrade.

Of course he is right.  Even the 810 will get it... provided we are running the Black firmware.  

TechBell says:

T-Mobile didn't push out Black for 810 users.

vPuik says:

That was good one.

Shane says:

You and my friend SP. Time to move on guys.

bing76 says:

Looks like I'll be using the DEV preview as well.  I still like the idea of a 'mid-range' phone like the 810.  Not too cheap, not extremely expensive.  I would like a replacement for it, but am afraid T-Mobile won't support it for long.

cure92 says:

I do as well. It's been a great phone. Too bad it went EOL a month after I bought it...go figure lol. Now that att has lowered their rates, it's very tempting to switch for a better phone selection and support. 

The last thing I'd do is jump ship to AT&T. Horrible, horrible company!

Ordeith says:

Are their phones better?  Yes.
Is their network better? Yes.
are their prices better? Through AIO/ Cricket, Yes.

I stayed with T-Mobile until they repeatedly burned me.  Now it's time to give ATT a chance.

Draganta says:

T-Mobile has unlimited data (5gb 4g, unlimited 3g), unlimited texts and 100 minutes for 30 bucks. 30 BUCKS! AT&T doesn't even come close with their prices.

el-ojo says:

Don't mean to be rude, but there's a reason for that...COVERAGE IS MUCH MUCH BETTER on AT&T and that is the reason they are one of the top dogs. That's the reason I have stayed with them for so long. I have tried your plan, but unless you live in the Metros, Data on that plan is useless. As is the fact you only get a 100 minutes. I'd use that on one phone call.

I had AT&T, then tried your plan, went back to AT&T, tried gophone. Heard about aio and used that service and honestly couldn't be happier. I pay 35 dollars a month and that's with taxes included, Unlimited everything. Of course I only get 500MB unthrottled. But honestly, I rarely go over 400MB and the only reason that even happens is because the phone is using data somehow when I'm not even using it. No Data Sense, so I can't figure out what's using it.

Steven Curl says:

I just don't see the need for a 'midrange' phone, when the low end phones are just so good. There is nothing about the 635 that I don't like, for instance, and I'm a 1020/1520 user. Midrange makes sense for Android in my mind, where the devices are so hardware dependant, but if Nokia/Microsoft keep releasing awesome low end phones, man....

tiny_hands says:

Anything you buy will get EOL'ed within 6 months. If the device does what you need it to do today, whatever that happens to be, keep using it until it doesn't. The only way to win (in the thermonuclear war game of new phones & updates every 6 months) is not to play.

I disagree with the idea that 810 is a mid range phone, it actually meets the specs of the 925, except a 8mp camera, not 8.7, and sd card. It seems to be a better device except for that camera. Ihave used it for a year now, and I would say a high end, as the 925 was a later model. I am getting tired of Tmobile not pushing updates through.

Tlcoman says:

Seems faster

RaRa85 says:

I'm so bummed I guess. 16gb is the best we could do for a high-end phone? Who cares. Sorry for this sad, soppy comment.

Robert St says:

so is it over for the 8x on tmobile ?

John20212 says:

They should say an exact time line of the release and not a vague, this summer crap; we already knew all Lumia devices would be getting it.


juanitoriv says:

All WP8 devices would be upgradeable you mean

santis00 says:

agreed. and then all of us T-Mobile customers will rant on the forums as to why all the other carriers released it first...

This news makes me a lot happier than the announcement of the 635 does.

juanitoriv says:

What about the a8X??

larspassic says:

Yeah what about the 8X and the 810??

guillams says:

So 810 have been deeply forgotten!

dainla says:

They probably read all the whining that's been going on in the T Mobile forum here and decided not to give you guys the update.

Shad0wguy says:

What ever happened to the rumor of USB-OTG support in 8.1.  Was that just speculation?

Sameer Beri says:

update is available for L520

gphoneone says:

EE will be last I am sure :(

Nice to see James May there.

Zuke24 says:

Emailed Stephen Elop a couple weeks ago.  He (or, more likely, someone who answers his email for him) stated that Nokia is deeply commited to having quality devices on T-Mobile.  I asked him to clarify if that meant T-Mobile was going to GET some quality devices or if it just meant they weren't going to ditch the existing devices like they did my 810.


He didn't respond after that.

procen says:

I guess I will be updating my N810 using a dev account. Fracken T-mobile!

They'd be stupid to not update the only 2 WP8 handsets they support. Regardless, dev preview for me on 925.

RvpLui1 says:

Yes I get to keep my corporate discount!

marky_yo says:

If I do the developer version can I uninstall whenever I want? So when the official 8.1 is released I can put it on my phone? Or once installed am I stuck with it?

