TELUS set to launch the Lumia 610 Windows Phone with NFC?

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MobileSyrup have received a tip detailing TELUS plans to launch and push the Lumia 610 Windows Phone. The unnamed source sent in a photo of a prototype Lumia 610, which is already launching across Europe, and states that it's scheduled to launch on the Canadian carrier sometime in the summer. TELUS is already sporting the Lumia 800, a Windows Phone that has pleased VP of Mobility Solutions at TELUS, Brent Johnston.

MobileSyrup speculate a price tag of between $200 – $250 and also add NFC into the specification list for the upcoming device, something we're aware that's exclusive to Orange who plan to launch an NFC supported Lumia 610 sometime in Q3. Note that the Lumia 610 only packs 256MB RAM, which brings with it limitations.

Source: MobileSyrup; thanks, bilzkh, for the heads up!



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rodneyej says:

I want to say "who cares", but it's all for the good of WP!

With Rogers selling the 710 a $229 this thing needs to come in well under $200 and free on a 2 year or I fear it will be DOA. Although this IS good news for those on ATT that want it.... Same HSPA bands.

Nataku4ca says:

and that 2 year has to be a low cost plan (just thought id add that)

rodneyej says:

at&t has the Focus Flash, and the Titan for 1¢. How would this help? This can't be destined for the us, unless they are going to wait for new devices so they can do some price shuffling. My guess is that the next midrange devices are going to be priced around $150.00, and have the features that our so called high end devices do. This will make it possible for real high end devices to be sold for $200-$300. Watch, this is exactly what they are planning.

Unlike the carriers in the U.S., carriers in Canada generally only go free on a 3 year plan and not on the 2 year or 1 year plans

benandarchie says:

Typical Nokia design. I hate it. The design on the 800 and 900 is much better

schlubadub says:

It's much better than the 710 though... That is ugly

thenet says:

Yup who cares of NFC has if I have no use of it. Love my wp 7.5 HTC Arrive

schlubadub says:

Someone would care :P

blackprince says:

Well if Nokia beats RIM, Google and Apple to the Interac Flash party then all the better.

alex6272 says:

Ugh, since the 710 doesn't seem to be a whole lot more, they should just get that. It's not as restricted, though it does lack NFC.

chucky78 says:

Well it only makes sense considering the recent NFC push. I just think that the 610 is a waste of time and that all this should have been in the 710.

"Mobile payments in Canada are also moving closer to deployment as Rogers and CIBC have teamed up to launch the country’s first mobile wallet. “It will no doubt change the way Canadians pay for purchases,” stated David Williamson, CIBC’s head of retail banking.

Canada’s banking industry just issued a blueprint for open standards for secure transactions using NFC. “Today we’ve taken a giant leap forward,” said Rob Bruce, president of communications for Rogers. “In a few years, a digital wallet will be just as common on a smartphone as a camera is today.”

Telus Corp., Canada’s third-largest wireless operator, is also working with various banks on a mobile wallet offering. Google, meanwhile, plans to bring its Google Wallet to Canada – adding pressure to banks and carriers as it cuts out their role in the commerce food chain."