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T-Mobile Lumia 635 available for pre-order again on Microsoft Store site

lumia 635

The US Microsoft Store website is once again taking pre-orders for the T-Mobile Lumia 635, over a week after the site pulled its previous listing for the Windows Phone 8.1 device.

Now that T-Mobile has confirmed it will start selling the phone next week, it looks like Microsoft is ready to let folks buy the Lumia 635 directly from the manufacturer. The 4.5-inch smartphone can be bought from the site for $129 without a contract.

As we previously reported, T-Mobile will begin a limited sale of the Lumia 635 this weekend on the Home Shopping Network cable TV outlet, before selling the phone online themselves on July 9. The wireless carrier will being selling the phone in some of its retail stores on July 16 and MetroPCS stores will do the same on July 18.

We are still awaiting word from AT&T on exactly when they will begin their own sales of the Lumia 635, which could be priced lower than the T-Mobile version. Are you willing to wait for AT&T's model or do you plan to jump in and get the T-Mobile version now?

Thanks to Brandon Boyer for the tip!

Source: Microsoft Store



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lesd777 says:

Might have to get one for my daughter. A steal @129

JohnCz says:

Noticed "(Qi)" in the specs for the battery.  Any idea what that is a reference to?  I doubt it is wireless charging.

Peg Leg says:

It is wireless charging

zultar says:

With a cover or built in?

SpeedT54 says:

Awesome! I have several people in mind to buy this for.

"several"? must be nice.

SocalTouch says:

Perfect phone as long as the user is not a big lover of games on phones.

A LOT of games on WP require 1GB RAM.

zultar says:

We should make a list of what requires 1 gig of ram, I thought there weren't very many things

jgbstetson says:

It's funny how people love 0% interest EIP, but the devices are always overpriced when you buy from T-Mobile. It's almost as if, dare I say, the interest is built into the principle? I don't think it's unreasonable for this to settle at $99 or $80 on promotion.

wpguy says:

Pick one: Pay $20-30 more one time (for a device on TMo), or pay an extra $20-30 more each month for the same service (AT&T, Verizon, ... )

jgbstetson says:

Not the same service, though.

bhatech says:

For you but for some tmobile service is better than greedy ATT... And FYI all the phones which are on EIP are cheaper or same price as off contract prices on ATT and other carriers. For example, HTC One M8 on TMobile costs $588 with or without EIP but it costs around $650 and up via other carriers.

Overpriced service* fixed

morpheusxp says:

The ATT version should be a steal. They usually sell their prepaid handsets for much less than Tmo. The 520 on ATT is $66, it's $99 for the 521 on Tmo.

nightryder21 says:

T-Mobile versions have LTE. AT&T does not have LTE.

jgbstetson says:

521 is not an LTE phone.

mmmdonuts says:

521 is bigger. ;-)

nightryder21 says:

The T-Mo 521 did not have LTE but did have 4G where the AT&T 521 did not have 4G.

trwrt says:

The 520 on AT&T has the same HSPA+ that T-Mobile calls "4G".

SocalTouch says:

But AT&T will cripple Qi wireless charing in favor of an optional external PMA wireless charging cover for $29.99.

Aashish13 says:

In India the 630 is on fire specially with the enterprise users. My company have ordered Lumia 630s

Daxpert says:

Your comment? Yes, it is DOA

explosive0 says:

Truth hurts, buddy. Face it.

Deaconclgi says:

Waiting for the AT&T model.

SocalTouch says:

Pretty sure AT&T will cripple the Qi wireless charging on it!

AriesDog says:

Maybe if TMo or MS Store has a sale. $100 is the right price.

Jas00555 says:

I was told by a general manager at AT&T that the 635 is coming on July 24th, just FYI for all those wondering.

Why is the 635 billed a successor to the 520/521? Haven't seen the answer for that one. I'm curious for the AT&T version- might be the prepaid phone to ease me off Verizon.

Aaron M says:

Its targeting the same price point that the 521 did when it came out (actually its a bit cheaper).

mmmdonuts says:

It's the evolution of the 52x. Same general specs and price point, newer tech.

milkybuet says:

Well I am getting 630 for my Dad.

procen says:

I'm getting one for my daughter, and if it nice, I will get some more.

AV2RY says:

This vs. 710. What's the difference between them except the OS. Hardware? Should I get this for my lil brother as upgrade?

Clavitox says:

Well 8.1 alone is a huge difference, then the screen is bigger(nicer?), much better processor, bigger battery, sensor core, sdslot

mmmdonuts says:

All WP8 devices will get 8.1

Clavitox says:

Unfortunately, no camera flash, and you have on screen buttons, no camera button, or proximity sensor. The 521 is better imo

Marc_SP says:

Why only the Chinese are getting the version with 1 GB RAM???? (Named 636 [WCDMA] and 638 [TD-CDMA]). You can get them for about 160 USD (taxes included).

1GB should be the amount of memory for all versions. How can the 630/635 have less memory than the older 525???

SocalTouch says:

Because they are smart (I am not Chinese and I say that with all the right intentions) and mobile gaming is big in China. WP for gaming requires 1GB RAM.

AlexanderJJJ says:

Good phone for your grandparents or teens or just on a budget and want a great phone for the price!

Prince#WP says:

Yep, getting one for Nana

SocalTouch says:

Not for kids. Kids need games and a good number of games on WP require 1GB RAM.

Great phone for people who are not gamers on phones.

DKXKnight says:

I would trade the quad core for a gig of ram any day. Yeah, more power but what's the point if you only still get 512 mb ram?

theefman says:

Your calendar crashes faster? :)

nightryder21 says:

Is the T-Mobile v version only in white? I would spoke color choices.

wpguy says:

Check the Microsoft link... color shells.

Alcarnor14 says:

I didn't see them there yesterday, but you can now order color shells. The t-mobile one comes in white. Interestingly, they appear to be in stock while the phone is pre order.

Bullshit. Flagship NOW

DKXKnight says:

925 is still a good phone you know. After all WP don't need note 3 specs just to run smoothly. Probably the best part of the operating system.

I love my 925. It gets a 9/10 from me. But I need something with a bigger 5+ screen and SD support. Sick of uninstalling things because I'm short on space. I don't even bother with music because it's too much of a sacrifice. Wish I new if they aren't making a flagship so I can just buy one unlocked.

John Stumm says:

No flapship at tmo makes me either want to switch providers(unlikely) or switch to iPhone /Android....this bs

It sucks. Not fair at all.

mmmdonuts says:

A carrier like TMO doesn't need a flagship. Just BYOD.

nightryder21 says:

Ummm except most do not work with T-Mo LTE.

Ian Hanson says:

Not true - the 1520 works perfectly on T Mobile as long as you have the right version.

Care to elaborate? I forget... Isn't it the 1520.3 or something like that?

Dave47 says:

I plan on getting an ATT 635.  While some here complain about what it doesn't have (suggestion:then don't buy one), what it doesn't have for me is a high price tag. 

frostphase says:

Does it take a SD card too?