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Telus now listing Nokia Lumia 800 as "coming soon". Available in all three colors.


Good news for those up north, as Telus is finally listing the Lumia 800 as "coming soon" on the site. We heard they were getting the 800 back on the 10th and now that's looks to be coming together. That's certainly good news as it implies an impending launch. What's more, users can expect the device in the three main colors of black, cyan and magenta.

Not much on pricing but we're sure to hear more in the coming weeks. So get saving! Usual press release after the break...

Source: Telus; Thanks, JG, for the tip!


Coming Soon to TELUS - Nokia Lumia 800

"One of the hottest phones in Europe right now from the world’s #1 mobile device manufacturer, the Nokia Lumia 800 brings a unique, stylish and elegant design to the easy-to-use and fully integrated experience of a Windows Phone. This strikingly elegant and beautifully designed phone, built with a scratch-resistant polycarbonate shell and AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display built with real Corning Gorilla Glass, really turns heads—and TELUS is offering it in three colours: classic black, stunning cyan blue and beautiful magenta. 

With a 1.4GHz processor and the new Windows Phone 7.5 operating system, the Nokia Lumia 800 gives users a seamless and straightforward experience whether they’re browsing, playing games or tabbing between apps. Windows Phone 7.5 is winning a lot of fans worldwide with a simple, easy and fully integrated experience across platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, allowing users to get live updates at-a-glance from the home screen. In fact, the Nokia Lumia 800 is one of the first devices to benefit from the close relationship between Microsoft and Nokia that has allowed this smartphone to be specifically designed, from a hardware perspective, to optimize the software, creating an experience where hardware and software are in perfect harmony.

Equipped with an 8MP Carl Zeiss camera with dedicated HD photo and recording buttons, the Nokia Lumia 800 is a great choice for shutterbugs. It allows photography enthusiasts to get to the camera app quickly and easily to capture life’s priceless moments with stunning photos. The Dual LED flash and exposure compensation, and the ability to edit pictures right on the smartphone, ensure users will be able to share sharper images with ease."

Additional features include:
·         Free and exclusive Nokia Apps:
o   Nokia Drive application gives you full voice-guided navigation capabilities and allows you to download full country maps so you can use it anywhere, any time without tapping into your data
o   Nokia Contacts Transfer app lets you transfer thousands of contacts
·         Easily sync any and all documents from the Microsoft suite, files and photos with the cloud storage, access your files anywhere, anytime with Microsoft’s SkyDrive
·         Microsoft Lync is an app from the Marketplace which, combined with Office 365, lets you interact with your office in more ways: multi-person chat, employee searches and the opportunity to join conference calls directly from a meeting in your calendar
·         Access to over 40, 000 Apps in the Windows Marketplace


Reader comments

Telus now listing Nokia Lumia 800 as "coming soon". Available in all three colors.


That looks like a 900 where's the curved glass ?
I thought we agreed that the correct speling of color is colour Dan ? ;) LOL

nokia already said it's the 800. if it were the 900.. damm.. i'd switch carriers just to get it, even though i loathe telus

I'm on Rogers but I am so going down to Telus to check one out once it's available. Nokia needs to bring the 900 here too

Now you noticed?? I posted about the "Lumia 800" on Telus more than a week ago! lol
And Nokia should bring the 900 to Canada! in an unlocked form (ideally) :)