Temple Run now available for Windows Phone 8 devices with 512MB RAM

Temple Run

Everyone was psyched when Temple Run made its debut on Windows Phone 8 back in March, but it was soon found that devices sporting 512MB of RAM were running into issues during installation. Well, a few days after Joe Belfiore tweeted that a fix was in the works, lo and behold, it it's here!

The Facebook page devoted to the Nokia Lumia 620 has announced that "Temple Run is now officially available for Windows Phone 8 devices with 512MB RAM." Adventure seekers rejoice!

You can get Temple Run for free here.

Source: NokiaThanks, everyone, for the tip!

QR: Temple Run



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jammyj77 says:

Are people still playing that lol

mcivor88 says:

WPCentral is really starting to slack when it comes to breaking news

jlynnm350z says:

Bite your tongue. Go to the corner for 30 min.

Huh, so you call this breaking news. Fascinating.

mcivor88 says:

no more or less than your beloved breaking news about instagram apps

Fndlumia says:

Wpc provide any news about windows phones, I for one appreciate the news and service from its editors and contributors. Maybe show a little respect

Yes and loving it.

MacDaMachine says:

Honestly this. I mean if it was TR2 I could understand. But all this crying for the first Temple Run. Garbage graphics, unresponsive controls. Forget about it.

jlynnm350z says:

That's it, go to the corner, 45 minutes!

mcivor88 says:

shreyas15 has commented on: "Temple Run now available for Windows Phone 8 devices with 512MB RAM"


Yeah... No offense tl these guys (i love the wpcentral app) but i also have wieve which brings me news from all other websites. And somehow I'd have read all the latest scoops from other websites first.
Improve your sources for news. We are just letting you know other sites are reporting basic news that should be on wpc 1st. Don't just delete comments and ignore us

morpheus1982 says:

Such a lame looking game! Boy oh boy!

jlynnm350z says:

Joe said it would

Deemswick says:

If they can do this, they can make it for WP7

Shantek says:

With all the changes they made in wp8, its easier and quicker to port games. But wp7 a lot of stuff needs to be re-written. Hence why there's games coming to just 8

Corben01 says:

Temple run 2 in 2025, for sure !

jacob114489 says:

That's too soon. 2045. Maybe...

sunnybyday says:

Great news for owners of NL 521, 520, 620, 720 etc. Should have always been supporting 512 ram.

brandonr416 says:

Yup, people forget about the original adopters of WP os. Give em some love developers

ah06 says:

Not the developers fault. 512 MB RAM devices only allot 180 MB to games. 
1 GB devices only allot 384 MB.

MS restriction.
Developers are helpless. This is why Android and iOS can run great games and WP can't. It is entirely possible in remote circumstances that a 512 MB RAM Droid/iDevice allows greater RAM usage to a game than a 1 GB WP device

Ticomfreak says:

Are you fucking retarded? iOS and Android have similar limitations. After all, RAM is required for ANY OS. Especially when multitasking.

ah06 says:

No but clearly you are. Surprised this din't get moderated yet. "Fucking Retarded"? Stay classy.

Quoting myself from older posts:

"MS has this restriction where even on 1 GB RAM devices, no single app (game) can actually utilise more than 380 MB of RAM. THAT, there is the problem. So when a Dev says 1 GB needed, he/she actually has only 380 MB of RAM to work with. This applies only to 1 GB devices and is lesser for 512 MB devices and so now you can see why it takes so long to "optimise" or port to the bulk of the WP userbase.
You don't have to take my word for it, check out the developers documentation or Google it.
TL;DR: 1 GB is actually = 384 MB RAM limit for games on WP8. Blame Microsoft"
Source: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsphone/develop/jj681682(v=vs.105).aspx

Now can someone ban this troll

ah06 says:

So for 512 MB devices, you have 150-180 MB RAM  to make the game work on, rest is off limits. This is not something devs encounter on iOS or Android (iOS gives about 650 MB on 1GB devices, so about double) .They reserve fewer resources and grant more. See a problem now genius?

