T-Mobile hits mid-year LTE expansion goal

T-Mobile achieves its coverage goal for LTE coverage expansion

T-Mobile announced that it has achieved its mid-year coverage goal of expending its LTE footprint. Now the Un-carrier network announced that as of the end of June, it now has 230 million points-of-presence for its 4G LTE footprint, meaning its network is expanding and LTE is available in more areas. And though T-Mobile has hit its milestone for June, the carrier says that it will continue to expand its LTE footprint.

In addition to hitting the coverage goal to bring its 4G LTE coverage to more people through that pops goal, T-Mobile also recently announced at its uN-carrier 5.0 event that it has expanded 15X15 MHz network to 16 markets in the U.S. and VoLTE now is available in 15 markets to aid in congestion and help deliver bandwidth.

Is this recent achievement enough for you to give T-Mobile a shot? If so, what device are you looking at using on T-Mobile's expanding LTE footprint?

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Sam Sabri says:

Can't wait to see my area get the 150 mbps down upgrade. I consistently get about 50 down with T-Mobile, but faster is already better ;)

teaMJPx says:

Faster IS better. jejeje

sahib lopez says:

Meanwhile I'll enjoy using 2g :( 

QilleRz says:

Meanwhile here is only 5 mbps highest :/

teaMJPx says:

Awesome. T-Mobile is a good company.

El Turner says:

I'm on ATT and they changed their policy on upgrades, so I was stuck with a semi functioning HTC Titan until my plan expired. So I bought a used unlocked Nokia 1020 that I could use on ATT then when my contract expires, I wanted to use it on TMobile. My contract expired months ago, I'm still on ATT because I want the Window phone 8.1 update... I'm not sure if T-Mobile will offer it for the Nokia 1020. :-\

Duffau says:

Im using an unlocked 1020 on tmobile, your updates will still come from att.

sarat1358 says:

Agree! I just switched my phone from Lumia 925 to Lumia 1520.3. Very satisfy with phone and service from T-Mobile.

dav8o8 says:

I'm interested to know if your 1520.3's Internet Sharing works on T-Mobile?  I have an unlocked AT&T 1520 and Internet Sharing just will not work!   Thanks!

AvatarEW says:

It will work. Remove both foreign language keyboards. Add Spanish (Spain) keyboard. Reboot.

Duffau says:

Im using an unlocked 1020 on tmobile and the issue is with LTE. If I have 4g or lower, it will work fine (there was a trick for this). With 8.1, its a bit more tricky. If I attempt to turn on internet sharing, and it doesn't work, nothing will fix it until I reboot. When I make a phone call my 1020 switches from LTE to 4g and I enable internet sharing, then hang up. It's inconvenient, but it works. If it doesn't work, reboot and try again. If still nothing, PM me.

kurtd says:

Yes let's hope sprint merger doesn't mess it up. Using 1020 on t-mobile.

exkerZ says:

1520 on T-Mobile. Enough said. That's the only reason I'm still on my nexus 5... Because I'm waiting for a proper 1520 on T-Mobile.

Or should I say screw it and move to ATT?

RaRa85 says:

I'm in the same boat as you. Wait til November for the yet announced mystery Nokia/Microsoft device that is supposed to finally launch across the three major US carriers and if that turns out to be a rumor jump on over to AT&T. In a worst case scenario, their bound to get the next flagship regardless.

exkerZ says:

Will do rara!

KMF79 says:

In my opinion you and exkerz should stay with T-Mobile. AT&T disrespect their customers. Just hang tight. I firmly believe T-Mobile will be getting some (nice) new hardware in the very near future.

deno#WP says:

Have you seen the 1520.3 - I have the 1520.3 on T-mobile and it works well.

mister2d says:

What does "a proper 1520 on T-Mobile" mean? You can go out today and buy a 1520.3 that works with T-Mobile LTE natively out of the box. I have one.

dougolupski says:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If an unlocked unit will work on T-Mo network at full network speed I would do that. ATT plans are garbage, If you pay off your phone you plan rate doesnt drop. There whole thing with the plans they have is there supposed to be subsidised the phone you are getting. But once your through your contract the plans dont drop in cost, its double dipping in my opinion and pretty dishonest. T-Mo 5 gig 4G LTE plan is 25.00 dollars cheaper than my current 4 gig 4g LTE plan with the great satan. I got a phone pay off plan, once my phone is mine I am leaving.

Ordeith says:

You could always save some money and use your paid off ATT phone on cricket.

mattdistro says:

I get 50-60 mbit down on my 1520.3 on T-Mobile LTE. Only paying $30 a month too.

