T-Mobile set to get Samsung Odyssey with Windows Phone 8, LTE?

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It looks like Samsung may have inadvertently leaked their upcoming Windows Phone 8 device for peppy T-Mobile. And if accurate, fans will be very excited.

The data presented in the document, found by TmoNews, hints that this device is none other than the Samsung Odyssey, which was initially leaked in court documents at the end of July.

The info comes from Samsung's wap.samsungmobile.com site which notoriously shows upcoming devices before they are announced...

The Odyssey or SGH-T899 packs some powerful specifications, according to the info buried in the document:

  • 4.65” Super AMOLED HD screen (1280x720)
  • LTE, HSPA+ 21 (supports HSPA+ 42 too)
  • 8MP Rear camera; 720P Front-facing camera
  • MSM8960 (dual-core 1.5GHz) chip
  • NFC

The phone is confirmed as running Internet Explorer 10 as found on Windows Phone 8 and hints to the device’s ID as being T-Mobile’s first Apollo and LTE device. Although T-Mobile is not expecting to have a massive LTE network to match AT&T or Verizon’s coverage anytime soon, it’s sure nice to see them making this device “future proof” from the start.

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The rest of the specifications should also make many folks happy—unless of course you’re waiting on a flagship Nokia device. For that, we’ll just have to wait.

Source: Samsung; via TmoNews

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Munkeyphyst says:

That phone looks very nice.

The one in the picture isn't the phone... Do u mean the specs?

jcagga says:

Why so serious? Why don't you get the sarcasm?? Why can't we joke around and have some fin?

procen says:

Probably didn't know is sarcasm!

??? I wasn't mad... And it is hard to get sarcasm through text.

Lol yea it is hard to

Munkeyphyst says:

I see what you did there... Someone's been watching Shark Week. But seriously, that's a nice looking phone, the one pictured. The one the article describes sounds nice too.

WilliamC1972 says:

Nokia better come strong!!!!

tbonenga says:

Nokia who??? I'm all on this one. I hope HTC and Nokia has something comparable. Samsung makes good stuff. There is a reason the Glll is the best Android. I have the value plan. I hope I can buy this for under $500.

ZX9 says:

On a contract when is a phone $500?? That's usually only a few hundred dollars more or less than an off-contract phone.

tedfordz says:

Being in value means tbone is most likely still paying off his phone. Means retail cost for the new phone or the remaining cost from his previous plus downpayment for the new Sammy. Value is similar to how some European carriers do it. Lower monthly plan + broken up cost of phone as payments. Still ends up being cheaper than any of the other carriers.

Best Android for what.?

abond32 says:

I don't like Samsung phones they feel cheap and everyone I've had in my house hold isn't great. Waiting in Nokia because they update often but I wanna stay away from ATT. So I hope Nokia drops a good one on tmo

Please stop with this. People want light phones.

jcagga says:

Light doesn't mean plasticky. Plastic is chosen because Samsung wants to maximize profit, not to innovate. No innovation means big middle finger to the consumers.

Jf.Vigor says:

People know what they're buying though. I prefer the solid builds of Nokia phones and I'm sure many do actually, but people make a conscious decision to buy Samsung's plastic phones. Just like how they keep making sequels to Saw movies and crappy 3D movies because people keep going to see them!

Well, Samsung is doing very well for themselves with their "plasticky" phones.  They're now the world's #1 largest handset maker. 

That makes me hesitant to give them on advice on how to do things.

procen says:

That's why their asses is getting sued by Crapple for supposedly copying. Samsung should develop their own design like MS or join MS.

