T-Mobile US pushing out GDR2 OS update for HTC 8X today

HTC and T-Mobile have finally released the GDR2 OS and firmware update for the 8X Windows Phone. The information, posted on T-Mobile’s support forum, confirms the new OS as 10327 and Baseband 3030.0.33501.531. The update can be installed over-the-air, so long as the recipient is on Wi-Fi at the time due to the file size.

Windows Phone Central originally reported a planned rollout of GDR2 back in July and although HTC did have their support page up for that OS change, the update never materialized. Some users had complained that the 8X became more unstable after GDR2 and perhaps T-Mobile decided to do further testing before rolling it out to their customers.

Users can tap into their Settings > Phone Update to check to see if the update is available. The update will bring the following improvements:

  • Camera Improvements
  • Data Sense
  • Improved user experience

That’s in addition to the rest of the GDR2 changes, which are minor. The update itself is 217 MB and users will need at least 50% battery to initialize the update process.

Head to the T-Mobile support page for more information or to our 8X forums for discussion. Thanks, Max Z., for the tip



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Dat1Dude562 says:

Yes! This is great news for the day!

mighty_stag says:

Still waiting on EE in the UK... U_U

AndyGriff says:

I'm not holding my breath. They're as good as useless. And to think they had the 920 exclusively...

KKRLessey says:

They did and a great shame they did as well :'(

gphoneone says:

The first to get the 920 and the last to release the update. If they ever do? They must realise that this puts people off buying their handsets.

The 920 exclusivity on 4G was the only reason I went with them. Since converting from O2, I realise that their network reception is poor (making 4G pointless), and their contract prices are a total rip off. So EE are just continuing to just rub salt in the wound, by sitting on the update for no good reason. :(

Although I suppose it takes time to hack all the optimised network connection code to make it as flakey as possible.

adrian1338 says:

put any ATT and EE postings down here:

irvin792 says:

AT&T told me this about the Lumia updates yesterday : "@ATTCustomerCare: @MykeyIrvin OS are tricky, and require a ton of coordination with manufacturers. As soon as we have news, we’ll let folks know. ^ToshM"

So basically they have no idea

Bull fucking shit! They're a lying sack of shit.

Please go chill in the corner a bit...

irvin792 says:

I know its a T-Mobile post but what good is a gdr2 post without angry at&t comments ;) sorry for stoking the flames. Always love your posts Daniel.

Josh Harman says:

I got my update a few weeks ago, I only select these articles to see the AT&T customers flip out. LOL
I shouldn't laugh, but...

jlynnm350z says:

Nobody puts baby in a corner.

clappenings says:

Manual flash bro,it's the only cure

mister2d says:

Say it again for emphasis.  :D

Using customer care as a source for anything is not very prudent. That response reveals absolutely nothing, lol. Not to mention, this is a T-Mobile post...

True. AT&T Nokia customers get a little agitated knowing another carrier has released GDR2 before AT&T. Not saying that justifies that language however a lot of us feel so left out and abandon by at&t.
I think I'm starting to understand how WP 7.x feel about certain apps

SoCalBIGmike says:

I just think its funny they think this file size is "Too large" & must be on Wi-Fi. Yeah, for all 28 people that have this phone on T-Mobile US. So much for #Uncarrier & #Unlimited

Fiann says:

In other words we have no clue when or even if it is coming. Getting REAL sick of your crap AT&T. Unfortunately putting a hacked rom on isn't really an option for me right now either.

mister2d says:

It's not a hacked rom.

Fiann says:

The ROM itself isn't but you've effectively got to do some hacking to force it onto the phone so it still counts.

mister2d says:

What are you talking about? You use the same firmware tools as a Nokia technician. You aren't hacking anything.

Obviously your knowledge of this is limited at best.

I knew this would happen...just sent mine back on trade-in towards my 925 yesterday!  925 is definitely a better device, but I sure did love my 8x while I had it, but was annoyed by the constand GDR2 delays from TMo.  I do miss the "grippyness" of the 8x vs the slippery 925 too...

RyanAMG says:

I had the Verizon 8X and got the 928 have to remember the 928 slides out of my pocket when I sit down. Didn't have that problem with the 8X.

Yep, same problem here.  Was shopping for a case for the 925 this morning because of that.  I hate cases...

Josh Harman says:

Wear pants with bigger pockets.

eric12341 says:

Great news, my other storage is close to 7GB and I have less than 500mb left so this will be a welcome update. T-mobile always pushes out before AT&T it seems.

rans4d says:

Got my update around 23:00BST in Bristol, UK. Im on Vodafone and use an unbranded 820

KKRLessey says:

EE don't care! A month or maybe more after GDR2 was released is ridiculous!! :'(

rockstarzzz says:

Is there T mobile in more than one nation?

adrian1338 says:

yes.. and they originally are from germany

KKRLessey says:

And part of EE in the UK

rockstarzzz says:

Was wondering if I've missed out which Tmobile is rolling out updates right now.

SWHandyMan says:

No WiFi calling feature??!??!

staticK78 says:

WiFi calling was never to be added. It was for a very brief moment during it's early days of existence...

SWHandyMan says:

 If you look at this link, you will see that it was actually rolled out to a few phones and then due to issues that user's experienced they pulled the update. It was supposed to be something they fixed and then later rolled out again but evidently that has been dropped completely. Very unfortunate.

