Temple Run for Windows Phone 8

Temple Run gets rapid “light theme” fix for Windows Phone

Ah, Temple Run. We’ve waited so long for you, even after the your superior sequel hit iOS and Android (seriously, part 2 is waaay more interesting), yet when you finally hit you were plagued with glitches.

The initial bug had a wonky Live Tile (by wonky we mean missing) and then it was discovered that if you used the Light Theme for the OS, the sky was rendered in white as opposed to the blue-night sky that should be in the game.

Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 glitchLuckily the first bug was fixed within a day, and now the Light Theme glitch has also been patched in version 1.5.1. Hey, you have to give Imangi (and probably Microsoft) some credit for rapidly patching this high profile game. Granted, we (and many others) think the “swipes” could still use some sensitivity tweaking and you can’t actually disable the Tutorial (despite the option for it) but hey, baby steps.

You can pick up v1.5.1 of Temple Run here in the Store. Windows Phone 8 only and yes, still only for devices with 1GB of RAM—that too hasn’t  been fixed yet.

Thanks to the bazillion of you for the tip and Jonathan D., for the glitch image!

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Jazmac says:

Temple is still the most pointless game I ever enjoyed playing.

No, no...Puzzle Craft ;)

grantc5 says:

Puzzle Craft is way too addictive!

Jazmac says:

I've decimated many a battery with Puzzle Craft.

JimiDiGriz says:

Puzzle Craft randomly broke on my 820. Loads to the splash screen with no continue option or any sound. No way I can see to fix it and I'm not prepared to start again after the hours invested. Hoping an update or something will give it a kick.

carlosrdd says:

Temple run I tried it for 5mins don't see the big deal with it. Gravity guy 2 is much better. I would rather see gunstringer port.

emptyy says:

i don't complain about there are temple run 2 in ios and android platform while many wpers are still excited about temple run, but this game in wp8 is lag as a sh*t, the developers have no sincerity on wp8 deleted immediately.

blackhawk556 says:

Instagram trolls in 3, 2, 1...

zishbu says:

Nice! Was absolutely thinking this LOL. Well played.

Shiroi says:

When will Instagram arrive?! LOL

webnoi says:

They need to fix the swipes... It's unplayable as it is now. Lumia 920 here.

gc8rex says:

What problem? Works perfectly on my 920

webnoi says:

The game don't register some swipes...

Everytime my meter fills and dings if I swipe at that moment it doesn't register it.

Big Supes says:

This. I can't play it without getting ticked off with the lazy touch response. 920.

aaa6112 says:

Same problem here on L920.

hardcoreplur says:

Try turning up the sensitive in the game. It helped with mine.

GustavN says:

+1 The unresponsive controls completely ruins the game as it is.

Ratstorm says:

Yep I'm getting this too.

david90531 says:

same here. The swipes are definitely very hard to register currently compared to iOS and Android version. Having sensitive touch on helps a bit but not much. I'm glad to see how often the dev is updating this app though. We could get TR2 sooner than we think.

Jay Bennett says:

I've been trying to solve this as a user, turning off super sensitive touch in the phone's settings feels like it made an improvement...

baileystein says:

It still randomly freezes and some swipes don't register. (on the vzw 8x)

leo74 says:

I liked wasting time with puzzle craft as much as I like wasting time with temple run :) or whatever else I waste time with...

Nakazul says:

Lovly, im in a white theme paradise. Now the same patch to Drift Mania C2 and I be a happy camper.

joelsilva says:

how can i contact the developers of temple run? they need to do a 512MB version!

Sanyam Jain says:

yeah its irritating when every1 else is playing temple run 2 in 512 mb on android

Mad MilkMan says:

I'm waiting for the touch input to be fixed as well, after about 3 missed swipes I'm done (for a few hours).. LOL

sarim_xyz says:

Again, as soon as I click update, it says 'no downloads in progress'. On tapping back, it again shows 'update'. What's the matter with this game!! I can't afford to lose my progress by uninstalling/installing again. Last time it was one day progress, but now...nooooo!!!

JonesCK1 says:

Try rebooting your phone, I had the same problem but after rebooting I was able to download the update.

Freakenator says:

Yeah, had the same problem and tried this and now updating the game!

220SeaChaser says:

Mine does it also.

backlashsid says:

can anyone tell me how to unlock wallpapers within the game...i am on 42x multiplier..i see unlocks for characters but not wallpapers

bjbaylor says:

I don't know if it's just my imagination, but it also seems that the graphics are sharper

WhippedKream says:

You said it Daniel! Temple run 2 is waayyyyy more interesting. You think it'll be coming soon to WP8 though? It's rlly rlly fun, and this is my impression from only a few minutes on my friends S3.

AskaLangly says:

In the meantime, look up Temple Run remixes on Spotify. :3

Visva27 says:

When temple run comes to wp7x users.....

WP95 says:

Not downloading until they fix the swipe lag issues.

