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Tell Cortana to play some Nokia MixRadio with this amazing app

Nokia MixRadio has high praises from a lot of users on Windows Phone. Not only is it a decent music store, its namesake of mixed music through playlists keeps things fresh and helps you discover new artists.

The MixRadio team, lead by the well-coiffed Dean (@deano_42), has put out a video demonstrating some of the voice options with MixRadio for those on Windows Phone 8.1. Although Cortana can do some things, a new third-party app called SpeakAndMix from developer Steve Robbins takes things even further.

So what can SpeakAndMix do? Check it out:

This app lets you start listening to MixRadio by asking Cortana to mix some music for you. Examples of what you can say are: "mix some grunge", "mix some pop", "mix me some jazz", "mix me Lady Gaga", "mix me Green Day".

We just tried it, and it is very well done. Once installed, you never need to open the app itself again. Instead, you just bark out your commands to Cortana like some 15th century king.

Nokia MixRadio is already a superb app with an exciting design and great function. Tossing in SpeakAndMix to the batch just makes it even better. What’s more, the app is free.

Check out the above video to see SpeakAndMix in action or just head here to the Store to download it now. Windows Phone 8.1 devices only, must have Cortana enabled if outside the US

Don’t yet have MixRadio? Pick it up here in the Store to give a spin and don’t forget about nokiamixradio.uservoice.com for feature requests!

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Zohaib ZJ says:

Nokia Mix Radio is bit slower...anyways nice idea

When cortana coming to India please tell me @ Daniel Rubino

Just change the region for time being. He doesn't know. It's upto Microsoft.

Am I the only one who's getting an error(c00cee04) when trying to access the store?

No result keeps popping up for me.

Cool, but the store, at least for me is behaving funky today. Allot of "No result" is showing. Update: Just downloaded the free Xbox Game temple run 2. And the store shows nothing anymore.

Yes. I also noticed, store is messed up.

thundr51 says:

Would like to try but alas, I only have my 8x.  Still waiting for a new nokia for Tmo. :(

henkew says:

I feel your pain. And hate how HTC and Tmobile bailed on the 8X. It is a great phone!

MikeSo says:

I'll have to try this. I love that Cortana allows me to just say "play [song name]" while I'm driving with my hands free, it never worked well before with TellMe, but works great now. I love Nokia MixRadio, but due to not having much data in my Verizon plan, i don't see myself in situations where this would be as useful. Still will try it out.

rockstarzzz says:

What's with that pink smiley on both apps seriously. Sure, it's not hard to at least change tile colours!

jchapman01 says:

So does this mean that app devs can add to Cortana's functionality with just an app download? Of so, that could be cool!

rockstarzzz says:

Yeah that logic was cool when rebranding took place in 2013. But if new add ons should really be creative with tile design!

nicfromwales says:

I rather like the headphones logo. But the MixRadio tile of mine isn't pink; it's the artwork of my recently played music.

NIST says:

Tell Cortana she looks cute today. Hear her reply.

rockstarzzz says:

I tell that to her every day. Tell me something new.

venetasoft says:

Really awesome app !!!!

loribinca says:

dont work .. mix some pop just returns a web search :(


oh wait - you gotta open the app .. then have it running - I thought installing it baked it into Cortana ..

Nope, just run once. You don't need it open.

So you can use Cortana to run it the once too and still not have to use your pesky fingers.

jyasin says:

Installed it on l920. It seems ok but noticed once music plays I am missing the audio controls you get when you press volume up or down.

rockstarzzz says:

Not impressed. Gave it a go, it's jerky at best and I have to see two splash screens instead of one!

How many use NOKIA Lumia 520 here ??

gandhirushi says:

This sucks. Mixradio ought to be updated to take advantage of Cortana commands...

Give it chance, 8.1 is only just going officially public. Small time developers are taking advantage of the DP to play around with the new stuff (like Cortana and transparency tiles) and are producing apps like this. This trailblazing indie development, free of long lead times, resource constraints and OS considerations is showing the major league boys what can be done.

someoneinwa says:

Ok, that was pretty cool. Thanks for the tip Daniel.

lippidp says:

As the king can I have someone tortured if it doesn't work right? "Mix me Iron Maiden lest thou be thyself relegated to thy same!"

hs k says:

Pretty sure that you can.

IceDree says:

It's cool concept, similar to HeyDJ! That app is the &%$#

Dafter says:

I hope that some day everyone would get Cortana without any region changes....

smoledman says:

Why should you need a separate app? Nokia MixRadio should directly integrate with Cortana.

zicoz says:

can't get this to work.


when i try "open nokia mixradio" all i get is a web search for "open nokia mix radio"


When I try "mix me som jazz" all I get is a web search for "makes me some jazz"

MIX ME, works great. Just loaded app and been playing around without it. Like it, will be using it a lot

Wevenhuis says:

Great! Now Dutch language support, please?