JJanner says:

I have Wi-Fi Calling with my t-mobile HTC 8X. Firmware is 1532.20.20010.531. I enabled this feature by changing my phone at the t-mobile Web site to a Nokia (Microsoft? lol) 521 and doing a system reset. The Wi-Fi Calling is then installed on the 8X. After which I change my phone back to 8X at the Web site.
So the question is: Does this latest update kill my access to Wi-Fi Calling? Can I simply use the above procedure to recover it, or is it gone forever?  -jj-

sockensuppe says:

What camera improvements? I have an unbranded 8x... and get nothing! That's it. Hello "Microphone"!

silverbladex says:

I love how AT&T gets all these windows phones, but they are the slowest to push out updates. Ridiculous!

Actually, their 8X got GDR2 a few weeks ago, so this most likely a Nokia issue. But it's easier to blame AT&T, I guess.

josephtd says:

Yea, probalby taking a while to strip out Data Sense.

RyanAMG says:

Wasn't ATT first with GDR1?

silverbladex says:

You may be right, but if that's the case, then I would have thought that they would be quick in release other updates too. It seems as though the further along the slower it gets lol

irvin792 says:

Unlikely a Nokia issue as far as Nokia says. Their web page with the roll out status says its waiting for carrier approval. I'm running a 920 with the French gdr2+amber and I am on at&t and everything works, even data sense, tho I doubt the data compression works, but its able to monitor the data use perfectly.
At&t must be stripping features because this is a long time

bpmurr says:

Daniel, trust me it's all AT&T on this one and I'll leave it at that.

staticK78 says:

Got the notice!!! Will download when I get home where I have WiFi & update to follow...GREAT DAY!!

rubenbest says:

My 920 needs this already

kwajr says:

Can we have one damn article about mobile with out going off about att did you read the headline and say wow I better tell everyone how pissed i am

Joe Rodak says:

Welcome to the internet! Get over it and learn yourself some grammar. On a side note, I'm also pissed off at AT&T for not pushing out the Lumia update.

rubenbest says:

Welcome to the internet....grammar not needed get over sucks 920's havent got this

Alienhead95 says:

What the fack is at&t doing?

Josh Harman says:

AT&T has already updated their HTC.

jlynnm350z says:

Can't believe t mobile beat att, that is sad. Att should be ashamed.

jswantek says:

WITH Data Sense.  Good for you, T-Mobile customers!

backlashsid says:

Anyone care to post a full list of changes/updates ?

adrian1338 says:

because noone ever posted a list for amber or gdr2

Josh Harman says:

Amber is Nokia only.

MadSci2 says:

Maybe AT&T needs to hire a hot Canadian babe to sell their network in order to get updates done faster?

The Courier says:

LMFAO... You know something, I think you have a great idea.

Josh Harman says:

That chick needs to eat a cheeseburger... or two.

Great, now how about I get the update on the unlocked Lumia 620 I'm using on T-Mobile?

diktea says:

the GDR2 update news becomes so stale now (not that my country get it yet) but it doesnt excite me anymore but only irritation and mourning

jlynnm350z says:

Yeah, who cares any more, I'm over it. Keep the damn update

slap0rama says:

My 8x is updating now! Nice.

ricardios says:

Downloaded and updated. Not able to open the music and videos app. Want to check out the fm radio

Thimbro says:

Yes yes yes! I'm so happy! Happy about the new features and extra happy that my other storage will no longer be 9 gigs!!!

deloa84 says:

Does anyone know if you get FM radio with this update ?

FearL0rd says:

Yes it is there

Rubenidas says:

Where? I just updated my T-Mo 8x and i dont see FM Radio anywhere

dortyboy says:

Really At&t. Wtf is wrong with you all. Let me walk over to an At&t store and smash my phone through their windows

damo579 says:

For everyone with a 920 on at&t like myself it will most likely come out next week or the week after. Reason being that's when the 925 comes out.

DalekSnare says:

But the 1020 is already out, so it's not like they haven't tried other phones with GDR2. But maybe once they are done with the 925 they will put someone on testing the 920.

Joe Rodak says:

It's not that they already have a phone out with Amber pre-installed. The reason AT&T is holding it back is because they want you to ditch your Lumia 920 for a new Lumia 925. The 925 is more in the price bracket of the 920 when it came out instead of the Lumia 1020. They're hoping you get frusturated and just buy a new phone.

damo579 says:

But we are in 2 year contract so most likely we can't upgrade now. I know I can't I got my 920 6 months ago.

kwajr says:

And why would att beat mobile really,cause y'all pay more mobile was the first to launch gdr2 on any device to sum it up tmo has data sense ,WiFi calling great when signal is poor ie home, lower prices , and no contract get wih the game folks.

FearL0rd says:

Nice... I got it loaded in wifes phone

mordawkubel says:

Downloading the update now. Thanks T-Mobile. 

Installing it now. Does anyone know how long it takes to install it? Late update took over 4 hours.

Richard_Indy says:

Talk about an ARGH moment. I'm an IT guy who has a weekly all day Wednesday client who just so happens to have 8 TMO 8x's. I read this post after I get home tonight. I even checked one today early on. Homer sayin' DOPE!!!

.i do have a key to thier office and my own security code... Problem is... Do I want load the 9,5, and 3 yo boys and try to beat the alarm to just install gdr2.... My at&t L920 would prolly brick on me for doin the dead


Richard_Indy says:

Updating one fresh 8x. Couldn't stand it, had to go and get it.

Richard_Indy says:

Update only took about 25 minutes to download and install. this is on a freshly flashed phone though with only a couple apps installed. I see data sense, the radio...flip to mute ringer...Still looking it over

sockensuppe says:

Can someone please tell me (us) what kind of camera improvements are made with this update? Thanks

makoute says:

going on right now.  Finally!