MaxyBley says:

Wait WHAT? 30!!!??!!? But HOW?!?! I liked the no charge on music services on the plan and was thinking of jumping in.... That's until I saw the prices of the plans... I pay $45 on MetroPCS 2.5 GB.... This bs >.> please halp get that too. Me want!

shaggydave says:

Just get the rm 940 unlocked for tmobile!! Mine works amazing!! 1520 Tmobile here

exkerZ says:

Thanks everyone for the advice. I know about the different RM that works with T-Mobile, and it is not badly priced on amazon. But the reason I want it on T-Mobile is because.. Well I like it when phones are official on a carrier. It ensures me that T-Mobile will have proficient customer service for the device considering they are willingly backing it up.

tbonenga says:

I JUMPED on a, Note 3. The 1520.3 works well but it doesn't have the T-Mobile WiFi app. Which I need for work. As soon as T-Mobile gets a Official 6 inch screen Windows 8 Phone I'll jump back.

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Duffau says:

Just unlock whatever att phone you want and use it on tmobile. I would never go back to att after all the lies, deception, false charges, and terrible terrible customer service.

Micfur says:

That's insane speed, I got LTE in my area but it tops out at 16mb download.

RaRa85 says:

We killing the game. Imagine that. Ha.


Keep telling people that t mobile is changing the game. Why pay more?

Tmobiles only downfall is lack of windows support. I have their 925.

Sam Sabri says:

This fall all big carriers in the US (T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T) should be getting the McLaren. That's the flagship device with "3D-touch".

mcheiron says:

That and really spotty reception outside of cities. I would change in a heartbeat but have to be too often in low/no-reception areas.

ScottAB says:

+1 (that's why I am with AT&T)

Ordeith says:

Me too. That's a big part of why I switched from T-Mobile to AIO (now cricket)

AvatarEW says:

Cricket uses AT&T network correct? I may have to switch back as it appears that my residence is in a T-Mobile dead zone.

Ordeith says:

Since the buyout that is correct. As a consequence/bonus you can stick a cricket SIM into an ATT phone and just use it, no unlocking required.

Ultimateone says:

I wish my 925 had good coverage where I live, just north of Boston near the coast and its not really good

arn6735 says:

1020, 1520, 930... Nothing on TM...sori...

Did you not read Sam's post a mere two posts above yours? Yeah, I answered my own question. Your loss.

sahib lopez says:

*sigh* someday the place I live in will get lte ! 

Thought surprising that that even sprint has lte heck even it's 3G is better than tmobiles 2g :( 

come on tmobile and bring lte !!!^.^ 

ricardios says:

Lumia 925 user here. Lte is great. My previous phone, the 8x didn't have it. Waiting for November for the McLaren!

shaggydave says:

Just get the rm 940 unlocked for tmobile!! Mine works amazing!! 1520 Tmobile here :)

mark233 says:

I'm very happy with T-mobile where I live. Inside my apartment I get 5 full bars of 4G LTE on my 925. 35-40Mbps download. In the machine shop I work I get anywhere from 2 bars of 4G to 4 bars of 4G LTE most of the time depending on my location. Like a lot of folks I'm waiting to see this McLaren.

Anyone on T-mobile in Michigan? I would change but I was under the assumption Tmos service was so-so over here.

Joe Rodak says:

I would ditch att for tmobile in a hearbeat if they had LTE in my area. Or even 3G for that matter. I don't care how much i hate att I'm not going back to EDGE data.

Ordeith says:

Shouldn't such speeds come with bigger data allotments?

Hey T-Mobile when are you releasing WP 8.1?

gavino96 says:

I'm using Lumia 1520 and T-Mobile is super fast.

nickg0413 says:

took the T-MO test drive this past week. failed dismally. 1-2 signal bars or searching/no service, people saying my calls were breaking up, bouncing from LTE to 4G to E to nothing. too bad as i was looking to trying to save some money by switching from Verizon. but with half-assed service like that it ain't worth it. not to mention their lack of any decent phones other than the 925 which is < than my 928.

R2guy says:

lots of people here complaining about the tmobile service.  just curious if anyone has tried this yet?


WF Live says:

I've actually had one in my house for a while. It works well but you are still reliant on the signal reaching the receiver in your house. So you have to place it at the window with the best signal. If that signal is bad it won't help that much.
Having said that, I went from almost no signal in my house to strong signal. Data speeds do suffer but calls are solid.

ssomzzz says:

If the 930 does not come to the USA we are all done

Cam K says:

Kind of useless to WP fans since they have the worst WP selection after Sprint.