TD Bank confirms Windows Phone app in the works

td bank

A spokesperson for TD (Toronto-Dominion) Bank has confirmed to WPCentral that the major banking institution is developing a Windows Phone app, but it might have a limited launch at first.

We first got word of a possible TD Bank app when one of our community members tipped us to an email he received from a company employee that said a Windows Phone app was in development. We followed up on that tip and contacted an official TD Bank spokesperson, who told us, "Yes, it is definitely in the works & will be released in the near future."

However, the spokesperson added that the app could be released in Canada at first, and may not be released in the United States until sometime later. Of course, we will report on any updates we get on the TD Bank Windows Phone app as we receive them.

TD Bank has over 1,150 branches in Canada, and its US subsidiary has over 1,200 branches that are located on the eastern seaboard of the country. This news comes a few months after Ally Bank launched its Windows Phone app.

What do you think about TD Bank joining the Windows Phone app ecosystem?



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Oh Official Apps, Brings a smile to our faces LOL

Spradry says:

As long as they are done right and not wrappers for the mobile site

carlosrdd says:

Citibank I'm looking at you -_-

Totally Agree with you like that 9Gag App we got....

MediaCastleX says:

Although you gotta admit, sometimes the mobile site looks HEAVILY influenced by the Microsoft Style... Maybe they've been making the shift for a while now?

Wow First Comment LOL

adrian1338 says:

You should be proud and also write a book about it

Z10YkakPES says:

Still no Citizens bank...ugh

mdram says:

And hopefully they will bring NFC mobile pay to it.  RBC only allows this on Android and BB.

Here's hoping. At least RBC has an app: CIBC, I'm looking at you.

mdram says:

True.  Also, I've been wanting to switch to TD from RBC for a while now.  Don't really like RBC.  Do you know what a pain it is to switch banks?  LOL.

Actually they perportedly added support for nfc on fragdroid

bradmente says:

Need ofc app for Regions US

PoohGQ says:

After asking them for an app for 3yrs, they're now planning a release after I moved my accounts. Yay! Official app..

chilero says:

Finally!  I think enough of us customers sent emails, tweets etc... that they finally gave in and said yes.

Their was a petition somewhere by a firm in Toronto i believe just wasnt sure it was legit

Yessss! Finally something that will be available to the rest of the world before US, even though I don't even know about this bank, but I am happy xD

Danial S says:

Because its the second largest bank in Canada while it's still trying to break into the American market

Shad0wguy says:

WP users need to reach out to capital one, as they are quickly becoming the only major bank to not have a WP app.

THE_Lawnboy says:

Agree! Tweet the heck out of them.

toph36 says:

I agree it would be nice to have an official app(s) from Capital One.  However, I have the Capital One 360 mobile site pinned to my Start Screen (through "WebApps") and it works pretty well and I can do anything that I need to do.  The pinned site looks like a regular app.  If they get around to creating native apps, they probably won't be more than wrappers anyway.

Shad0wguy says:

That would be fine, except the mobile site for capital one through webapps pops up a log in box that you have to cancel, as it doesn't take user credentials.  And on top of that scrolling doesn't work right either.  If they fixed their mobile site for the mobile IE I'd be ok with using that.

toph36 says:

I don't get a pop-up using the "WebApps" app with Capital One 360. Maybe it does for the main Capital One site? You do get a message saying the browser is out of date if you access the site directly in IE, but not in WebApps.

scooter165 says:

Bank of Montreal sure could use an app... I'm using Mint to keep an eye on my finances but I'm stuck using my PC for transfers and managing my credit card.

Extraneus says:

Odd... Nearly all major banks, as well as quite a few minor ones here in tiny Denmark have a dedicated WP app.

But whats wp markshare there?

Extraneus says:

Not too big; iPhone is pretty big...

Danial S says:

In Canada WP holds literally 2% of the phone market here. That's why no businesses care about WP here in Canada

Well I wonder if sales figures are skewed by the big 3 like not including non-contract sales?

nlm says:

Windows 8 is the driver now. As long as you let businesses know about universal apps they will want to develop one for the W8 market and WP8 can piggy-back on that.

Still missing my own bank (spar nord), but I'm spamming their Facebook and twitter on a regular basis.. Denmark is generally a bad place for WP it seems.

Extraneus says:

I'll give you a hand with a petition or two, then...! :-)

Extraneus says:

@Heine: Their response to a facebook query was that a WP app is in the works, scheduled release later this summer! B-)

Meier538 says:

Yeah hehe I like how they said it wasn't planned because they thought WP was going to pick up (what I was told from one of there rep) and it's funny how things change. Nice to see they follow the pack and is not a leader. But still happy to have an app finally coming from all the complaints. Now all I need is an American express app :D

From what i remember reading was just use the mobile site since that how we gauge how each platform does

Omega Ra says:

About Damn time!

erzhik says:

Give us "F irst Republic" too.

link1873 says:

Still waiting for the dam cibc one -_-

apocacrux says:

Same here. I've emailed them many times asking for it.

