T-Mobile US Lumia 925 also receiving firmware update to 1336

Although AT&T users are finally having their day, T-Mobile is swooping in with another firmware update for their flagship (and Windows Phone Central favorite) Nokia Lumia 925.

By heading into Settings > Phone Update > Check for updates, users should now be greeted with a message about a new one being available. The update is strictly related to firmware and it will bump it from 1330 to 1336.

This will be the second update for the T-Mobile Lumia 925, which shipped with GDR2 and Amber on board. Back in September, T-Mobile bumped the OS from 10327 to 10328 and the firmware from 1325 to 1330.

So what is new with the 1336 firmware from Nokia? Nothing specific as T-Mobile’s support page simply notes “User experience improvements”. This may be related to network performance or even Wi-Fi calling, which has been flaky for us on occasion.

Update 5PM ET: Changelog has been posted

  • Full version of Nokia Glance Screen
  • Enhancements to Bluetooth audio, FM radio, and call audio quality
  • General performance and usability improvements

Regardless, it’s great to see T-Mobile and Nokia continue to support such a great device. Indeed, Microsoft is now advertising the T-Mobile Lumia 925 and its low-light camera prowess in new TV ads being broadcast across the US. We saw it no less than four times at the gym last night, so make no mistake they are standing behind this fantastic phone.

Do you have the update? Noticed anything new? Let us know in comments.

Thanks, MaRkThE40KiLLeR, for the tip!



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Clavitox says:

Will they ever get the 32gb version?

Sunofabob says:

Seriously, 32gb should be standard by now.

Zulfigar says:

I have 8gb and still got space open on my 710.

kwajr says:

No music I guess

ahuczek says:

not for me. i just use spotify. why waste space and time on adding music? i dont get it. 

Sunofabob says:

I need phone based music for deployment. Military.

peterfares says:

So that you can listen to music without draining your battery with the radio constantly running or when you have no service.

kwajr says:

No signal,lots of music I like isn't on digital, why use Spotify when you can stream Xbox music free

T Moore says:

And Nokia Music Radio Mixes, also free. You can also download a mix you like and play it without streaming.

kwajr says:

Nice to see 2 updates after launch and no bugs that I have noticed besides volume locking but I have seen that on a few diff phone since 8

jgbstetson says:

WiFi calling, live tile updates, and backlighting are all inconsistent on mine. I hope this update helps.

kwajr says:

Backlighting adjust according to the light where your at

vinxent10 says:

Oh my.. Just checked Navifirm, new update for my RM-892!
Just waiting for the OTA!

DonnieV says:

I hope this fixes tethering. It constantly cuts in and out.

louser says:

Hopefully it fixes my Data and WiFi signal drop issue.

I got my update last night.  I kept checking the site to see when an article would be posted about it.  I haven't noticed anything better on mine but that could be casued by the 2 towers that have been down for a month in my area.

drewsuruncle says:

Same Here. Was hoping WPCentral would have an idea what was updated.

teaMJPx says:

Awesome. And its OTA so no WiFi necessary. Awesome. jejeje

Just did this update about an hour ago, I was also looking for any news on it. I'm hoping for improvements with Wi-Fi calling not disabling Bluetooth, MMS, visual voicemail, and voicemail notifications.

procen says:

Downloading now, and thanks for the news, Daniel.

MagentaFTW says:

Starting the update now. Really hoping for some WiFi calling improvements.

tbonenga says:

Hopefully this fixes the Wi-Fi calling / text bug.

kwajr says:

What is this text bug y'all speak of WiFi calling is an app that tmobile should update the ability to send mms over WiFi calling isn't a bug it is a known thing it just isn't designed to do that

tbonenga says:

Calling bug= if you call a number that you know is valid you get a message that says it's a invalid number
Text bug= If you send a text (SMS not mms) you get a message that says " Mobile operator can't deliver your text. Check and make sure it's a valid number"
Sometimes the app works and sometimes it doesn't.

