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HTC updates their Dot View case with wallpaper


EE offer 4G PAYG packs from as little as £1

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HTC's next phone might have even more cores and and bits

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HTC One W8

HTC press event August 19th for One W8 Windows Phone?


Verizon to get HTC One (W8) for Windows Phone on August 21

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Telstra in Australia delays its Lumia 930 launch due to hardware change

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Optus to be the first to stock the Lumia 930 in Australia

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EE rolling out 4G to 15 new UK towns with high-speed donkey rides to boot!

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Microsoft exec hints at new HTC Windows Phone at Computex

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HTC W8 to reportedly include BoomSound and duo cameras

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Vodafone sweetens its 4G offerings with free Netflix for six months

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HTC W8 reported to be a 'flagship' Windows Phone 8.1 release for Verizon


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EE unveils more affordable 4G plans for the UK

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Windows Phone market share surpasses BlackBerry in the U.S.


Windows Phone is losing some hardware differentiation as Microsoft woos Android manufacturers

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HTC confirms 8X to get Windows Phone 8.1

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Telstra officially announce HTC TITAN 4G Windows Phone


It's official, Telstra has announced the HTC TITAN 4G, which will be the first Windows Phone to make use of the faster network speeds. After weeks (if not months) of speculation and anticipation from Australian Windows Phone fans, the carrier has finally released details surrounding the HTC monster device. It's actually the HTC TITAN II that launched in the U.S., but will be branded as the HTC TITAN 4G.

This is great news for those who are awaiting for a 4G Windows Phone as this beast of a smartphone not only packs 4G speeds, but a 16MP camera, which we positively reviewed. Will Irving, Group Managing Director, Telstra Business comments:

"Windows Phone fans will soon be able to surf the mobile web, respond to email and access work documents faster than before on the HTC Titan4G – Australia’s first 4G Windows Phone which launches next Tuesday on the Telstra Mobile Network.” In a clear pitch to business users and enterprise customers. Australian small businesses have embraced smartphones to help them work where they want and to stay responsive to customers and new business opportunities.

The launch of the nation’s first 4G Windows Phone means small businesses can perform even more advanced tasks from the palms of their hands – like handling larger emails on the go, capturing and sending high-resolution images and video  and accessing emerging cloud-hosted services direct from their smartphone screen.  Best of all, Windows Phone is incredibly easy to navigate and immediately familiar to anyone who uses Microsoft’s popular Office software."

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So we know it's the bees-knees, what about pricing? You can get your own for free on the $79 Freedom Connect plan (after using an included MRO bonus), which includes $800 worth of voice calls and MMS, unlimited SMS and 2GB data. The phone will be available outright for $888, should plans not be up your street.

Business customers can pick up the TITAN 4G for just $8/mo after using their MRO bonus on the $70 Business Mobile Advantage plan (24 months). This includes unlimited SMS, free voice calls to eligible mobiles, and 1GB data. 

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Reader comments

Telstra officially announce HTC TITAN 4G Windows Phone


$79/month sucks... Although they're basically hiding the "free phone" in a typical $55/m plan + $24/m phone repayment. I can't see the Titan selling very well at that price-point. As much as I like HTC (I have the HD7) it's a shame they couldn't bring a 4G Lumia 900 to the table instead.

The cost... A $79/m plan or $888 outright will deter a lot of people. I have a HD7 so I don't see much benefit in upgrading to this myself...

Incorrect mate, the usage limits between Telstra's $59 and $79 plans are massive... As is the amount of the "Device Credit" or Subsidy that you recieve... $79 plans are what most people STILL get iPhones on, since the plan requirements are based on the outright cost of the phone.

"massive"? $59 plan: $550 calls + unlimited text + 1.5GB data. $79 plan: $800 calls + unlimited text + 2GB data. I don't see much difference at all - Just extra call credit most people won't use.
You can get iphone on $59+$10=$69/m or the $79/m plan. On vodafone it's $39+5 but that's 8GB model. Anyway, my point is that I hope they offer it at a lower price-point otherwise they'll put off a lot of people.

the extra call credit won't seem much to people who don't use it but i know people who do need that much and so this will appeal to them. it's a shame though cause people like you and i who don't need it won't want to go on a plan that high. i'll probably end up with optus anyways and getting the 900 if that's on a decent plan.

Yeah, agreed. Ah well here's hoping that it having 4G will be a big drawcard, especially as there's only the Velocity to compete with.

I have a HD7 and used the SRS enhancements for a while... Initially it sounds pretty good but overall I prefer Dolby Mobile, Bass Booster, or No Effects (in that order). I don't really see SRS as a key selling point between the phones, but each to their own. The Nokia suite of apps (especially Nokia Drive & Music) are extremely tempting.

It's an expensive plan, but not unexpected comming from Telstra, however if coverage and performance is a priority then it's reasonable, and it is a great phone.
Would it be reasonable to expect the Lumia900 at some point in the future. Telstra already have the Lumia800, so it would seem nonsensical for the Lumia900 to be added to the inentory.