JonesCK1 says:

Seriously, it doesn't happen all the time, but at crucial moments it can suddenly lag and wham! you hit a tree or miss a jump :/. Also when you slide, you continue hearing the slide sound well after you're standing, something is off.

webnoi says:

Swipes don't have lag. I've tested many swipes on a straight path and many of them are completely missed.

mrnavkhan says:

A news come out Temple Run 2 also comimg next month

Its soo annoying when swipes dont register.

Ticomfreak says:

Crank up the sensitivity almost the whole way...

teel232 says:

Still no update for mango huh? Yup, can't wait to switch to Android.

So rather than get a WP 8 (which MS is supporting) you'd rather get an android? I personally wouldn't want android on my phone again, perfectly happy with WP 8, despite what happened to my WP 7 device.

ruddevil says:

There's a saying, the only way is up. Looks like you are going the other way round. I feel sorry for you.

kurtsoft says:

Raising the 'Sensitivity' option doesn't do anything for swipes. It raises the sensitivity of the motion sensor! To test this turn it right down and have fun trying to dodge anything lol. Swipes failing to register keep killing me on my 920. My bro however hasn't had it happen once on his 920 so idk.

Jxtian Chee says:

7,x VERSION PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

morpheus1982 says:

Just uninstalled it. Garbage. Maybe number 2 will be better.

he_shark says:

It's the same with slightly beefed up graphics, if you don't like this you won't like TR2. It's a simple game, but addictive, hard to explain why anyone would play it, but you find yourself wanting to do better.

Temple run why not available in 7.8 or 512 Mb ram

aerosmillie says:

Im sure this is a battery killer! Anyone else notice this?

chucky78 says:

Honestly I can't believe we clamored for this game because my first impression was this game is such shit. We have so many better games then this. I hope your right about #2. I should try it on my Nexus S.

he_shark says:

As ever people clamour without even knowing what it is they are shouting for!
Sure nearly every game is better, but there's something about it's simplicity and beating your previous best score that makes it addictive.
But TR2 is just the same, but with slightly beefed up graphics. They haven't done much to make the gameplay more involving. It's a simple game, but very successful and they've not risked any changes to ruin that successful formula.
It really needs some social aspects, player vs player, leaderboards, basically an Xbox version would really make this a much more addictive game.

IceDree says:

Since we are talking games , what about Jetback Joyride ?

Moustache321 says:

You got the point. Windows 8 has it so why not wp 7&8?

paulm187 says:

Having more fun with mirrors edge

abduz says:

Got an update yesterday which im,guessing is the white cloud issue...but just 5 mins ago, i received another update which could be the one that sorted out swipe-lag...while i didnt experience any lag after this second update, I rarely had lag issues prior to this update.

giorgio h says:

How do you put the light theme

giorgio h says:

Please reply?????

giorgio h says:



giorgio h says:

I don't have that option

abduz says:

Your windows phone settings, not the actual game settings.

ok i guess you got confused. it's not there in the game setting, it's in the system settings.
i'll correct the procedure i gave.
press start key, flick left, open settings, tap theme, tap background and select light.

Terrin says:

Still wondering why they didn't make this live enabled

twint7787 says:

Wait, so you want to give MS and Imangi credit for fixing these problems? On a game that is over a year old? It's sad that most developers don't give a @#*! about windows phone. Then again MS needs to make their own set of improvements too. 

leonkehoe says:

It's a shame the update didn't optimise the game for devices with 512 MB of RAM...

Nakazul says:

To give Temple Run som credit, im enjoying it immensely. Happy its here.

abduz says:

yea I'm not entirely sure why the complaints... it's definitely one of the funner ones and just as pointless as most. 

Each to his/her own taste but we should be glad we're finally gettings these "big" apps...once the list of apps grow, the userbase grows and then we'll surely be getting apps at launch.

MadSci2 says:

I think a lot of Devs just don't think about how the game appears on a white-themed phone, its not like its an issue on iOS is it?
When I get updates there are about 1in 4 who's time just is blank on the update screen. At first I thought my phone was wonky!

1101x10 says:

If you're developing for WP the light and dark theme's are a complete pita to work with.

Ticomfreak says:

LOL! not at all. You set the background of the page and boom. Problem solved. If you want your app to look different based on the theme, that's different.

It seems that I can't download this game :\ ..
Everytime I try to download it, it gives me an error and I need to redownload it to get the same error again

AnuragJais says:

I am waiting for temple run and subway surfers for my lumia 710

andreirlopes says:

Wish I could run on my L620. :(

The sensitivity after long runs still drives me insane

he_shark says:

Daniel, why do you say TR2 "is waaay more interesting", it's just the same with better graphics.
There's no timed-mode, no tournaments, no Xbox integration (which would instantly make it better than the iOS and Android versions). It's still the same incredibly simple (but addictive) running game, there's so much more they could do to make it more fun, mostly building in social aspects so you can see how you fare against your friends and the world. I want a 5-minute coin run mode, the ability to run the same board and compare my score, etc.
Actually, I don't want any of that, I waste enough time as it is...

Visva27 says:

Thanks Microsoft from 7x user........
Temple run is working well in my WP 7.8....