Whether they are copying or not has nothing to do with their phones being plasticky, does it?

rceballos10 says:

Agreed.  I've had the Focus and Focus S... these "plasticky" phones are awesome.  Never had an issue with them.
I have friends with their "solid" HTC's or Nokia's, which are nice, but Samsung definitely catches everyone else's eye.  Just look at the Galayx S3... it's pretty awesome!!!... for a Android. =)
Daniel, do we know if the Odyssey will be exclusive to T-Mobile?  I'm guessing that would be a big hit to At&t's loyal WP users whom most of, own the Samsung Focus S right? 
Would hate to go to Nokia or HTC only because their best phone is unavailabe with At&t.

jcagga says:

Yes they sell the most because they advertise the heck out of it producing cheap materials for more inventory

That's only half true. People wouldn't buy the GSIII if they weren't happy with the GS1, GSII.

Yes, they advertise. But yes, people also just like their phones.

Just accept it and stop making excuses. You can't force millions of people to buy your phone just because you run an ad a bunch of times.

brmiller1976 says:

I keep reading this (Apple-encouraged) claim that "Samsung doesn't innovate."
It's nonsense.
Samsung was the first to deliver lightweight phones.
They were the first with LTE, the first with large SAMOLED screens, and the first carrier to release the same handset model across all carriers (Galaxy S III).
Samsung could emulate Apple and release a chip/crack-prone phone made of glass, or it could deliver an aluminum alloy phone with poorer signal strength, I suppose.  I happen to think a durable, lightweight and recyclable polymer is the right way to go, and is VERY innovative versus the use of easily-broken materials.

dakken says:

Don't let the specs fool you. Samsung hardware is pretty much junk,,,speaking from experiencce I've had a few samsung phones and had to return them each multiple times because they just didn't work properly. From phone restarting itself,screens that wouldn't respond to touch,glitchy and unresponsive. galaxy s-s2 sidekick 4g.

I dunno, I loved the Focus, Focus S and Focus 2. Great hardware, very little issues, decent cameras and great audio quality (for calls).

This sounds like a great phone, especially for those on T-Mobile.

I think people confuse "thin and light" with "cheap". Sure, Nokia phones are built well but they're also hefty. 

I just wish the Focus S had LTE on board.

fraincs says:

Samsung with Android might be laggy but with WP7 it's the bomb. Never had to reset, or pull battery except once but I had literally 1mb left on board (my fault)!

procen says:

I have the same problem from day one when I purchased Galaxy S Vibrant. The GPS didn't work at all brand new phone and I got a replacement worked for a while and did the same thing. I will wait for Nokia and HTC before I go to Samsung.

cdbstl76 says:

My focus was awesome!!!

TechAbstract says:

Most of the time it's Android that is buggy and laggy. I have had plenty of Android phones before my Lumia 900.

I personally loved most of Samsung's WP offerings with the exception of the Focus Flash which had a load of problems right out of the box. Thankfully Samsung fixed most of them in a firmware update.

Jf.Vigor says:

is that a common thing now for phones to have front facing cameras that shoot 720p video? I'm dumb impressed

This looks like my upgrade if holds true.

WilliamC1972 says:

Samsung quality is just crappy as hell compared to Nokia. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Got any evidence to support this? Can't stand Nokia groupies soiling every article that's not Nokia.

im not a Nokia fam but Samsung does make crap, my Focus S, then Flash and 2 in my family experience the same problems, unresponsive screens, hesitation in typing only when music or head phones are in and a number of other things, At least Nokia makes great hardware that doesn't break easily and is driving there customer support through the roof

dakken says:

Watch reviews on youtube for just about any Galaxy phone and you'll see that the biggest and most frequent complaint is about the build quality and overall cheap feel of the phones GS1 GS2 AND GS3. And if you want to see really unbiased reviews check out Flossycarter.

Neusyn says:

Compared to Nokia... Yeah I'd have to agree.

dakken says:

The S3 is the most popular phone because they promote the crap out of it,,every other comercial I see on tv is for the the S3. Just because it popular doesn't mean its a good phone.

Izaku says:

Just look at how "great" the iPhone is ;)

Neusyn says:

I even have GS3 ads on my London 2012 app lol. I know it's a Samsung made or paid app but still, I'd expect a windows phone.

dakken says:

Well maybe it was just android that was making samsung look bad,,,hopefully there apollo phones are better.

venom5150 says:

This is first thing that came to mind.

