T-Mobile's HD7 still lacks multi-lingual keyboard after promised fix

Everyone hates un-finished products, but to have a smartphone only limited to one language? If you aren't familiar with what I mean, back in December we covered how the HTC HD7 on T-Mobile was the only device which was limited to having English as the only available language setting. As one would expect, many have been relatively annoyed by the lack of multi-lingual support - in this case, Spanish speaking Americans.

As well as explaining the problem and why it occurred (due to "lack of time"), HTC also stated to Jeff (he got in touch with HTC about the problem and tipped us originally) that "by February this should not be an issue", meaning the NoDo update should see more languages supported by the device.

It seems HTC (or T-Mobile) hasn't lived up to their promise and Jeff has now reported to us that multi-lingual keyboard support is still missing. Bizarre, more than anything. On one side of the wall you have Microsoft being beaten to death by an angry mob while desperately attempting to apologize for previous mistakes, and on the opposite side you have HTC making promises they don't seem able to keep.

Looking at the same thread at the T-Mobile forums that Jeff brought to our attention months ago, a few recent, post-update, concerns have been voiced.

Alternative explanation? With Samsung and Dell shipping firmware updates in addition to the February/March updates, perhaps, just perhaps, the HD7 will also be getting a separate firmware update that will fix this as well as other "issues". We'll keep an eye out.

Thanks for the tip, Jeff!



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jimski says:

My AT&T branded Surround is locked to "English" as the display language. Just figured this was a way of AT&T saying, **** you, now come on in and spend more money". Anyway, if AT&T tried to implement more languages it would probably be 2012 before we ever got to see NoDo.

Physboy says:

Don't hold your breath!

aliencatos says:

My t-mob is locked to "English" as well, I like to get french as well...

pressstart says:

What keyboards do other phones have? I know in the game Text Text Revolution, it gives you a choice of what languages you want to use, including Spanish, French, and even Korean on the HD7. I wonder if it uses software keyboard or the built in ones. If it's built in, it would look like HTC or T-Mobile is blocking it though :(

TheWeeBear says:

My Samsung Omnia 7 has English (UK), English (USA), French (Canada), French (France), French (Switzerland), German, Italian, Spanish (Spanish International)All are available to select. I guess it would have these, seeing it's a European handset really.Anyway, thought I would just share.

HD7guy says:

Spanish is good, but there are other languages that need support!