TiLoBrown says:

Finally, now I could stop bugging my fiance to check our account

expresswagon says:

I can't wait for the app too but the mobile version of the website still does work pretty good for now if you need to check

Yeah they had to update that when they launched the fragdroid & crapple apps since they were just web wrappers aswell untill recently(@ least for fragdroid) when they made a deal with enstream

crav4speed says:

Shame on Citibank! They're going to be the last bank to have an app on Windows Phone. Also waiting on American Express.

ladydias says:

My money is on SunTrust being the last one.

bkydcmpr says:

i'm on bmo harris, they don't have one either.

Montpbm says:

SunTrust Bank! Where are you! Lol

Truly good to hear more official apps coming onto wp

roney2--- says:

Wish Citibank would create an app for Windows phone.

dually5000 says:

Finally, can I get a Citibank and American Express

The55 says:

What about the 2nd largest bank in Canada. Bank of Montreal!

Shimoner01 says:

BMO kind of said no a few months ago when they redesigned their mobile website. If I remember correctly, they referenced Windows Phone users as those they were targeting with the redesign; leading one to think that they aren't writing an app (as of that time, anyway).

pgg101 says:

Use m.bmo.com. The new BMO apps for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry 10 are built using html5, so as long as your browser is html5 compliant, the UI is nearly identical to the bb10, iOS, and Android apps

Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30

Danial S says:

Exactly in some ways the bmo mobile site is much better than rbc app

Well, to be fair, Toronto-Dominion is a Canadian bank, though they have expanded into the USA with Waterhouse. I would sort of expect them to hit their main user base in Canada first. That, and we've been pretty vocal in asking for an app for a while now. Just ad others have said though, a real app, not some wrapper.

Yeah id like to see paywave support from them too but the rim Kabul will not have it. Hope rim goes outta business

MediaCastleX says:

In the US they used to be Commerce Banks... Those were the days =P

Crash31002 says:

Finally, I have had td bank for ever and have been waiting for so long.

expresswagon says:

Yes!!! I've been waiting for this since 2010 when I bought my first WP (Samsung Focus) cant wait! :D

Hopefully you still dont use focus since i doubt they will make it a 7/8 release

JohnCz says:

Curious why US rollout cannot happen at the same time as it does in Canada.  Is TD Bank using a different banking system in the US?  Is it a regulatory thing?

Cormango says:

Absolutely. Consolidating services from two countries wihtin the same app is very complex. I figured it would be two different apps.

My guess it will be 2 different apps like on the other platforms

specialkevo says:

Awesome! And in Canada before US! Rarely happens

Cormango says:

I would think Canadians would be pretty upset if it launched in the USA before it's own country. :)

Nah we we have blackberry paperweights to keep us company lol

Shimoner01 says:

Lol, very true.

brebo33 says:

As soon as one of my banks has a wp app I will use them exclusively. Would love to use this nice camera to deposit a check.

expresswagon says:

Im with you on that

buggyglint says:

Finally! I have wanted this app on Windows Phone since the beginning.

As long as enstream(the big 3 Canadian cell provider$) is onboard with this ie. Adding visa paywave to it like they did with fragdroid

Jsinghroy says:

This is my primary bank. I hope this is a universal app so I can used on my miix 2 as well

rydorrin says:

Thank God I've been waiting and waiting

If they make the app...it needs show you that a transfer deposit or a withdraw was made so you know...just incase you didn't do a withdraw

Chris_Kez says:

Great news. Now it's time for Citibank and American Express to step up. I'm seriously close to moving my checking and savings accounts to Chase.

Odd that I just post another request on their website over the past weekend. :) this will complete my app wish list.

I submitted a request thru Where's My App?(a app ms created) & I thought I seen A petition somewhere online for this aswell http://www.petel.ca/Pages/TDBankWP8App.aspx

paparatman says:

What about a US Bank app?

g-knome says:

Was about time! Many many months after being asked for it! Was thinking about switching to RBC for that matter at some point

ajst222 says:

Oh cmon! Bring it to the US at the same time. That's lame

Well its a multinational financial institution so anything is possible but only problem is tackling cc nfc support which each country has its own collective isis & enstream making it impossible to know how quickly they can get it supported on blue

aitt says:

Still need
Capital One
US Bank

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

kurtd says:

Need Charles Schwab. Fidelity needs check deposit. Might switch to TD if their US app has check deposit. Tired of waiting. PNC doesn't care about us.

