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28 Messenger, a free Google Talk client, updated with lockscreen support and doodling Messenger

The popular Messenger app for Windows Phone has been updated with some interesting features and is a great solution if you use Google Talk on the go.

If you're into the app and service to keep in touch with contacts, you'll love some of the new features in this latest release. We're looking at lockscreen support in a freely available solution. Messenger can now tap into one of five notification spots on the main locksreen and display a counter. Simple but effective. Messenger for Windows Phone

But wait there's more. The new update also includes the ability to draw doodles and send them in messages to contacts. Simply select "draw doodle" and let the imagination take over. Other features include:

  • Chat with Phonebook, Facebook, GTalk & Work contacts
  • Send free SMS to friends in US, Canada & India
  • Import Phonebook Contacts

Even better, there's a desktop version of the app as well, so you can chat with people while on your Windows 8 PC:

You can download Messenger for free from the Store. Windows Phone 8 only.

via: WinSource

QR: Messenger



There are 28 comments. Sign in to comment

blackhawk556 says:

I'm seriously waiting for whatsapp or Skype to get better

Martin Li says:

Can't agree more. Whatsapp is just dead for over 4 months. 

Miksup says:

How many instant messengers people need? I'm using just whatsapp and SMS, Skype on PC.

ispanico says:

Fuck ios7 = wp8

rodneyej says:

iOS Sucks Even Virtually Everyday Now!

I use this for Facebook and Google Talk. Don't really use Facebook chat with the OS messaging. I do wish more of my friends would IM via Skype and WhatsApp though. I think Kik is getting pretty popular too

cybermoose89 says:

Im sticking with what's app and skype

TMavC5 says:

This is nice alternative to chat with google friends.

Nik Rolls says:

Where has this been hiding? I must have tried all the other options and found them seriously lacking. I need Google Talk for work because we haven't transitioned to 365 yet. This one looks really good so far.

pankaj981 says:

Im+ works great, and so does jitalk

Nik Rolls says:

IM+ is ok but it keeps disconnecting me and the UI is pretty lacking. is free and has a great UI, and seems to be working well so far.

sri pendyala says:

Try ICQ as well. It is a well designed app too.

pankaj981 says:

Keeps on throwing the occasional cannot go online errors

Why does this app refuse to go forward without entering a phone number? Last i checked, gtalk don't require a phone number to work. Even when i enter my phone number its telling me invalid number.

jcutting says:

Yeah, that's lame. I tried just throwing in a bogus number, but it expects verification, too. I finally gave in and used my Google Voice number, but I don't see why the app requires a phone number just to let you use GT.

Octrotalk works perfectly fine thy have an app for iOS too.

Ninja1043 says:

Does someone knows if the SMS sent uses your Google Voice number? And receives messages from it too?

david90531 says:

Love this app glad to see the dev continually supporting wp8, I use this instead of stalk messenger cuz it can send pictures

suraj.das says:

Its available for windows phone 7.x too.

titoyees says:

Lol. How every writer in wpcentral hates windows phone 7. Wow, this app its also update on wp 7.

peterfares says:

No one cares about WP7 anymore. Not Microsoft, not the manufactures, not the carriers, and not the power users.

omullins says:

Hmm how did I miss this? Bought IM+ Pro during the red tag sale, and it's decent. The only app I've found with working notifications. But this looks sleeker. Anyone done any comparisons? Gonna try both.

pankaj981 says:

Tried this one before, notifications are wacked

Can any one tell me, how to use google chat in on my windows mobile

omullins says: removed Google support from their app months ago.