WP8Expert says:

Reason why Windows Phone gaming is choppy is because Microsoft limits 60fps for games.

ah06 says:

Can you provide more details? I was under the assumption that 60 fps was a desirable thing since it represents fairly high frame rate. The benchmark of "smooth" so to speak. Not sure if games on other platforms exceed that.

I'm only aware of the RAM limitation where WP provides roughly half the RAM compared to other platforms. So you are working with half the resources when porting to WP8 and then half again (25% of original) when you want to make it work on the bulk of WP8 devices (512 MB RAM)

Jack Larson1 says:

"Stay classy, san Diego"

stoickiwi says:

And my Huawei W1 :)

malih says:

installed and tried it, but as was the case with my previous android device, it doesn't seem like the gameplay will ever be as smooth as in iOS... this is called developer support for games

Aaron Cortes says:

Just tried it on my 620, and it's as smooth as my friends iPhone. The developers support thing is real though.

drina06 says:

i have also lumia 620,but i have some problems...the game is crushing sometimes ,have you encounter this problem ?...also on some part in game the frame rate goes down for second.....

Polo45 says:

tell me about it. I have Lumia 920 and same happens to me. They fixed some issues with their last update, but its still not perfect. Im moving back to iOS this fall. WP8 sucks and not even Microsoft seems to have any faith in it. 

malih says:

I have a 620 too, I have issues with frame rate, although I haven't come across crashes yet, since I only played for a few minutes

Jaco Ra says:

Cool I'm getting a 520 today. I'll probably delete the game after a day though

jlynnm350z says:

How about some more halo wallpapers pretty pretty please with sugar on top.

Now fix the Brave Temple Run swipe problem, please.

jgbstetson says:

Thanks imangi

xankazo says:

Nice! I've been playing it with no problems on my Lumia 620. 

hriday das says:

Still no love for windows 7.8

Tech King says:

still none :(

Jaco Ra says:

Get a Lumia 520

iam verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry happpppppppy

stoickiwi says:

After playing it on all three platforms, Android is the worse. iOS and WP seem to be on par.

Finally works on my Lumia 521! Awesome! Really starting to love this phone.

sharkz007 says:

When is tr2 going to launch.......

Jack Larson1 says:

When will TF2 launch? THAT will be the day. Temp run 2 can wait.

( Team Fortress2)

I played temple run on my sisters phone and for one think it sucks

Visva27 says:

When it comes to wp 7.8

azaright says:

Ok thanks developers but let's acknowledge the real issues there is swipes not registering problem,they need to fix it

nike_ab says:

On my 920 this game was not registering swipe.On 520 and 620 it's gonna be worse. Can't belive we still don't have these things proper. I have seen android guys playing tr1, brave, ozi and subway surfer.
Can't microsoft bring these 3-4 games, one official instagram app(although I love instance but for some this is deal breaker), one official dropbox app. Ok they have reworked on fb app and that is good and you tube app too(although removed).These 5-6 things are deal breaker. Just do these basic things and hey no will cry about other things.

Localhorst86 says:

the update that was released about a week ago fixed the swiping problem on my lumia 920 at least. Nevertheless, it's a boring game.

nike_ab says:

exactly just played it for 3-4 days, then uninstalled.GG2, jetpack, rayman are much better


Mohit Jethva says:

Where is wp7.8 :( :(

Needs an update to fix unresponsive swipes and touch controls, I even notice lags on my Nokia Lumia 520. Hope Imangi Studio can fix these issues soon.

e1hamz says:

they should add a way of voting for comments like thumps up or something similar

Wpcentral please say to microsoft to made temple run for windowphone 7 please please....

Samar Anand says:

please provide temple run for wp 7.8 devices waiting ..................

Visva27 says:

Temple run is running over all smartphones except windows phone 7.8........ Lol