Mystictrust says:

I hate that stupid text bug. One day my phone just up and decided to stop sending texts while WiFi calling feature was active, and I forget to turn it off when replying to a new text, so I get that dreaded operator message. WiFi calling is needed in my apartment to help with low reception and it also helps with battery since it's not searching for signal, so this needs to be sorted out. Never used to have these issues on other WiFi calling devices.

Troyseph says:

Yes, it just started the text bug with me one day and I was so confused. I hate having to turn it off, send a text with 1 bar, and then turn it back on to have reliable cell signal.

Mystictrust says:

We, knock on wood, but I have been able to send out text messages so far without any problems while WiFi calling is active...

Nathan Novak says:

The only time I got the text bug was during my stay in a hospital and while using their public WiFi for calling. So WiFi calling on, text bug on... My experience. And of course 1 or 2 bars inside the hospital with T-mo. So it automatically went to WiFi calls which were very glitchy and lag laden. So maybe it needed more of an OS tweek but I agree that doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless they updated some drivers!

It is a bug. You are saying tbonenga has the problem because s/he thinks that MMS should go over Wi-Fi, which it obviously can't. The problem, in fact, is with the phone, since it is trying to send MMS over Wi-Fi, even when a cell signal is present. If there is reception (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, whatever) the phone should take advantage of this to send and receive MMS regardless of whether Wi-Fi calling is enabled or not. Even if somehow one precludes the other, opening a small window to let MMS through would not be that hard to do just by temporarily disabling Wi-Fi calling momentarily.
The same issue occurs with voicemail, as you cannot check visual voicemail and do not receive notifications that voicemail has been left until Wi-Fi calling has been disabled or you are out of range. A similar solution would work here.

kwajr says:

However you choose to look at it its still not Nokia its a problem with the app that would need to be an update to the app mms can go over WiFi they just don't have it working if you think about its all just data sprint can do mms over WiFi with there network vison updates they are doing

tbonenga says:

WiFi text bug still here for me

Sunofabob says:

My wife has a 925 but I still prefer the 920.

tbonenga says:

Me too. I have both but only because the 920 has 32GB. Well also I prefer the USB port on the bottom of my 920.

London Jr says:

I've had problems with 2 925's and it getting really hot... on my 3rd and it gets hot at times, but continues to work properly

London Jr says:

so I will see how it is post update

Yeah that's is true if not for my impactology case absorbing the heat my hand would have heat marks and get burned by this phone gets too hot!

Nathan Novak says:

This heat issue was fixed when I called T-Mo and got a new phone... It did start back up in a week... But the same day I received my replacement I think I found a fix. Try reinserting your SIM. Sounds simple eh? So after that week I noticed the battery drain and heat again. I reinserted my SIM and no problems! On standby with WiFi on and Bluetooth off and all automatic updates on I use about 3% an hour according to the insider app and the Nokia battery app.

jersey shore says:

...and 920 better loud speaker...
but, i like weight and size on 925.

Nakazul says:

Just now on Windows Weekly. Thurrott and MJ' getting info that 8.1 MAY be coming fall 2014! Ouch.

TechyMexican says:

i dont give dam about what the update released in 2014 is. GDR3 is coming next month with new features. Now if they went an entire year without an update after GDR3 then it's a problem. if they release small GDR updates throughout the year, i will be more than happy

MikeSo says:

Where did you see this? I only read "sometime in 2014".

kwajr says:

To many leaks to be late 2014 they also wouldn't want WP to be a year behind windows they want the 2 to be very close fall 2014 will be 8.5 for windows at least if they stick to the naming they have used for years remember winpws mobile 6,6.1,6.5

adrian1338 says:

What is WiFi callling

SleepyTheDon says:

WiFi-Calling allows you to make & recieve calls without connecting to the network if you have a WiFi connection

adrian1338 says:

So voice over IP based on your mobile phone number? does it also work with messages? Who does support this>? guess my uk lumia 920 does not.. 

