T-Mobile 'My First Smartphone' Windows Phone sweepstakes

TMobile 710 Sweepstake

T-Mobile U.S. is hosting a "My First Smartphone" sweepstake on their Facebook page. What are the grand prizes? Nokia Lumia 710 handsets and a free year of service, for four lucky winners. All that's required from entrants are personal details (as is the case with any Facebook promotion) as well as describing what smartphone feature(s) would change your life in 100 words or less.

The competition is perfect for those who are yet to upgrade to a smartphone with the Lumia 710 being a superb low-end Windows Phone. Competition ends on February 17th. Be sure to check out the sweepstake rules.

Source: T-Mobile US Facebook, thanks Kyle for the tip!



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Neb Okla says:

Cool contest, just wish there were more prizes. Have a few friends on T-Mo - mother in law working on getting her first smart phone (HTC Arrive) from Sprint. They aren't making it easy - told her that iPhones are better. :P

You would let you mom get a HTC Arrive?  To use for the next 2 years?
Windows Phone is better OS, but the iPhone4(S) is a better hardware design choice (compared to the Arrive), in my opinion.  Nonetheless, hope she enjoys whichever device she chooses.

Baka says:

Yeah, that physical keyboard on the iPhone rocks.  Oh. Wait.

Technically, nokia has the best hardware. And what nokia has to offer with windows phone is great.

And by saying nokia has excellent quality, I mean the Lumia 800 and 900. The 710 isn't that amazing unibody polycarbonate design.

Totally agree - I have a N8, and a Nokia Lumia will be my first WP device.  I was just basically stating that if my only choice was Sprint and I, for whatever reason couldn't jump ship to ATT, I would not settle for the HTC Arrive; I would get the iPhone4S.

Justin.TV312 says:

Who cares if the hardware is better or not? The OS runs so fast and smooth that the hardware is unnoticeable

BuddyHM17 says:

Your welcome for the tip and thanks for writing up the article! I agree too, it's good to see T-Moble promoting Windows Phone! :)

Gatlyn says:

As surprising as it is, it's nice to see T-Mobile promoting Windows Phone.

willied says:

Glad they are doing this. WP needs to get into the hands of more people so they can realize how good it really is.

montel1978 says:

Its good that are doing this and while they are at it they should educate there sales people on WP7. Also I hope they get TiTan and other Nokia's.

lerimer says:

My first post from the wpcentral app. AWESOME!!!!

thetuxmask says:

This is really cool of t-mobile got to tell some of my buddies looking to get their first smartphone

New update for the app is amazing!

sanjlogan says:

Yup cool app wpcentral... Love to have with new features. Amazing job devs!!!

Odd-i-See says:

T-Mo, please announce some high-end Nokia phones.....

Justin.TV312 says:

T-mobile now doing more to push WP than any other carrier