Jf.Vigor says:

Samsung releases high, mid and low quality phones (in their Galaxy line). They make loads of money off of them and I dont blame them for their strategy. Their windows phones have been in their mid category. But the build qualities have been just fine!

Odd-i-See says:

I have had an upgrade available since December 2011 with T-Mo, my hd7 has been my workhorse since it was released.

anglirich says:

I raise my glass to the HD7 too!

Sounds impressive,hopefully it'll have SRS on board. If that's true and if HTC doesn't have something similar then this will be my next phone.

tigermcm says:

Ugh why cant sprint have something leaked

mjfadaway says:

Im sure sprint will get an HTC device

theefman says:

I wonder why people are so impressed with this, apart from screen size (which HTC is likely to trump) the specs are going to be virtually the same for devices from Nokia and HTC as they are all mandated by MS. More important is the design and added value, which is where Nokia is unmatched. I personally am not moved but definitely good to have such an option on Tmo.

Jf.Vigor says:

On the contrary, windows phone 8 is based off of a new core architecture. The possibilities for hardware customization hae been much exapnded. There wont be clone devices like there was with wp7 my good sir

theefman says:

Just like WP7 the specs for WP8 are set so all OEM's have access to the same core CPU/GPU, screen res. They can differentiate with cameras, RAM (maybe), screen size/quality but they will all be dual core with the same GPU and same max res. What will decide who really has the best device is when we see the complete packages but right now this device's specs by themselves dont give the full picture. Still much more to know about all the devices that will be coming out to decide which one is best.

PG2G says:

Same resolution? I know you said max but that doesn't really make sense. WP8 supports both the old resolution (likely on any phone under 4.3") as well as the new 720p and 768p. T-Mobile customers will be happy that they didn't end up with only a budget device.

theefman says:

Not sure how it doesnt make sense but point is, Nokia, HTC and Huawei can also use 720/768p screens so the playing field is level in regards to hardware specs. Nowhere did I say Tmo customers wont be happy with such a device.  

sorry some WP8 devices have quad core

theefman says:

Link to the announcement?

dukrem says:

The HTC Zenith is rumoured to be quad core, but that will likely only happen when the snapdragon S4 quad cores come out. It won't be tegra or any other brand.

Why are you such a downer?

NIST says:

Nice phone, but I just hope there are more to choose from on TMo.

tedfordz says:

Agreed. I'd love at least three high end windows to compete against the three high end Android (gs3, note, whatever HTC comes out with after one s). Plus there's always the possibility of blackberry not sucking next year. It would be great to have so much choice. Biggest selling pt would be the bigger screens. I myself don't like them but we have customers pass on WP all the time because they want bigger screens.

I wonder if the Lumia Pureview phone will have a quad core chip with one core dedicated for imaging and another for sound processing. It would really impress me if Samsung went this route for their next super phone (GSIII) on the windows phone 8 platform. In theory its just a dual core phone with dedicated hardware for specific task, but under the covers, there's a monster hiding.

Mystictrust says:

I'm waiting for a phone that hasn't jumped on the "bigger screen is better" bandwagon. Give me a WP8 Lumia 800 clone and I'll be happy.

That does seem to be the ideal.size, but here in America, small phone are becoming extinct. Phablets are even becoming popular

NIST says:

5% of my usage is actually making phone calls. For a lot of us a larger screen is better. However I do see your point. A small phone does have its merits.

LOL @ phablets. I love that term! :)  Anyway, I'm glad to see a diversity still available on most carriers between 3.7 and 4.7. Whatever the phone with the 5.1" screen is RIDICULOUS. My CEO is 6.7" tall and massive hands but still didn't like it either. Now I just need to get him away from Android.

willied says:

Let's hope they come out with some high end 4" phones. I dont want a TV in my pocket.

tedfordz says:

+1. Perfect size.

