Teaser: Nokia teams up with Deadmau5 for an epic 4D promotion on 11/28 in London

Nokia UK just posted this amazing teaser video featuring music by Deadmau5 which promises an epic 4D promotion in (on?) Millbank Tower in London on November 28th.

The video just shows behind the scenes as engineers and lighting specialists being the preparations for what looks like an epic, end-all-be-all for Nokia's Windows Phone push in the UK. Seriously, between what just happened in New York City last week and what this video is promising, we're pretty excited. Looking to transform the building's "800 windows" into a "groundbreaking 4D audio and visual experience" in no small task.

This should certainly gain some publicity for Windows Phone and Nokia!

Thanks, Keith H., for the heads up!



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RogueCode says:

Yay for good advertising!I know this is Nokia, but Microsoft seems to be stepping up their game as of late. It's almost as if they were waiting to have a real partner + devices before advertising to avoid people being disappointed.

futurix says:

I think they were waiting for Mango - as like everybody else they knew that Windows Phone 7.0 was a bit too limited to be successful.

Bei337 says:

I've always felt MS's advertising are more...confined? I don't know what's a good way to put it. But you can tell MS cares about advertising and their ads just look really try-hard. Nokia, on the other hand, has amazing advertising materials and they seem a lot more attractive. This one is a great example of Nokia's marketing ingenuity!Bei337WPwallpaper.com - Amazing WP7 wallpapers a scan away!

Keefo says:

oooo sweet! I got a tip in :-pBut yeah, if i wasn't up north in amazing Manchester, I would have loved to go see this!4D Projection stuff looks AMAZING and this will be a great promotion for Windows Phone :)

Jay Bennett says:

Oh I am definitely going to be making this one... Now hurry up and update that Facebook page with information Nokia!

stevebor1 says:

Just sucks that there were so many macs involved :)