MikeSo says:

It's a T-Mobile specific feature. It works with voice and SMS, but not for media messages.

jabtano says:

Received mine ....yea T-MO..

jlangner says:

Signal strength seems higher

Rhoyz says:

Yup! I'm getting a stronger signal on LTE on my area (NYC).

DontHate707 says:

agreed mine does too northern califronia!

teaMJPx says:

Me too. Mid Tennessee here. Used to get a spot or two around the house that I would drop network, LTE now. Awesome.

jabtano says:

I can't get bars in a supermarket or in my workplace I'll have to see if that changed tomorrow

+1 has improved at least when outdoors. Areas that had low LTE I see now were getting max bars. Phoenix Arizona.

jgbstetson says:

Roger that. While at work, I can now pick up the lte tower at 101 and Frank Lloyd Wright. Before I could only get a bar or two of 4g.

MikeSo says:

I might cave in and buy this even though it only has 16GB. I've been holding out for a 32GB version...
Would be nice to see T-Mobile recognize that they carry this device though. Look at their homepage and you'd never know unless you dig around for it.

wasapasserby says:

I don't see what you're complaining about.  TMo has the 925 listed as a "Staff Pick."  It's fairly obvious once you click the bright pink "Shop Now" link on thehomepage.

wpguy says:

The complaint is that TMo is practically hiding this phone. Except the recent ads from Microsoft, there has been next to nil promotion of this phone. It is also strangely excluded in the TMo product lines at Target and Walmart. Easily the best phone they offer but you wouldn't know they had it unless you are tech savvy. At least TMo is keeping up with updates, though.

MikeSo says:

Right. If you dig through their pages you'll find it. But it's nowhere in their "slideshow" like things which are the first thing you see when you go to their pages, and it's still listed below all the iPhones and Androids elsewhere. More importantly, not even when it was first released did they have it placed in any sort of prominent position, like their LG, Samsung and iPhones get.

DontHate707 says:

one thing they mos def updated was the backgrounds! my 925 wouldnt let me choose the backgrounds that come with the OS now i can choose them for my lockscreen!! awesome!

kwajr says:

Don't really know what your talking about

DontHate707 says:

For some reason the lockscreen pictures they give you on the phone wouldn't work for me.

Mike-J-G says:

That's fixed for me too. I used to have a problem selecting most of the "Background" images that came with the phone for the lock screen. After tapping one I wouldn't get the screen where you can resize and apply it.

This link has no change log for this update.

pankaj981 says:

I see it on the first line after loading the page.

I see it now. I want to say it wasn't there before. Or I might've been on the T-Mobile site... Which definitely didn't have it at the time I checked.

di_Genius says:

Unfortunately the update didn't fix the WiFi texting bug just update and connect to WiFi to try and still got the mobile operator msg.

MikeSo says:

That's disappointing. I used the WiFi Calling a lot before some update (GDR2?) broke it on my 521. Hoping they can get it fixed soon again. I still use it for calls but it's annoying to have to switch back and forth.

di_Genius says:

I know I've L925 works well at work in the city I get LTE but at home service sucks have to switch to my S3 get better WiFi features can SMS and mms but not on L925 call Tmo tech they couldn't do anything.

Neo Nuke says:

By this , do you mean you're not getting mms. Cause I hardly ever do. Even off of WiFi calling

di_Genius says:

Yep on WiFi never sometimes I get over Tmo network another time it just sit there saying getting media content and the mms file is just 150_200kb have to wait until I get home switch the sim card to my S3 that's the only way I can get mms, I think its the settings on the Nokia phones need fixing the WiFi app needs updating or something.

DontHate707 says:

I thought I was the only one... I deleted WiFi calling because of this.

CCAZPastor says:

Not sure which I love more, T-Mobile or my 925? Best phone I've ever owned!

Chef316 says:

CCAZ? Calvary Chapel Arizona? Am I right?....
Best phone I have ever owned as well!

