T-Mobile readying Windows Phone Tango for HTC Radar, shipping on new phones already

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One of the “forgotten” phones on T-Mobile seems to have been the awesome and site favorite HTC Radar. We say that only because it has yet to receive the 8773 ‘Tango’ update like a lot of other Windows Phone, including its non-branded international counterpart.

We’ve now had two reports coming in noting that replacement phones for the Radar have ‘Tango’ in ROM:

  • OS version: 7.10.8773.98
  • Firmware revision number:1750.0602.40602.531

There’s no word of course when or if T-Mobile will push out the update for the rest of you who still have working Radars but we think it’s a positive sign that fresh-from-the-factory versions are coming with a T-mo approved new ROM.

Although Tango is a minor update, it does feature such things as multiple MMS messaging and other minor improvements to the user experience in addition to the optimized new firmware from HTC to fix any other performance issue that may be nagging users.

We checked our Zune Desktop and did not notice any awaiting updates (even when we “forced” it using the Wi-Fi trick) so don’t get too excited yet. We’ll try to find out more though so keep your fingers crossed in the meantime. Thanks, Andre for the photo and ICMIAMI05, for the info



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CJ Thunder says:

Mandatory "WTF AT&T" comment

aubreyq says:

Exactly. WTF AT&T? When is my Focus getting Tango?

inteller says:

I'm sure our "Premier Windows Phone Partner" is still testing to make sure there is no way you can circumvent for free teathering....and we gotta make sure you can use those ATT Navigator and Radio Apps!

JamesDax3 says:

What about the HD7??

tbonenga says:

Call T-Mobile every day and ask about it. If enough people call and tie up a reps time they'll push it.

They have no info on whether the hd7 is getting tango.

Odd-i-See says:

I call t-mo and they never have any info on when the hd7 will be updated. Oh well. I have been eligible for an upgrade since December of 2011 and hoping t-mo gets some good windows 8 phones.

dkp23 says:

eff u ATT!

Evster88 says:

Still waiting on tango for the t-mobile dell venue pro...

chad08er says:

The Tango update is out all ready for the DVP.Updated mine a month ago.

falsehopess says:

i have a couple of dvp and the only ones getting the update are the unlocked ones. my t-mobile dvp refuses to update

chad08er says:

Mines unlocked T Mobile,but I've seen other post that people received the update on T Mobile DVP.

falsehopess says:

well hell guess im just unlucky then

chad08er says:

But don't know if these posts are true or not.

whatup12 says:

seriously. I would dump att in a heartbeat except for their international data roaming plan. Verizon also has but
T-mobile doesn't. But Verizon doesn't have functional wp7 options. Can't wait to ditch att and with me goes 300 plus per month. I know it isn't much but I can't be the only one.

anglirich says:

HD7 - the forgotten workhorse of the windows family.
Gonna miss it when march 2013 rolls around. Hear that t-immobile!

MikeySoft says:

Still waiting on tango for a new Titan II

Well, that's unusual. I live in Canada and have a Radar 4G and have already gotten the update a month or so ago. Usually we are behind on updates than the US, especially with my carrier(WIND Mobile) since they are on the same kind of network and frequency as T-Mo.

sanjlogan says:

I m on bell but using same HTC Radar 4G, still didn't get the update tango and 7.8 too.. We all r waiting who r residing in Canada cuz we r behind in getting updates I think...

NIST says:

What about the T-mo DVP? When do we get ours?

MrDiamondJ says:

Yeah, come on AT&T. My Surround needs an update.

Agent-P says:

Finally. I hope it's pushed out soon. I've been waiting for my Radar to get this update. Twice in the past few weeks I've needed to send multiple pictures and I couldn't do it in one message.

jwilde51710 says:

omg finally.....have been waiting forever!!!. i was starting to think i wouldnt get it till 7.8 came out

RaRa85 says:

Seriously though for a minor update, the carriers have failed us big time. ATT hasn't even released the disappearing keyboard fix yet. None of these idiots have Windows Phones cause if they did, they'd know how we feel and get us the updates in a reasonable time. HELLO!

aubreyq says:

"None of these idiots have Windows Phones cause if they did, they'd know how we feel and get us the updates in a reasonable time."
That's a good point. I bet you none of the bigwigs at AT&T use a Windows Phone as their main smartphone. Bunch of asshats.

hellomiggy says:

Reading this gives me hope that one day.... One day my Lumia 900, will get Tango.

For those who got 8107 around release date, most likely tango will be skipped until 7.8...its only a few months away at most...

Hopefully this will fix the data loss problem on the Radar.  I use internet sharing often so it would be welcome to not have to switch on airplane mode multiple times a day.

What about us still rocking the HD7?!?! :-\

HD7 is usually a couple weeks after the radar, so maybe that's the case this time.

At this rate, I'll be able to force 7.8 onto my hd7 before they release tango. This is why MS should handle the updates. Carriers just like to f us when updates come out so that we have no choice but to deal with whatever the patch fixes. Thanks tmo for not letting me have the enhanced mms.

sanjlogan says:

What abt HTC Radar 4G but on bell network in Canada, still hasn't got update either tango or 7.8... I m still waiting for these two updates.... My Radar 4G is unlocked using on Bell network in Canada.

jfa1 says:

ATT has said it will come in the summer of 2012  so it will here between now and 9/22/2012!  Save your breath and your fingers  nothing you say or typewill get it here any sooner!

Summer is almost over. They won't need to push tango at this rate since napollo will be out by then. Napollo? My new name for non Apollo or 7.8.