You cannot revert to a previous version if you use the preview. Resetting the phone won't revert either.

Guzzler3 says:

You can use the Nokia Software Recovery tool to wipe your phone back without the preview.

MikeSo says:

You can't uninstall, but you can install the dev preview and then when the official 8.1 comes out you can just install that instead, no problem.

Ordeith says:

But not the 810. 



Why do all the 810 owners seem to refuse using the dev preview?

sabas1 says:

are there any differences?

Guzzler3 says:

We loose some functionality without the newer firmware. We're stuck on Amber :'(

Zulfigar says:

That's the major kicker :/
At least with the dev preview though, you get all the functionality of Glance (with the proper app updates that is) without having Black (one-up on the Icon).

Sean D. says:

It's the "when" that gets me. Might have to grab the developer preview.  :-/

dante501 says:

Just AT&T and Verizon left to announce it.

intrinity1 says:

Wow just turned on developer for my 925 but its nice to know I'll be getting the update no matter what.

sahib lopez says:

well that just sucks...... the 810 wont be getting 8.1 >.> bad tmobile

Zulfigar says:

And 8x it seems.

sahib lopez says:

Yeah it seems so to :/ looks like the first Gen T-Mobile win 8 devices were forgotten

deloa84 says:

It looks like so... I sure hope they prove us wrong

MDak280 says:

Summer? :( I was hoping to have it by May but I guess June isn't that far off!

morpheusxp says:

Summer doesn't necessarily mean the beginning of summer. Could easily be August afawk
Summer is a large window.

Sean D. says:

Huge when you're talking about a TMo update.  :-/

MadSci2 says:

and AT&T Announces Windows Phone 8.1 updates in...(crickets)

I need to hear what AT&T is gonna do.

lsoneboy333 says:

Yeah I'm thinking the same thing at&t needs to step up and do something worth staying with them.

Sario27 says:

F U T-mobile... Me and my 810 are just gonna walk away with heads held down.

Fuckin shit. Not the 810?! Well I guess I'm glad I got the Developer Preview! Fuck you T-Mobile.

I have a Lumia 810.........What About Me

What about AT&T?! No news:(

Bratnikola says:

I don't know if I get it wrong but, can I update T mobile's Lumia 925 after I unlock it?

TechBell says:

Of course they do. Now for their Lumia 810 customers: drop dead. 

Jim Bob4 says:

Let's hope TMO is not last to provide WP8.1 The black update was painful...
If it takes too long I may jump ship.

kutti317 says:

When for Lumia 720

tallgeese says:

What happened to AT&T announcement of WP 8.1 updates for their Lumia phones?

psycodelic says:

This rally f#$%ing sucks . And I'm still paying for my 810. Some time I wish to take the daanm phone and throw it thru T-Mobile crystals.

morbility says:

I love how the 810 is this lone anomaly... Why did I get this phone again?

jsantana0793 says:

How about the HTC 8X??? And I'm about to drop T-Mobile if they can't secure another flagship Nokia Windows Phone.

volvoV70guy says:

Wow, lots of panicking about the 810. We will get this update. It doesn't really make sense for them to make announcements for devices they don't sell anymore.

Anybody know if T-mobile will be getting a new flagship Lumia phone? That would be great, All these new quad core phones are making my 925 seem a bit dated but hey at least it's nice to look at right..


Im hoping the 810 gets the update. I bought them for my employees and they have been outstanding in a small business setting. They get treated pretty rough getting dropped in mud and the shop floor on a regular basis and havent had one fail yet. Before this we had Galaxy S2's and that was a disaster. I swear I spent more time dealing with cell phones than anything. I LOVE the fact I can use it with gloves on. So nice when Im out in the shop. Everyone has easy access to calendars, phone numbers, email, and having Office functionality has come in VERY handy a couple times. I was so excited when I heard about the Nokia Treasure Tag app to keep track of company keys, etc. but it wont work without the Black update!

He can say all he wants but it still doesn't mean it'll happen cause for sometime T-Mobile kept teasing the NL810 could and would get the Black GDR3 Update but it didn't and I won't believe this BS until I see it first hand.

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Fill in the holes and give the NL810 all the Updates so people have a reason to keep the chunks of platic.

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Posted via the WPC App for Android!

Man, they really don't show any love for the Lumia 810 users. I really hope that MS will push the up-date to 8.1 like they said for all the WP8 devices.. I'm really waiting for some good news... It's even more annoying that the Lumia 521 gets the update and the 810 it's out ( being a way more better handset in every way.. )