IamDefiler says:

Hope this fixes the wonky bluetooth issues I've been having.

kwajr says:

Says Bluetooth fixes so maybe

Nothing for my 521. Still at 1328.

kwajr says:

This is for the 925 guess you didn't read though

Was hoping for the best.

dosto says:

Just updated; went smoothly.  Nice to see TMO updating the 925.  

Jeternal740 says:

Hope this solves the overheating and random battery drain. It would be awesome if Nokia sold a micro USB to SD card accessory for phones.

ryaoni says:

My battery drain seems to be less of a problem since the update. Now I will check for the getting hot issues.

When I had the "draining issue" first time ever last week, I held the Vol- button and power button for 10 seconds till it began to restart... Fixed it.

lippidp says:

Wow, all of you guys fly all over the world to go to the gym together? Is it fitness month again already???

Troyseph says:

Lol, I thought I was the only person to catch that "we" comment.

ryaoni says:

Still gets hot but not fry an egg hot.

gibbage says:

Its official!  I had 2 bars of LTE pre-firmware, and 3 bars after.  I dont know if they just adjusted the range the bars show (Apple cheat) or if they really tweaked the radio.  

Mystictrust says:

Sending text messages while connected with WiFi Calling (WiFi preferred) seems to work again... knock on wood. We'll see.. it used to work perfect for me, then it stopped working and I had to turn off the feature to send messages entirely. Hopefullly it is now fixed for good.

jdandison says:

What is 'Full Glance screen?'

I'm guessing the original Glance Screen was still Beta. I don't know what changes this entails, as the Glance Screen didn't really seem to have any bugs already.

kwajr says:

I'm guessing that glance will be updated back to the version that had notifications and this is the firmware that works with it

jdandison says:

Oooh, yeah, that's a good call.

ssomzzz says:

Love the phone but very upset that there are no high end hybrid cases, what's the deal?

Most TMO exclusives this happens to. No surprise.

kwajr says:

This is a world wide release t mobile exclusive was us and maybe 45 days

ncxcstud says:

you'd think they'd at least set the firmware to 1337... come on now ;)

Gotta git that, boom boom boom, gotta git that boom boom boom. I flashed that gdr2 as soon as it dropped. Its friggin sweet. Its gonna be short lived. Enjoy it att customers

Why is it that every time I get an update on any of my WP i will have shitty reception for like the next few days or even week... I get 3 bars at my house and it keeps losing connection. I never lose connection. L925. My 8X did it and even my HD7

Troyseph says:

My wife and I both have 925's. I updated her phone and the glance menu in settings had the slider tab for time and notifications. I updated mine and the tab wasn't there. I don't get it. How could it be different on the same phones?

I can't wait till 8.1 after the new phone sold with 8.1 after should be more solid then the old phone sheesh when will Intel make processors that can be more phones life will be so much easier in the upgrade processor and coding should be stronger!

kwajr says:

What does this have to do the question he asked

kwajr says:

Maybe you updated glance a while back that removed notifications

karmamule says:

Do you have a pending Extras/Info update by any chance? 

Troyseph says:

I think kwajr is right.

My last update was defiantly solid even felt a speed difference this one not so much

Alpo714 says:

Has anyone with Tmo received this update yet? I live in California and I have not yet received this update. Please let me know!

Mystictrust says:

Yep, I got it the day this article was posted, and from the llooks of the comments, other 925 owners have received it as well. Give it time, it's definitely on the network.

Alpo714 says:

Thank you for your kind response. I will await its appearance on my WP store live tile. Thanks again!

Mystictrust says:

It won't appear on your store live tile. This is a firmware/system update, so go into settings, phone update, and check for updates there. If you've been waiting on the store tile this whole time, then you're looking in the wrong spot and might have the update available right now!

Alpo714 says:

Thanks for the input! I checked my settings and its there! I've updated my Lumia 925. Thank you!!!