I would say 4.3 inches.

WP7WasMyIdea says:

Ph*ck Phablets

microhaxo#WP says:

Skyrocket Replica...
I want something original.

RaRa85 says:

Specs look good. Timing sounds good. T-Mobile customer. Bring it on!

I'm both Nokia and Samsung fan Amoled screens r the best but Nokia out did Samsung with the polarizer lol

astroXP says:

T-Mobile and LTE? YES PLEASE!!!!!!

chucky78 says:

Well there is my confirmation for what phone I might get considering I'm on Wind Mobile.

Got an Omnia 7...definitely going for the odyssey...Samsung rocks

Renigade16 says:

About time Tmobile gets some real hardware. I've been dying to upgrade my HD7.

Odd-i-See says:

Me to bro! I have been saving by upgrade and holding on to the hd7. I have to say, the hd7 has pit in its dues for me. No way perfect, but I have had it since it released on T-Mo without it ever crapping out on me.

welsbloke says:

I loved the Omnia still in many ways better than the Lumia I have now. Also it was not plasticky :)

"Not plasticky" ... So then you must REALLY hate ALL of the Galaxy S3 model phones. My boss got one last week, and that was the first comment I made after saying, "Wow, I like the screen... but it still feels like cheap plastic."

ohhhhhhh goooooodd why is the screen soooo BIG!!!!!
people dont need more than 4" ever, and before people say they do...... NEVER!!!!!!! i guess kids that like showing off do, but  productive members of society dont.

I'd much rather have a big screen, and I consider myself highly productive, thank you very much!

I have the Titan currently, and I LOVE it. It's so much easier showing off pictures and video clips on the bigger screen and less pinching and zooming. Reading text requires less scrolling and squinting.

It truly is a beautiful thing. This is why consumers have such diverse choices in screen size and form factors.

I'm wondering if Samsung will make this phone available on multiple carriers or just T-Mobile. If all the OEM's launch on multiple carriers, and if they bother to market them, then I think we could have a very big winner. Things are continuing to look up! :)

Dare2Blink says:

Sounds Good but still it won't hold a candle to a Nokia pureview phone. Can't wait for that

lubbalots says:

Hopefully for Tmo, its not just Samsung. There needs to be an HD8!

Odd-i-See says:

I would love to see that! HD8!

jdep1 says:

The question is- Is this phone good enough to replace my unlocked focus s? It looks like a dual core is not enough for me. Yes it's enough to run smooth but come on dual core is last years technology high-end devices are running quad core. Samsung make a windows phone with the the same hardware as the galxy line & I will stay loyal to your brand. If a Nokia lumia with a bigger camera is also heading to t mobile I'll just pick up a Nokia.

jaethos says:

Actually all of the recent hero devices are dual core, at least the ones that have lte. In fact, they all use the same SOC as the first wave of WP8 will have. That includes the GS3 & the One X in the U.S. Currently if you want a quad core you have to give up lte.

dukrem says:

And currently S4 dual core really doesn't lose much against quad core tegra 3 - per core performance on the S4 is way up on last gen - if you want the latest and greatest this is it.

awesumjon says:

It sounds amazing. But wow that is a huge screen. I think 4.3" is big enough. But, I'll wait until I see it in hand.

el-ojo says:

I have an omnia7. The one NOKIA phone that I really admired was the E71. But after a year of owning it started freezing and turning on and off on its own. I owned an XPERIA PLAY. It did the same thing. I've had my WP7 for a year and guess what? Call quality, phone quality is GREAT! No issues and it's a metallic Samsung phone. I LOVE IT!!

WP95 says:

This phone sounds like a great one for T Mobile users. Now let's hear some stuff about Verizon and Nokia?

vijax21 says:

Specs sounds awesome Samsung always pushing the hardware limits whether you need it or not. Will give Samsung a chance if Nokia doesn't comes up with at the very least equivalent specs phone.