Ally has check deposit i think their about the only one

kurtd says:

So does Bank of America and Chase but apparently Fidelity and E-Trade can't figure it out.

theorbo says:

I read on the PNC Virtual Wallet blog that a WP app is in the works.  This was a few weeks ago, though.


SB5 says:

If only PNC would release an app

hamburg82 says:

And please don't wait too long for the US release!

mythos13 says:

Finally, I complained loudly to TD about this omission several times. Now we need Birdlog--everyone agrees right.

UnnDunn says:

This is good new for me. Though I hope it isn't just a web wrapper like the Android and iPhone apps.

I thought they updated the fragdriod bb ones

Yes!!! Finally! I'm very excited about this.

wpoblation says:

Don't forget to make one for RT !

Jack Janik says:

Confirmed: Out by 2015 ;)

DarrenSproat says:

So sweet.
I have been lobbying them via customer support and other channels for some time now. And, being from Canada, it's nice to know we're on the initial deployment plan.
So happy.

Vheissu says:

It's nice to see some more banks in the states working on WP apps

DarwinPurol says:

Finally!! Waiting this app for so long!!

pablopinzon says:

I was told last August that one was being tested.  As the months rolled by with no release, I figured that they lost interest.

DLP1997 says:

It's about time! I've been complaining to them about nit having an app for a couple years.

sickgirl1964 says:

That would be great. I use the TD app on my iPad which is pretty good but end up having to use Mint for my cellphone.

groovejumper says:

Excellent! TD Canada user here...

blackprince says:

Now for BMO and Scotiabank to get on board. I bank with RBC and their app is pretty good but I wish it had a few more features and start on the login page.

MadSci2 says:

I've been bugging them monthly since WP7. ABOUT TIME! However they are going to need support for Canadian, US, AND Cross-Border Accounts before their up to speed with the treat of the banks in North America. Now we need to get the Credit Unions to get on board. I'm looking at you NIHFCU!


Kleen Jimi says:

bank apps are the most important. really good to see. hopefully cibc, national bank, and royal bank follow accordingly!

paliotti says:

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW FINALLY.... I thought TD was so against Windows Phone/Windows... I even remember when their execs told us Canadians that we'd never see a WP app.

AccentAE86 says:

Do ANY other banks in Canada have an official app, besides ING/Tangerine?  WP support in Canada sucks, because all the carriers have salespeople who suck at selling WP. 

paliotti says:

I believe RBC has one

AccentAE86 says:

No kidding?  Last I checked, I didn't see it.  But I didn't really look hard.  I just want Servus and National Bank to make official apps. 

jfmanzo says:

RBC and it is beautiful. Completely agree about the lack of Canadian apps, but as much as a despise Tim Hortons I predicted that with the release of the official Timmy Me app we'd be getting more support from Canadian companies. TD is my bank and I'm thrilled. Now for Air Canada, WestJet, Cineplex, etc etc

AccentAE86 says:

Yes, we need all those big names!  I don't go to Timmy's either, but I'm thrilled the app has arrived.  The more and more people that see the WP logo on signs and billboards that say, "Download our mobile app" the more they will sell.  The thing is, most people just don't KNOW to ask about windows phones when they walk into a Rogers Telus Bell Fido store, and the sales reps don't mention them.  If people walk in asking about WP, then it will hopefully change the attitudes of the sales force.

neonspark says:

I have TDBank. yai.

chucky78 says:

Yes it's about time

U234 says:

What about PNC Bank and US Bank!!! Microsoft we need your help. I tweeted the banks numerous times and opened complain cases. Need help!

nlm says:

I wonder if W8 is a big driver now for future app development. Whenever I mention W8 and WP8 can share the same app if its developed as universal I get a positive response.

bpvu says:

Yes!!! Its about time for some WP love.

Another finally from me. Sounds like a lot of us have been bugging them for quite some time. I guess they just got tired of our annoying emails. It better be a real app or they'll be getting more annoying emails from us.

nwildcat says:

I'll be waiting for the US app launch, hopefully it's not too far off. Really don't get these it's not in the US first messages. So what? TD Bank might easily have more customers in the US than it does in Canada despite it being a Canadian bank.  Why? There's more people in Northeast US, where TD Banks are located, than all of Canada. There's even more US branches than Canadian branches at this point. So that's why. Sometimes it's just business and you follow the money.

offbeatbop says:

I emailed TD Bank personally (as I do everyone during my onslaught on corporate America's lack of official WP8 apps) weeks ago and politely complained of their lack f a wp8 app. 


I wonder if I had any influence?

Gonzo Lives says:

That's awesome because I was going to switch my banking to RBC because TD was refusing to make an app! Maybe now I will hold out a bit...

Gonzo Lives says:

I also tweeted them, facebooked them and emailed them.