Take the Talk Mobile Creativity survey for a chance to win a 00 Best Buy Gift Card!

Take the Talk Mobile Creativity survey for a chance to win a $100 Best Buy Gift Card!

We've closed out mobile creativity week of Talk Mobile, so it's survey time! Yep, another Talk Mobile week, another Talk Mobile survey, and another chance to win some money in exchange for giving us some quantifiable data! Mobile creativity week touched on photography, videography, mobile business, and more, and it was just great.

So, without further ado, here's the mobile creativity week survey - it's not too long, tackling photos and video and business and the like. And it's multiple choice, so don't feel like you have to study or cheat or anything. And as a bit of incentive, completing the survey enters you for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Best Buy. Sounds like a good deal, eh?

Click here to take the Talk Mobile State of Mobile Creativity Survey!



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sholokov says:

Question 31 & 32 are identical.

ssapre says:

Lol... first, second or third !!!! I never saw anyone winning this here :-) just saying.

sholokov says:

Ooops... Instead of writing a new comment, I changed the original.

smontoya2 says:

Thought it was a bonus trick question for an extra entry. LOL.

sholokov says:

What if someone chooses two different answers for the two questions. O.o

There should have been a third option on 32 - "I've told you already. What are you, deaf?"

Just finished and came to see how many commented on this exact thing.

NIST says:

I heard there was pizza here.