Tango video calling app ported to other Windows Phones

Don't want to wait for Skype to come to Windows Phone? Have a developer unlocked device? Then you can head over to XDA to grab the XAP file for Tango, the video calling and VOIP solution that costs nothing to use. Originally offered on the HTC Titan and Radar, it has been ported to older Windows Phones for some fun.

We loaded it up on our HTC Arrives and sure enough, it works. Sure, video calling is a bit choppy, even over WiFi and the audio is only routed through the rear speaker, but the novelty of it is certainly exciting.

The app seems to work on all HTC generation phones and LG phones, but only audio for Samsung devices (Focus, Omnia 7) and of course there's no love for Dell.

Head here to XDA for the relevant thread. Thanks, David, for the link!



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Musicman247 says:

So, do you have to be in front of a mirror for the other person to see you while you see them? ;)

MaulerX says:

If you think about it, it would come in handy when you are trying to show the other person something.

Yup. That's what I was thinking. You cold also just use it for voice. Video is an option.

dr1rrb says:

Works perfectly on my HTC surround ;D

starsoccer9 says:

How did you unlock the HTC arrive. I thought It cant be unlocked. I have been trying to do that forever

Unlock is a confusing term these days..What the post meant by unlock is Dev unlocked and not sim/carrier unlocked. To be dev unlocked, you need to have a MS WP7 dev account (if u r on Mango) or checkout the XDA forum for any ways to dev unlock for free.

tsume says:

The HSPL/RSPL unlock thread says they do NOT support the Arrive or the Trophy, so the only way they could have unlocked the Arrive is with a WP7 dev account unless someone knows otherwise.

starsoccer9 says:

Yea im really sad that my phone cant be dev unlocked. well hopefully with chevron they can unlock it for me yay

lemonsteveo says:

Just noticed a flaw in this app. If you're inside the app and somebody calls you, you won't receive any notifications due to the way notifications work on Windows Phone. Guess it won't really matter since you won't be in the app all the time...